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  1. Depth at ball. Blue tooth. No coated cable.Fishfinder doesn't always track ball. I think white I'll check later. What does color mean?
  2. Yes works perfect. Going to upgrade to a fishhawk.
  3. Complete set up, with 270ft of coated cable. $275.00
  4. Thanks guys, we might try again before snow Fly's. Yes same fish
  5. Trolled all over the popular areas out of clayton,6hrs on friday ,9hrs on saturday ,9hrs on sunday. Last chance this morning, we are done at noon today (Monday) fishing out of clayton. He picks lures and flat lineing distance and area to fish and we get this guy, 46". 1hr before we call it a day. He is still pumped about it. A special thanks to Chad (Blue eye design from this forum). He got us pointed in the right direction with some great tips. My son will never forget this one and neither will I. nice healthy fish, a few pics and released.
  6. Original side curtains for 19.5 gls. Original back mooring cover. Brand new in packages. These were for an 1989 and up.
  7. selling seperat? your Home port is pulaski, can they be picked up there?
  8. thanks for the info, Yes its a 89 gls sea nymph.I figured 5200 was not good for this application. Will be getting it ready for shakedown soon.
  9. Jd, didn't know pics loaded that way, my apologies.looked normal on my computer. Now I know thank you. I think the 5200 maybe to much on the permanent side. Would like to be able to take apart if ever needed. Kevin, I'll look at boat life. Thanks for all the feedback.
  10. jd, whats the issue? Im looking for advice. If you dont have any than stfu.
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