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  1. youth cabelas 600 gram thinsualte ultra insulation waders,boot size 6. mossy oak pattern worn once,no rips, tears or holes
  2. great info, going to make a run out to narbys or capt cove. Starting to get the itch!!!
  3. Need to buy some new set ups? Reel and rod recommendations? Would like to buy local and not in the big chain stores.
  4. line guy

    where to go?

    Thanks for the info. If we go I'll post, looks like its going to be cold.
  5. looking into last trip before boat is put in barn. Need to plug (elect) rv in and have dock still in? dont need water or waste hook ups. Thinking clayton area or chattaqua. weekend trip any suggestion? reports? thanks for any info.
  6. line guy

    Rescue off oak orchard !?

    There's more info from a good friend of the captain in the next section (fish reports). Maybe post your good, bad,and stupid comments over there. Need all the info first then, you can Monday morning quarterback.
  7. What size weight did you use
  8. line guy

    older mag 10a to new cannons ?

    ok thanks for the info guys, I have tracks on boat..not sure on what brand to go with yet.cheers
  9. was wonder if the mounts that i have now for 10a will a new cannon stx fit?
  10. Was he in blue white sportcraft type boat? My sub troll must be off a lot had warm temp all through the trench from 100ft out to 130ft down 70-80ft
  11. Went out after some rain yesterday afternoon fished the trench out to the wall in front of lighthouse. Nothing going. Ran flasher fly and spoons above them,temp was very warm down 80ft.2 other boats out past finger. Lake settled down. Anyone out there this morning? Hows the lake condtions today?
  12. Fished trench area from high rocks out to lighthouse. Small brown and a king. Not to good. Lots of bait
  13. line guy

    Mag 10a trouble.

    thanks,A new downrigger is pricey too!!! whats the name of rtv?
  14. line guy

    Mag 10a trouble.

    switch was full of water. there didnt seem to be a gasket for the lid or "Orings" for switch & circut brker I am thinking some RTV silicone gasket stuff. It looks like what was on it before.Thought ,ideas?
  15. line guy

    Mag 10a trouble.

    Yes i have short stops, going to open the case and look. Thanks for info. Where to get parts around Rochester?