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  1. Swim platform bracket

    Yes I have a wide one with a large cooler on in . Looking at website now
  2. Swim platform bracket

    ok thanks
  3. Swim platform bracket

    no still be behind have eanough room . just did like drilling holes in transum
  4. Swim platform bracket

    the motor bracket is for a 9 hp out board just the islander transum is there bubt hate to drill holes in it .
  5. Swim platform bracket

    Would like a bracket off the side of my swim platform, if I use a 2" angle top and bottom of platform off side a foot will this work angle would run the full width of platform or am I crazy, just afraid of a bracket iny islander aluminum yes no, it is for a 9 hp out board sorry .
  6. Oak info

    dolly dale has a camp sites and dock. i have stayed there also not to bad next to the oak
  7. Anyone ever built a hard top

    i lookrd at couple on you tube
  8. Rigging tracks on Starcraft Islander

    looks sweet love the boat mine has alot of bow risedded weight to front and tabe little better brok down last year on lake dont want to do that again
  9. Rigging tracks on Starcraft Islander

    I have the 191 islnder also , i see you have a small out board what size motor , remoute run , and mount as I would like to add one to mine . thanks great boat enjoy
  10. Mercruiser 3.0

    it needs the proper voltage , or breaking down will be a problem . charge everythig up and try it turn all eletronics off see if running better
  11. Boat Hoist Repair

    from the picture , looks like a 3" pully on a 3/4" shaft that should not be hard to find . mesure it to be sure let us know and maybe can help
  12. no spark

    all fixed , thank you all was a screw from the ack platform into a main wire was installed when new in 95
  13. Two Teens Missing On Lake Ontario

    so sad ,God bless
  14. i have a 95 191 and love it two questions what make is the roced launcher , and does the troolig motor make the boat to stern heavy on take off