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  1. bad spark advance had tp replace some parts in the disttour
  2. Will I started cheep, with fuel filter then plugs wires cap Roger then carb rebuild twice finally after $2000.00 bucks and two years back and forth to a mechanic a wire shorted out the spark advance that fixed it . Sorry not the best news if you a machanic would be cheeper , I am a so so one so I gave up took to a mach. He was off and on for two. Years
  3. I had to be towed in 2 years ago first time out in front of plant cat fish had a friend come get us I gave him all I had in my wallet $200.00 it was worth every penny as i was craping my pants with sons on board .i would tow anyone at this time Thank you
  4. I have a 4 cyl Merc 1995 had problems for 3 years rebilt carb change plugs Everytime out change to A warmer thermostat finally took to a Marin 3 times for a fix this spring made them place in lake and drive the spark advance was not working properly readjust carb on water in gear ltrooling now all seems fine crazy about $2000.00 later
  5. K the handle no problem it seems to be the part the cable shifts to by motor any one have pictures I can see to fix as I have no manuaol
  6. Will hear I go again my little old 8.8 Merc is stuck in reverse any one help me put the throttle handle I can not move to nutreal hope an easy fix
  7. No not the marina out of business, but they should get ahold of the problem if they came fromthere lot maybe post a surerity person just for that stupid week , I watched my neighbors almost burn there neighbors home down good thing I was waiting for something stupid to happen got it stopped
  8. I bet Waler 1 is right not covered by the marina , if they haveing porblems at night and not takeing care of it . I hope all boats there pull out, so sorry for the boat owners that had any damage . that is just wrong .
  9. I agree ,I only go when my boys can help me lately only twice last year
  10. why does the lake seem smoother when i not there . the sandy creek web cam I check every day Dam
  11. Merc. Carb the choke is wide open. I can turn the fuel mix in all the way and nothing still running think it may be the floor
  12. It's a 3.0 ,4 cyl Merc cruise er the thing seems to be to much fuel as I have to keep the motor cover off if I drop the lid it runs crap y the fuel mix jet make no difference even if I set it tight
  13. Ok we at cat fish carb not right open cowel and running better close and breaks down adjust the fuel mix nothing changes it is a 3.0 4 cyl Merc.
  14. Ok we at cat fish carb not right open cowel and running better close and breaks down adjust the fuel mix nothing changes it is a 3.0 4 cyl Merc.
  15. Staying at the cat fish any carburator person to help out there as I am horrible with them
  16. heading up tomarrow all the kids and grandson coming going out of catfish . thinking in front of the stck any suggestions on whats working ?
  17. whow just enjoy the family time , time spent will last a life time for you both, enjoy enjoy enjoy it a special moment look listen just watch them they get excited big eyes lotts of questions all so fast . then they are all grown up now i get excited ddrive the boat and watch them just being togther is all that matters
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