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  1. I am also looking to upgrade for a trailerable rig for 4 hour drive. I like the starcraft boats but I'd also get a tandem axle trailer. People forget what a toll it takes on a trailer to haul a boat around. I'm thinking 20ft. max. boat length. roughrider out
  2. I Changed out clutch pad with new one and new washers which are not grooved like the existing ones. Seems to work better. One question I have is lubricating what parts? I greased the washer/roller bearing only. Thanks for all the help, Roughrider out
  3. I have 2 uintrolls from 1986 which seem to need new clutchs. One drops fast or stops, no real in -between and the other acts like a warped brake rotor,high/low spot. I ordered new clutch pads for both. Any tips for taking apart the downrigger before I start? Any other parts required? Thanks, roughrider out
  4. Opinions on a 85 model year 4 cylinder 470 Merc I/ O Needed. I did some research on this model and it was something to be desired. Some people will not work on them. Any knowledge on these appreciated. Thanks. Roughrider out.
  5. You turn up in the darndest places Phil. What happened to carp fishing? I've been contemplating going back to lake ontario in the spring and joined the site again after a few years away. Stripers were hot again on the hudson this year. Damn nice lakers you fellas took. Take care,Roughrider out .
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