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  1. If I didn't,t already have them I would probably opt for boards over riggers but I have never found them to be a pita.Plus it lets me fly the American flag higher on Memorial Day.
  2. That makes sense.the boards are probably easier.on Oneida they make more sense because the mini divers don,t track to the side and the riggers give me better seperation
  3. No problem ,my mistake, I'm trying to figure out if the out rigger clips will hold full size divers. It adds 2 lines to the spread.on Oneida a full spread is downriggers, 2 mini dipsys off outriggers and 4 boards, would like to do the same on Ontario with 2 more divers of the side.
  4. X2....3 downriggers plus issue
  5. Sorry, I meant outriggers, I assume you mean downriggers because I don't think black,s will fit on the outrigger line.
  6. On Oneida I run mini dipsys off the riggers and some days it,s the hot rod. Is any one using this setup on lake O and if so what release to hold the diver?
  7. Thanks guys. Just tried a double uni and it seems like it,s gonna do the job. I appreciate the feedback.
  8. I'm trying the new ultra thin micro lead and realizing that it is too thin to use a Willis knot to join it to the mono. The mono won't go into the sheath. Anyone have a suggestion for a good smooth knot?
  9. I would like to thank Norm(big blue) for taking the time to copy and mail out his copy of the original instruction manual for the digitroll conversions. This is why I love the LOU community and encourage anyone to join . It,s worth every penny and how it maintains this excellent site.
  10. Thanks for all the information guys. The reason I pulled them out was because after years on Oneida I,m moving the boat back to Ontario next year . I decided to upgrade to new riggers. So the question is who wants to buy some vintage riggers with slow speed retrieve for better depth control and lightweight ball capacity for added blowback for those boat wary fish. Make me an offer.
  11. Trophy 2860. All I had to replace was stringers, transom, engine, outdrive, electronics , upholstery and paint. Other than that it was ready to go. Lol
  12. Ok. Now I'm confused again. Maybe they are a version of mag 10s. All I'm trying to figure out is the cycle function. Can anyone tell me how it sets?thanks
  13. They are definitely digitroll 2s. Now I need to find a manual. Thanks for your help
  14. Thanks. The side cover says magnum 10a on it as well as the neck where the boom mounts. They work fine I just can't find a manual online anywhere.
  15. I was cleaning out my storage building and found these from 20 years ago, and I know they are 10A riggers but I can,t find any info because of the control board mounted on them. All the info on mag 10a show this rigger without control panel. Can someone shed some light on this. I'm looking for a manual on them.