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  1. I read a post somewhere the bass tourney guys got into them pretty good drop shotting on Quinte. I know they cast to the limited weedbeds adjacent to deep water late summer early fall with cranks.
  2. I run the trailer farther back to give it seperation from diver, they see diver then a floater bringing up the rear with less action. I've run these side by side, a segmented 5 core inside and a 4 core outside i always keep the deeper rig on the inside. Easy way to travel rods is I Ty a length from tip to reel for one leader and pick an eye guide to hook second line, just so my floater travels behind diver a couple feet. We used that set up on Quinte in the one rod zone to get more lures in the water. By the way, that pink husky is a player on Quinte. Make sure you check regs for number of hooks per line. I like jr thunder stick , and rouges run in tandem. Lots of combos work.
  3. Whatever diver you use, get the same color in a floater, 3 way swivel, 5 ft leader to floater , 3 ft leader to diver , watch this run beside the boat and leave it out with clicker on reel. I noticed aggressive fish take diver and neutral like floater usually hooked on rear treble. Floro leaders. I've taken doubles on that set more than once.
  4. I'm thinking of running a size 0 dipsey with copper. My calculations put this size down 38ft with braid out 200ft. If I add copper instead of braid, 200 ft puts me down 37ft on a 2 setting, adding the 38ft gets me 75 ft down max. At 400 copper I'm down 103 ft. This all based on 2.5 speed. I used to use this size dipsey all the time, easier to work with and would love reeling in less line. I used charts from blood run and precision trolling book. Any comments welcome.
  5. I bought the Insurance last year, a week after I took out the tow insurance the same thing happened to me, broke a leaf spring. They had a tow truck out within an hour, pulled the trailer up on a flatbed with boat still attached. I was 50 miles from home, they towed to my mechanic, cost to me 0 dollars out of pocket, my boat insurance paid for 4 new leafs installed, total out of pocket 80 bucks. I'm way ahead of the game right now. Also lost a bearing last year, they had a guy out in 30 minutes with a new hub, I paid for parts. Works for me so far.
  6. Also took 3 kings today , east in 140ft, 2 matures at 230 pm within 15 minutes. Nuclear sd, chartreuse fly.
  7. Got out today , 2 kings, 1 laker, 2 browns, no size today, temp quickly coming up this evening during NE wind . Break at 76 ft coming in at 830pm.
  8. My daughter ran into guy running the tourney at screwy Louie's shop, he told her you can pay half price for under 10 children, if so, why is this not in rules posted somewhere. He blamed people that loaded their boat with children for extra rods. I guess he has not fished with a handful of kids on board yet. We decided not to enter.
  9. Finally some nice water to fish, got out this morning at 6, broke off a good fish on a dipsey, landed a 21 lb king and broke off a fish that got in the dipsey wire. Came I'm at 10, picked up another crew and landed a 19.5 lb king and small brown till 130. Kings on mag spoons down 90 to110. Back at this evening.
  10. Got out tonight and headed north to 200 ft turned around and headed southwest with following winds to fish. Temp is down to 100 ft plus, had one rigger at 132ft, 48 degrees. Decent marks into 150 then blank screen, one knockoff to show for it. I'm here all week, hope temp settles.
  11. My grandson loves to CATCH fish, and I love to watch him. My daughter wanted to enter us while we are up for a week, I can tell her to save her money now. Seems to me tourney is losing out on entry fees with the rules in place. I'm also here for them. Good luck guys. I'll post some pictures of the kids next week, hopefully with some fish. Joe G you are a lucky father, the smiles say it all.
  12. Yea , I read that as kids under 10 cannot handle rods. If that's the case, I'm out.
  13. Question, been a long time since entering these things, how does it work with 2 younger children on board. Can they catch fish? They are under 10 years old. I know all adults on board need tickets. Thanks
  14. I gotta have shade, freshwater spray to soak a towel for neck area, stop the boat and jump in, have swam in 600ft. off of Fair Haven in my younger days!
  15. Excellent weekend of fishing for you. Congrats on the musky, they have great color lines. I missed the lure, you got a bigger shot? Keep up the reports, enjoy all of them .
  16. Great fish , looks good for my arrival Saturday for a week, can't wait.
  17. Quick update , Oswego and Rochester are only boat US providers on southeastern shoreline. I called the Sodus phone number and you get the Rochester boat. Hope it helps.
  18. I guess it's a port to port situation. From my conversations with the boat us fella, they are not able to compete financially. That's why they pulled out of point breeze. If the sheriff is more than willing, it would be good info to know before arriving how to access their services. I never knew about that service until I needed a tow. Food for thought if planning a trip to look into it.
  19. Boat US only has a boat at Rochester and Oswego and maybe the northeast section. They can't compete with local sheriff depts who work for free. I believe they monitor a VHF channel . I had to use them when I was at the oak last year, called boat US and they were an hour away, he showed 90 minutes later after sheriff had me have way in. It would be a great idea to get some info on each port with sheriff or fire dept. info for water rescue help. Any ideas out there?
  20. What happened to tweet section ? No reports for awhile now.
  21. Buy an air power brake bleeder for brakes, best thing I have bought, I can't back up unless I use solenoid to block pressure. They work great.
  22. Quinte numbers are down from 2000's time frame. I experienced fishing unparalleled in 2004 to 2006. I saw a camp owner flip out over the large filleted bodies from one days fishing. I took smaller fish to fillet and pictures for trophies. The Internet was a large reason that the fall fishery got exposed. Fast forward to 2013 and friends of mine don't troll anymore there cause they blank most days and jig for 2lb fish, lots of them , but the 8 to 11 lb fish are not at the numbers they where in 2006.
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