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  1. im looking to purchase the HOOK Reveal 7 SplitShot and i was wondering what option to choose for the gps either 4,000 us lake map or gps only, im confused on what each of them do and what one is best.
  2. Just need 1. Can pick up around next couple days.coming from Rochester area. Maybe at thru way exit? P.m. me
  3. Yes but not much. 71* on surface 44 ish down 50 to 60ft..in 300 was. Our best picture with bait and marks up high. I think mostly steelhead
  4. Out west towards ginna 300 250 ft all steelhead up high on spoon Sea sick wad. 1 king 15lbs. 5 steels good action
  5. Did lake flip down east end?any reports out of Oswego?
  6. Slow out in 160ft 66* surface. 42 down its 53*.screen is empty no bait or marks very slow.
  7. Out of hughes and seems like lake flipped today 54* on surface. No bait or marks
  8. did a test on my cannons, and got .55 volts from neg batt term and steel cable with ball down 40-50feet, other rigger had .56. Will this black box reduce it? I know there are different thoughts on this but any usefull info would help. I am willing to try anything to help catch more fish. 19ft tin boat also. thanks
  9. Whats the status of launch and campground? Is there dockage there also? Never camped there any info would be grat thanks?
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