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  1. The action the last couple mornings on the Lake was good, 7 to 10 lbers.
  2. Canadian water is off limits till they open border.
  3. Let’s be real, guys that are fisherman and are layed off from work right now are going to fish at sometime. Let’s just be as safe as possible, short drives, no stops for lunch, pack it, take your in house family only. We all will need to keep our sanity at some point. Tight lines, stay safe.
  4. That’s old news that Montreal was spared anymore flooding at the expense of Lake Ontario and up river residents of the Larry.
  5. Get the moon phase chart and put it on your phone.
  6. Night time is the right time, be there when the moon rises.
  7. It’s been a 3 year learning curve, tough weather doesn’t help.
  8. Need to run out to the shipping lane and work south this time of year. It’s a bit of a run.
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