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  1. Roughrider IV

    Sold / Closed Thompson 240 sold

    Not in the market for another boat Ray, got 2 already but if I was, your boat would fit the bill for sure to take a look at. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Roughrider IV

    Sold / Closed Thompson 240 sold

    Nice setup, looks really clean.
  3. I have the same bomber in chartreuse back, great trout lure for me!
  4. Gotta appreciate the passion ya have for the eyes Justin, were you trolling or casting? You definitely are getting dialed in on that lake! Continued success to you and company.
  5. Very nice season so far! Good luck on the kings.
  6. They show up again on off shore reefs. I got a house reserved last week of august. Beats freezing my butt off at quinte in November.
  7. Very nice eye, can't wait till august! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Start with a 12 fter, go to Lake Ontario, get a 16fter, trailer 4.5 hour trips, sleep in a tent at state park, buy a camper already on a site, get a 22ft boat, had enough of campground , decided on buying 13 acres with a co owner, moved trailer to 13 acre with water, sewer and electric, headaches getting bigger, carpenter ants ate the trailer, break ins by thieves, sold the 22ft, sold my half of property, bought a 17.5 all around boat, ventured to ontario now and then with lots of other destinations. Last couple years picked up a 20ft grady so my Grandkids could join along. Always wanted one. Now 2 boats, 4 outboards, sit at home and travel to all waters within reason. Diversity is the key for myself. Walleyes in the late summer on ontario, next adventure up for us. Biggest thrill for me is watching my Grandkids catch fish now.
  9. Looks like an excellent spring for the eye guys this year. Sorry my truck got rear ended last week, can't trailer till fixed at end of June. Hopefully late august is the same for me. Till then, tight lines!
  10. Could be an issue of ethanol gas, if you have an old tank with original hoses, issues of dirt will probably appear in the system. I have an old unit and as far as I know, previous owner never ran but regular non ethanol and so do I.
  11. Check connection at battery switch. Some units will not withstand switching while motor is running.
  12. I use amsoil synthetic blue grease. I suggest filling your hubs by hand and not pumping grease in till the bearing buddy cap moves, even then I had a problem with new seals last year. Carry a cheap heat gun and check the hubs for excessive heat at the stops along the way. Mine range from 70 to 110 depending on road and ambient temps, when they all read within a couple degrees, I'm happy. One other tip, I have a dual axle trailer, after you remove hubs to change out bearings , grease and remount, drive that rig for 50 or so miles and when you get home jack that rig up and check for play on the bearings by grabbing the tire with both hands and see if you get any play forward and back. I just did mine and found one alittle too loose so I tighten down on the nut one notch on nut cover. If you change out bearings it's better to be on the safe side.
  13. I had to redo whole brake system on my trailer, bought Titan disc brakes. Got a new coupler kit with brake lines and had at it. Pull a 5000lb boat with a tundra and yes they are needed. I'm no mechanic and got it done. Used pneumatic pump to bleed brakes, made it easier for sure.
  14. Reading this I measured my tiller, I'm gonna need 18 inches of clearance to tilt 90 degrees. Already into 500 bucks for extension and panther power tilt. Good luck!
  15. You may have a selector switch that shorts out while the engine is running and you changed the selection switch position. Do a search for more info.
  16. I've got a 25 inch shaft, looks like a panther tilt is my best option along with cost. I'm not using that motor more that a few trips to ontario and for back up to my main motor on the Hudson River. Mama just bought a new fridge, so I have to spend wisely. She figures two for her and one for me when it's toy time!
  17. Looked into the garelick hydraulic unit, 1300 bucks and I have to pump it, works like a car jack. I can get a panther electric for less than 600. I'm looking at the 300 to 600 range.
  18. Would of liked the power trim, tough market to find a 9.9 high thrust 4 stroke and e start long shaft used for a decent price. I may go with a combo power lift / bracket. Looking for feedback on similar model mounts .
  19. Ok, now that I have a 9.9 4 stroke with 25 inch shaft, what do you guys have for brackets to hang it on. Give me some opinions on what to get and not get. It does not have e trim. I'm hanging next to big outboard. Thanks!
  20. Agree, that's a great price for that package.
  21. I know the marinas in town will dry store for ya at a fee. Just send them an email.
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