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  1. very nice
  2. With as much cash this terd has taken from all of us. I wouldnt be surprised if they showed his house on mtv cribs
  3. im shocked that it has taken this long for a thread about this thief!!! every time i talk to someone about fishing and this guys name comes up, its never good and its always about how much money or gear they have lost to this tool. i know i am out a dozen flashers that i sent him a year ago to get painted and have never recieved them or a refund. so yes im out maybe 150 bucks or so, but i have heard people loosing thousands to him. imo bob fuller is a big P.O.S....
  4. Gratz...out here also...just set up in front of hughes 150 so screen
  5. Wanted

    Ya, I did place an order from them a few weeks ago. But even though they are listed on the website, they did not have them in stock. They contacted dreamweaver, but they have stooped making them. So the search'll pay good money for anyone that has some to part with
  6. looking for goby color in super slims.
  7. Killer day in my book...gratz
  8. Sent you a pm
  9. chilled bones
  10. hey guys, not for nothing but i work security at ginna. just giving you guys a heads up. after the last few weeks of a few boats getting right up next to shore and not leaving, the site has had enough. homeland security is now involved along with the coastguard. they have made it very clear with the site and our management that if they continue to get called down here, that some one will pay. i know Tuesday that they requested some of our camera footage on the boats that were inside the buoys. i really think that if it wasn't for a few boats pushing the boundaries this prolly wouldn't be an issue. just trying to save you a hassle and getting tickets, so take it as you like.
  11. i have a 553 LS with 300 yards 30lb power pro and 500 feet 32lb copper and it works fine.