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  1. I had to actually stand up one morning when trolling and the guy is coming straight on me, at 50 yds that was close enough. I’m also glad their season is over. I can tell you a spot I fish was on TV recently getting a lot of bass attention, 5 boats showed up there together Saturday at 730, shut me right down.
  2. Today was another invasion of bass derby boats into my “space”. I completely understand that no one owns the water, as I’ve been a troller for more years than I care to remember. I get annoyed when a boat comes within 20 yards, completely ignoring me, then sets down right in front of my path. I caulked it up to the ignorance of today’s youth on the derby trail. What happened to common sense?
  3. Nice group of eyes, congrats on the catch!😎
  4. I’m searching for the closest public ramp to the salmon river area, thanks for any input. Tight lines!
  5. Anybody have a report on the channel out to the lake? I have a 20 ft cuddy. Wondering about depth of the channel.
  6. That had too be a real adrenaline rush at 4 am for sure. Not something I want to tangle with alone and in the dark. Congrats on getting a true Larry trophy boat side. How many eyes did you boat?😅
  7. There also was a federation tourney Scheduled at the Cape, they canceled it for weather.
  8. Nice bag of smallies!
  9. Got out in the fog a couple days ago and along with the ship horns going off constantly, landed my best in the river so far, 10.6 lbs 31 inch. Probably pushed over 11 as he puked up 7 alewives up to 6 inches.
  10. Fished This morning with the Mrs., pretty good bite, eyes, bass, pike, pickeral and a couple perch.
  11. Took this buck yesterday with the grunt tube, he was by me headed away at 30 yds, I hit the grunt about 6 times, he stopped and stared me down, we were eye level. Every time he looked away I grunted softly a couple toots, he reversed and started raking the tree over his head, then worked a scrape below him, that’s when I finally grabbed my bow, quartered to me I hit him inside the near shoulder, went 100 yds. I was rattling and grunting previous to him showing up. Good luck!
  12. Heard about something similar years ago, a whole crawler on the front or middle hook.
  13. A few on close up weekend, till next season, good luck out there!
  14. I had same issue, blew apart the head, junked it.70 Johnson 86 model, coils a couple times too.
  15. I made some time this year to get back in the salmon game after 7 years out of it, having 2 boats up there is a real plus, we trailered down to Stoney Creek a couple times this season, had some luck.
  16. I think I could get used to it, lots of water to explore.
  17. Esox, agree on the challenge, there is something to be said for being on the water early, I’ve managed to stay on them until 8am ish, and can reach them in 75 ft. My goal for next year is the 100 ft fish. Best of all, I’ll be RETIRED by June.😎
  18. Tough position to be helping people out and giving advice and finding your spots crowded when you show up. All 3 of the above fellows are a credit to the fishing community, thanks again.😎
  19. It’s been 3 years trying different methods on the Larry to try to consistently take eyes. I’ve finally got settled in on a program that has proven to be successful and fun to boot. Thanks to Prof T and Kevin for some tips thru the last few seasons, tight lines guys!
  20. Early morning shoal bite, 20-40 ft, calf island area.
  21. If you have a mapping unit, make use of it. I spent some time this year just to map certain shoals, a huge difference from pre loaded maps.
  22. Keith K , how’s the water level in Stoney Creek? I used the state launch a month ago,thanks.
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