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  1. That’s old news that Montreal was spared anymore flooding at the expense of Lake Ontario and up river residents of the Larry.
  2. Get the moon phase chart and put it on your phone.
  3. Night time is the right time, be there when the moon rises.
  4. It’s been a 3 year learning curve, tough weather doesn’t help.
  5. Need to run out to the shipping lane and work south this time of year. It’s a bit of a run.
  6. Can I ask what speeds you fellas usually fish into the current and with the current? thanks!
  7. Excellent stuff, great when the kids are into it, continued success to you fellas😎.
  8. Make a left and head out into the lake, all the water you want and nobody around most days.
  9. I guess the hopes of a 4 inch drop by July are not really realistic. Now they say a 7 inch drop over the next month, thats really hard to believe.
  10. Unfortunately, this may be the new norm.
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