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  1. Got some good news on the camera today my main target but showed back up! He's been MIA since Nov 28th! Can't wait to see what he looks like next year!
  2. haha couple buddies are already finding a few sheds!
  3. You got to know the drop 1st! Haha And ya my cousin and uncle do a lot of competition shooting out to 1000yds all summer I ask them drop info and I just get an answer in mils 🤣. and so I'm gunna go with them and play with one of mine and see how it does!
  4. Decided to test my #s I shot during the summer on the drop of my savage 220 today. These were the real life #s out of my gun with accutips. 200 yds with 3" about 13" drop 250yds. 3". 20" drop 200yds with 2 3/4. 20" drop 250yds with 2 3/4 30" drop I took a shot at a coyote at 250yds today. (He was quartering away) Knowing it was going to drop 20" aimed high about a foot over the top of his head height figuring head is maybe 6", so I let er eat and smoked him.
  5. Yupp... It's an a/r 10. So u really have to chuck it shut which I have been trying to do when I use it.. but got screwed today for sure. Got to break out the bolt action for my rifle spots for rest of the season. So frustrating 😞
  6. Well, had a nice broadside shot at 70yds on the buck I saw yesterday coming out of the thicket he tried to go into last night.haf a few does pass thru earlier and was giving it till 930 then I said screw it staying till 10 and he came out at 935... 😡. Gun definitely didn't chamber correctly.. if I was a quieter i would throw in the towel now.
  7. Can't catch a lucky break here during gun! Passed up a.few more small bucks, some ffawns and does. Did pass up a decent buck Tuesday morning (I'll add pic). And tonight almost got a crack at a good one but he came out on this little trail I was watching literally the same minute I got settled into my spot on the ground and he came out 30yds from me 😡😡. I needed 1 more minute! And I would of been set n ready! Ughh the chase continues.
  8. O man!! Good to know he's still alive thou!
  9. Ya for sure, at least "the week" is over and hopefully deer start doing deer stuff again soon!
  10. Been going almost everyday. Hitting different properties trying to find me a good one that's still alive! Let the grind continue!
  11. The ole man wanted to put a good buck down with his pistol this year. And he got it done today! Might be the first time he has ever used both buck tags!
  12. Haha have them dropping trees near me too 🤣
  13. Congrats! Everyone is hammering em last few days!
  14. Awesome! Nice buck with some character too!
  15. Dang wish I logged on yesterday. I am not getting my buck mounted this year and called my taxidermist to see if he wanted the cape and he had a few extra so he was good. So I cut him to do a euro! 😐.
  16. Well I started my all day sits today, although it was my 50th sit of the season. I let one fly, not my biggest buck but we have had some cool trail cam pictures and videos of him. It Was a bit nerve wracking as the blood trail was actually pretty crappy and we jumped him 5hours after the shot. Made me question where I actually did hit, although it looked like a perfect shot. But we went back in 2 hrs after and he was dead 50 yds from where we bumped him. There was a couple bigger bucks I was holding out for but he gave me a perfect 25 yds shot so I let it fly. And got my dad and cousin out to help with the recovery so that was fun!
  17. Good luck this week everyone! We should see some good bucks get taken!
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