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  1. Personally, last week october for numbers. Surface temps in the 40's. Numbers go down hill the later I fished. I'm sure other opinions out there. Landshark spends a lot of time there. I have not been up last few years. Check quintefishing.com for info. Look for Sheldon Hatch, quality guide and grew up fishing quinte. Roughrider [ Post made via Android ]
  2. Ok, I get that these days the wire rods are a must have and I have old diawa 47 rigs from the 80s I ran and they are a pain to reel in for the wife and I. I also have copper now but it saw little use this season. I need a wire set that I don't have to pump in to retrive. What's a good outfit that won't break the bank. Roughrider [ Post made via Android ]
  3. Spent the week at point breeze, Tuesday I headed alone as the wife slept in. I shut down the engine to unlock a compartment and when trying to restart, I got nothing. Radio good, gps working, motor will not crank. Showing 12.5 volts at gps and checked both batteries with load unit, measured good. Go to call wife, no phone service. Call the coast guard to assist in contacting boat us for tow, find out they no longer have boat at the oak, seems they can't compete wirth free marine service. Coast guard gets them on the phone, its gonna be 2 to 3 hours from rochester by water, you gotta be kidding me. Rally killer charter stops by for assist, calls the marine sheriff for me, great to know I can get off in an hour. Bigs thanks to Killer, he was working a group at the time. On the way in, boat US shows up, relieves sheriff of tow, and gets me to the dock. He tells me they have 3 boats on the lake, sodus, rochester, clayton. If you call, they will go 25 miles one way for service. I pulled the boat, checked wiring, damn loose connection at negative terminal. I was back fishing that evening. Fast froward to Thursday, we pulled out at 2pm, Stopped for gas, i got a hot bearing, this bearing also spit out a bearing buddy 2 weeks ago that I replaced. I've been boating since 1976, never lost a bearing. I always check for temp at all stops, add grease if needed. I got to whitney point rest stop, bearing still hot, add a few more pumps of grease, head out for another 2 plus hour drive. I'm watching in the mirror, puff of smoke, she's wobbling now, ****, I pull over, yea she is cooked. Brand new disk brake hub with under 1000 miles on it. Call boat US, they got me a guy with a hub, he arrived in half hour, I already removed everything, installed new hub and handed the guy 60 bucks for hub with a tip. Boat US pays for service call. Drove home with brake assembly bungy strapped and duct taped to axle, broke off brake line though, that's gonna be replaced also. Lessons learned: T mobile sucks, get vorizon for lake service. Use lock washers on battery connections Marine service around lake will tow cost free, channel 9 Coast guard is very helpfull in all situations, not just life threatening. If your trailer spits out a bearing buddy, you have a problem developing. I will not submurge my axles again Carry a cut off tool to remove race from spindle, the guy brought a portable dewalt grinder, great tool for the job. BOAT, you gotta love it to put up with it. Roughrider IV out. [ Post made via Android ]
  4. What can you say, its an addiction. You know yer gonna pay sooner or later. I just hope its not DURING my vacation this coming weekend. Good luck with it. Roughrider IV [ Post made via Android ]
  5. Did the same to my rig last fall. Took us an hour to bleed all the air, keep bleeding till you can't push the actuator in, use a 2by 4 to leverage the coupler nose. Roughrider IV [ Post made via Android ]
  6. Gased up at cicero fastrack, 4 bucks a gallon last weekend. Roughrider IV. [ Post made via Android ]
  7. Fishing same area since Friday. Morning, 3 browns , place is pretty sparce for hooks. RoughriderIV out. [ Post made via Android ]
  8. Name: Don Huth Location:Nazareth,pa. Home Port: lake ontario Boat Name/Type: Roughrider IV / gradywhite overnighter I fish for: ================== (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here). Started in 1986 out of Fair Haven in a 16ft starcraft, got the fever bad, moved up to a 22fter, bought 13 acres with a friend and planted a trailer. In 1992 we had to sell out with job and family health issues. We picked up a 17fter in 94 and returned once in a while but never felt the same. Fast forward to 2012 and Im a grandpop with young kids that love to fish so we looked around and found a grady in virgina last fall. Rebuilt the trailer, added riggers and electronics and next weekend hope to splash in at mexico pt. Her she is. Just got the cockpit cover this week. Hope to renew an old habit with the salmonids. Best of luck to everyone, roughrider IV out.
  9. No problem, I know you was busting me. Have one for me. Roughrider out. [ Post made via Android ]
  10. I may be anal about the speed but after running all my spoon brands, different flasher makes next to the boat watching the action I charted minimum, max, and optimal speeds for each. Around my place the waters are only good for boat rides anyway. Good luck with the barn building. Roughrider out [ Post made via Android ]
  11. To finish up, Trevor at fishhawk sent me a new screen unit to try and that fixed the surface speed question. The customer service is outstanding. No questions asked, they just sent me New parts. I would highly recommend them. Now if I could only get the boat wet. Hope to get up next weekend with my new to me rig. Talk about Brake out another thousand, I'm getting close to 5Gs in boat add ons. I'm gonna post some pictures this weekend. These fishing reports are becoming addictive! Roughrider out. [ Post made via Android ]
  12. Did the home lake test today, unit matched speed at 10ft to 80ft depths with 12lb ball And dodger, fly behind it too within .3 mph at 3mph against 2 different gps units. One thing that saw a big difference is at speeds around 4mph the probe slides side to side like a j plug and gives a large difference around 1mph faster than gps readings. I was very impressed with unit as a whole , although the surface speed function reads 0 now the company is sending another ducer to try no questions asked.great coustomer support. Thanks for responses guys. Roughrider out [ Post made via Android ]
  13. I have a question on the speed accuracy at the ball. If down at 80ft with blow back figured in the equation, does the probe lose some speed because of the cable angle or will it maintain same speed as measured 5ft under the surface. I'm thinking of trying a test at a local lake with no deep currents to see if it reads the same 80 ft down verses 10ft down. The last time I had down temp it was a ray jeff unit so its been a few years. Thanks, looking forward to august. Roughrider out. [ Post made via Android ]
  14. We are vacationing 1st week of august and would like to find non ethanol along the highway close to point breeze. Staying at 4Cs marina area. Thanks, roughrider out. [ Post made via Android ]
  15. Anyone know why this unit will not show surface speed on read out? I tried to spin out of water and I get no speed in or out of water. The probe unit works fine and display shows down speed. Thanks for any opinions, Roughrider out. [ Post made via Android ]
  16. avon skin so soft lotion. Worked great in the 90's for us. Give it a try. Roughrider out. [ Post made via Android ]
  17. With the purchase of a single engine craft this year, we bought the boat us package and added the highway towing option a week before I lost an axle on the highway 50 miles from home. Save 660 bucks. Roughrider out [ Post made via Android ]
  18. Anyone know max weight cannonballs for these units? Roughrider out [ Post made via Android ]
  19. I have same ray unit. Those preloaded maps only chart out to 40 feet, as in coastal. I hav e yet to try it on ontario. 3 yr warrenty. Lots of screen options. I like the reliability of raymarine. Roughrider out [ Post made via Android ]
  20. Fished Sunday after rainout sat afternoon, landed 7 ,probably 15 hits total till 1pm. Cornwall to cold springs east side of channel all on worms. Trolled for an hour with no luck. All 4 keepers 6 to 8lbs. Grandkids loved it. First fish on my new 1990 grady ! See ya fellas on the big pond. Roughrider out. [ Post made via Android ]
  21. Excellent intel guys, thanks for the heads up Flashpoint , Ray, and the rest of the fellas here. Would of loved to be there 10 years ago but only learned of it about 5 years ago and it is falling off, I noticed alot less fish this year and boats concentrated in one or two spots. Gonna finally get the big boat out after trailer woes 2 weeks ago. I see people trolling newburg to west point but never see them catch anything. Hot area everyone is fishing is cornwall to cold springs lately. I am 110 miles from river in Pa. See some of you at the big lake later in the season. Staying at the Oak 1st. week of august. One more striper run this weekend. roughrider out.
  22. Fished that area Tuesday, most bites on east shore just above cold springs off the eastern flat then cross where river opens up. Roughrider out [ Post made via Android ]
  23. I finally noticed some of the guys posting for the hudson, I can add that I fish out of newburgh about 10 days a season. We use strickly bloods on linecounters with the bait cliker on and bail open with circle hooks. When we hear clicker running we close bails quickly and they really start screaming then! We did 10 fish Tuesday with over 20 bites.I really would like to get some info for trolling for these fish. I tried once with no results. Any techniques for this I would appreciate. Any charters guys out there looking for trolling clients let me know. I will be up sat,Sunday this week. Roughrider out [ Post made via Android ]
  24. Got 4 new leafs, bolts, light unit, fender repaired , new tire and galv wheel for 80 bucks after insurance payment. I also had the boat hauled on a flatbed 50 miles home after accident and it was covered on my US boat insurance. A free tow. Best insurance I ever bought. I highly recommend the 65 dollar investment. Roughrider out [ Post made via Android ]
  25. Looks like newburg, gonna be there wendsday and the weekend. Nice fish for sure. Roughrider out [ Post made via Android ]
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