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  1. The water level is above the floor level. by about 2-3" or so. Seems kinda sketchy to just drill holes in the transom to let water drain...but thats why i ask. Considering not a lot of amount of water would actually be coming from the wash down i think the bilge is the way to go...i would have 1 manual pump and 1 auto so i definitely have a backup. thoughts?
  2. Currently it's carpet. Which has a rotten floor. Next winter I'll be doing a full overhaul. It will be some sort of vinyl I think. Definitely not carpet. So if I understand you correct @Bozeman Bob I would have a thru hull about 4" above the water line and it just drains? It would fill my bilge before it would reach that. Unless I built up my dog house so water couldn't drain into the bilge... Thoughts? Here's a pic with the engine out right now.
  3. How do you go about doing a washdown kit? where would the best place be to "suck" water from? bilge/transome area? What about where the water goes? auto bilge? not much info on these for some reason. it will be installed on a 1990 gls195 I/O. Thanks Waldo
  4. Gotter done. Easy fix! Thanks guys
  5. I second a GLS best boat ive been in to date-for the price point that is. try and get a 1993-1995 they came with a fully aluminum construction, vs earlier or older they had a wooden floor,transom. Good luck with your search
  6. Hey guys, Been really enjoying everyones posts! but havent found one on removal of bearing carrier. I have a 3.0L omc. Water in oil. Pressure test showed the bearing carrier. Anyone have tips of what to/not to do to remove it? pully puller? diy with chain and threaded rod? 2,3,4 points of contact? heat? no heat? Thanks
  7. like Jack i also use minnkota. i have a seanymph gls195. evinrude 9.9 for thrust and i use the terrova for auto pilot. works like a charm on erie for eyes and ontario for salmon
  8. G'day all. Waldo from tillsonburg ontario. Fish erie mostly out of my 1990 seanymph gls 195. Fished lake O once and hope to do more next year! thanks for having me. My brother and i also run a storage facility. If anyone is in need of indoor storage for london area please contact me. Keep on keepin on
  9. Hey @NymphO awsome job on the resto! I think i bought my forever boat. 1990 seanymph gls195 with a 3.0L omc inboard. Love it and want to restore it this or next winter. I have restored 2 in the past so have some experience. Is there anything you would do different? or any suggestions on what to do or not to do? thanks Waldo
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