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  1. Nice looking boat. 1. What are the stringers and transom made of? 2. Is the pilot house heated? Thanks,Ray Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I had an '89 5.0L mercruiser that would cut off on me at various times. Somedays no problem and other days would just quit. I narrowed it down to the ignition coil, however, during the testing of, it passed. Didn't matter if coil was hot or not....it would just quit at random moments. Never understood why, but just ended up replacing the coil, and all was well! Never had another problem!
  3. I believe mates on charter boats get paid whether or not they are licensed captains...
  4. Hey Guys. I am looking for the name of the marina that is on the northwest side of the bay (across from the state park launch) I am hoping they rent slips by the day/week. Thank you for any information. Ray
  5. Used it on Cayuga and caught lakers.
  6. Ray

    Sold / Closed Thompson 240 sold

    I have a person scheduled to look at it Saturday. I will post at that point in regards to the status. Ray
  7. Ray

    Sold / Closed Thompson 240 sold

    Thank you. I try my best to take care of it...as I said it is my baby! Yes, it is 24' with an 8' beam. It is an excellent platform to fish out of. It also catches fish! My biggest brown this year was just over 12lbs out of Fairhaven in May. My biggest King was just over 30 lbs last August in Oswego.
  8. Ray

    Sold / Closed Thompson 240 sold

    more pics of today in the water....
  9. Ray

    Sold / Closed Thompson 240 sold

    With the T4 - you can sit anywhere and steer the boat.
  10. Ray

    Sold / Closed Thompson 240 sold

    Moving soon...will take best offers. This boat needs nothing for your recreational or fishing desires! Ray
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