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  1. thanks, its a rough season for everybody. cheers
  2. Any info on launches, henchens, sackets, pics of water levels, how are the marina's doing? Camping in a few weeks.
  3. Just came back from a 4 day Wilson trip. I would say you had a awesome trip, compared to ours. My son and friend landed 2 small kings, fished the same waters except far east of plant. Lost 3 fish after 5 seconds.we fished sun up to dinner everyday. Changed speed, lures, depth we were doing everything. So 4 days 2 fish. I would take a 50 percent catch rate anyday. Congrats on a very good trip.
  4. Yea, haven't heard of much being caught. Not sure what the plan for Friday. Post if anything gets going. Cheers
  5. Only 1 outside of red can ,70ft very slow,
  6. Are these the one's your looking for
  7. Thanks, looks like its going to be a crazy weekend at any open launch with derby going on.
  8. Heading up wed eve, pics looks like left side is closed, So just a 1 lane ramp on right?
  9. You did way better than us out of olcott, not many kings yet, only lakers.Do you run the copper off of chinook divers?
  10. Didn't target browns today, spent all day out in 80 -100 ft looking for kings. 39 dg water no kings or bait around. Very slow between olcott and Wilson. Not sure where to start tomorrow, any suggestions would help?
  11. Hook up a few more lakers 60 80 ft, no more kings, try in a.m. lake flattened out. Camping at Harbor resort for weekend, nice place. Had a hatch of bugs on water once wind died off.
  12. Out here now, foggy and calm 1 king and a few lakers off of dipsey. Surface temp 38, 39 at 40ft to 120.
  13. 1 proline short stop. Model 10-420 1- golden eagle brave, not sure of model and ##s
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