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  1. Hey PaP, also a fisher from pa, use to live in saylorburg and fished beltsville and the Wallenpaupack lake. No longer interested in late night fishing, you can take a few nice eyes from the pack at dawn for an hour then it shuts down till nightfall. I'm also looking to try otisco for eyes. You cannot beat Quinte in the fall, best fishing for eyes in my lifetime. From 2004 till 06 it was amazing. Also fished black river bay for some nice eyes. Best thing about these areas is daytime bites.
  2. Drop an inch pitch at the most. You may be at your sweet spot if your full fishing set up included other passengers. I dropped 3 in pitch and gained about 1000 rpm. Also went with a 4 blade for holding plane.
  3. On the subject of the scupper, I believe I have same units, are they piped to inside overflow ? Interested in what you find after the fact for future reference. Glad everyone came out safely. Good luck rest of the season.
  4. http://www.myfishingpictures.com/showphoto.php/photo/194828
  5. Curious motor hours on big engine.
  6. . Friend, kids , grand kids .
  7. Mr clean, great thread you've started. Question is do they sell non ethanol gas on the bay or close by. I will be staying on the bay 3rd week of July and my 90 grady does not get ethanol ever. I still have the original tank and really don't want problems. Thanks for your time.
  8. Roughrider IV


    Roughrider, daughter and granddaughter on the hudson
  9. Roughrider IV


    Hudson 20 lb male.
  10. Boated 26 over the weekend , 4 in the teens, dropped a couple good ones. All on bloods out of newburg. Back up tomorrow for last shot of this year.
  11. Fished Tuesday below Newburgh, boated 12 fish , biggest 18lbs. Blood worms were the ticket. Soaked live and chunk herring , not a touch. Back up for fri- sat- Sunday stay.
  12. See guys trolling and can say I never see them boat fish at newburg. I've tried a couple times with plugs and had no luck. I wish I could find a bait besides bloods, we've tried a lot of things and they catch 0 fish for us. Tried jigging thumper tails yesterday and nothing there either. Soaked live eels for hours last year and 1 fish total.
  13. Finished day with 23 boated south of Newburgh bridge. No real size this trip. Heading up next week again. All on bloods and sands.
  14. Hit the river at 9am, 19 boated, most juveniles , 4 in 5 to 8 lb class. Will update later.
  15. I have a 5hp 4 stroke kicker, is not enough engine to push my 17.5 tiller to speeds needed on Lake Ontario unless its flat and no down current. I use it for walleye at speeds under 2mph
  16. I went with 2 boats, grady 20ft cuddy and 17 ft tiller. Grady is great for young kids and wife, pottie on board, place to nap. I've had the 17 since 94.
  17. Took the boat , trailer out for trial run this past weekend, change in prop size got me darn on max rpm and 34mph which figured out to 8 percent slip. Actually picked up around 1000 rpm over prop that came with the boat. If your not at or around max range which is 5800 to 6300 for my suzuki , you could ruin you engine. I went from a 18 pitch 3 blade to 15 inch 4 blade, hole shot better and holds plane at 4000 into a stiff wind. Trailer looked good till I got home and raised tires to check new bearing installs . I had play in all 4 tires so I pulled hub covers and tightened hand tight again . I got another nut side edge tighter. Hard to figure that out as I put 20 lbs pressure on them with a wrench to seat bearings then backed it off and hand tightened at initial install. Bearing temps with gun reached 115 at disk brake axle, pads are new and a hair too close , I can spin tire 2 revolutions till it stops, temp was lower on return trip home. Going to continue jacking trailer after trips to keep an eye on it .
  18. Just installed new master cylinder on trailer, 2 yr old unit was rusted inside so I got a fresh one. I bleed the brakes with a compressor and one man bleeding system, worked really well but took a while to suck the fluid thru, about an hour, keep switching sides till both we're air free. New hubs, brakes, leaf springs, master, reversing selinode, the spare parts are now emergency parts, and a new tundra too tow with.
  19. Always used amsoil marine synthetic. I also carry a heat gun to Check hub temps during stops. When I got home from last years problem I jacked up opposite tire, gave it a spin and it sounded dry. Replaced with new hubs and bearings. I have rollers and will refrain from submerging axles if at all feasible in the future.
  20. Last year was my 1st trailering a dual axle boat rig I bought used 2 yrs ago. I've picked up a couple pointers on what not to do. The trailer is a load rite 2000 issue and the axles have a hole drilled to the inside for overflow grease . This may work with non pressure covers with just a grease fitting but when using bearing buddies I stop putting grease in when the spring STARTS to move. This is not enough pressure to move the grease thru the back side hole, in turn allowing water to enter brand new hubs from the inside. Hence the bearing buddies blowing off from steam pressure. I ruined that axle and have replaced it with a non drilled axle for overflow grease. The other axle is being cleaned out then pumped with fresh grease with a needle fitting then plugging the inside overflow once its full. A lesson learned the hard way when the bearing left loose. I also now carry extra hubs and brake parts hoping I'm prepared for next road trip. Hope this helps someone hitting the road to Ontario soon.
  21. I have it, saved me big bucks towing my grady home after losing a leaf spring last year . The on road portion is well worth it, the on the water not so much. They cannot compete with free sheriff dept. towing services. They have 3 on the lake last year, northeast area, Oswego, Rochester. Oak orchard discontinued. I would suggest asking what channel the sheriff is on in your fishing area.
  22. If I'm following a boat by a good distance and he bales out deep I'm gonna keep my course, I'm not a mind reader, my thought is to continue on inside past him and he can jump back inside after we pass. I've been driven into shore before, get out of packs, stay outside is the best for me.
  23. Agree with vince on this, as a grandfather I am embarrassed by the way the moral values have degressed in this country. This crap on tv and killing game vidios makes me sick. How do I wrap this tragic act around in my head? What really scares me is what's next. [ Post made via Android ]
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