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  1. I've got a 5 merc, it is on a 17.5 ft sea nymph, with riggers out and pushing against wind, it's tough to maintain good speed and its loud as hell at 3 mph. Good for trolling slow for eyes though. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. If you want to ship, I'll take it plus shipping. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app What is kit number?
  3. I'm looking at a map from the 90's, there is a place called Kitto's marina, is this still a viable ramp and marina? It's on the south side of Guffin bay. Thanks for any help, looking to launch central to Guffin and BRB area. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. You can get a garmin echomap 7 inch with chirp and dv along with lake maps including Lake Ontario for 499 at the gps store, I just received mine. They were on sale. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I can say the original rapala husky in balsa, rapala husky were our main plug with jointed rebel in silver shad , blue silver, chartreuse white, took a lot of large browns back in the day. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Great thread and have enjoyed reading it. I went to a crossbow 5 years ago because of age and shoulder problems, and have taken a few deer with it. A couple things I can add to this, first you need an accurate rangefinder, second a solid rest, I use my knees and cup the bow, no offhand shots, third is wind plays hell with the light bolts, 50 yds. max for me. I had a monster at 50 yds this year for 45 minutes, had 2 lanes to shoot him, a solid rest, he never stopped in one, so I passed. 100 yds shots are not feasible either. It's basically the same as a bow to me, I look for shots 30 yds and in, can I shoot 50 yea, in a perfect condition. The problem with the crossbow infusion is people that never bow hunted are now hunting with the crossbow, using rifle metality out there. IMHO
  7. Watch out, next thing you'll be spending the month of May on the Hudson docked with me!! Nice batch of stripers, congrats!
  8. We fish from Marlboro to Cornwall, blood and sand worms, month of May.
  9. Just to clarify my point of view, the penalty is not going far enough, calling officers and then having charges thrown out of court is not gonna cut it, IMHO.
  10. I asked my son in law about the Russian barrage of snagging, also a co worker who both recently witnessed the activity, blatant snagging and throwing the fish on stringers, tasting of eggs stream side to be sold. I didn't know it was that prevalent, enforcement by DEC should include forfeiture of equipment on the spot, including vehicles holding these fish to be sold later. World Class fishery treated like trash, mind boggling.
  11. Let me guess, lower gap? Nice bunch of fish, congrats!
  12. Nice group of fish!
  13. Hey fleet, are those gamma hooks? Myself and a few others were breaking them on stripers in the spring, seems they got into some problems recently with hardness, old ones will bend, new ones will snap. Anytime you put a pliers to them, they weaken also.
  14. So let thIs be a lesson for all you guys fishing in musky infested waters, make sure you got 10 inch lures out with steel leaders, big ass nets, wire cutters for hooks, stop your salmon spread and reel in all the equipment so you can revive the fish and , oh ya, don't fish when the water is too warm, you might kill a musky by mistake. Don't take any pictures unless you have proof of release and don't hold that fish by the gill plate. I still feel like I missed something? Now I feel totally guilty of possession of a musky caught on a 4 inch rapala and ultralight rod.