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  1. I was wondering how important wind direction is right now on the niagara bar this time of year. Later on in the season, if the wind is coming from any Easterly direction there was almost no point of heading out, but perhaps before the thermocline gets all set up and the lake flips this is not the case? Maybe in the Spring, blowing cooler water towards our Southern shore pulls the fish in closer? Going out Tuesday, so I guess I'll find out, but any tutelage would be greatly appreciated.
  2. You could probably do an engine swap pretty easily, yes? (one boat to another)
  3. I was thinking of doing the exact same thing. Have not heard anything but that doesn't mean they're not there, fingers crossed.
  4. Still new to identifying these beasts. The last king I caught, I seemed to think it looked to have more fins but didn't give it much more thought, as it was the largest I had ever caught. Niagara bar.
  5. Torpedos, absolutely. I tried pancakes... bending them, tuning them. It's a pain. The torpedos are perfect. They have the least blow back and maintain their direction. I use 12 pound.
  6. I've been dying to try this out. I thought it would make a funny vid. Sitting back, hit the Cannon auto-retrieve, and find a 30 pound king hooked right off the torpedo! Beer in hand, of course.
  7. I find it so exciting. No, actually, it's nuts. I go out alone running 2 down riggers. When I get one on I have to look up to see where the traffic is and engage the auto-pilot, a.k.a the bungee cord. It's not so great. Try fighting a fish and steering with your butt through traffic. It gets intense.
  8. The hackers got into the government system by sending out a trojan horse update to the government. Thinking they were simply updating their infrastructure monitoring software, they wound up passing it along from one system to another. This move gave the hackers "back doors" to systems all over the place. Basically, it was a little more sophisticated than simply guessing that some slacker used "Admin" and "Password" on their desktop, not that that doesn't happen far too often, sadly.
  9. There was definitely a crowd out at the bar today. Water was nearly glass. I don't even want to imagine how crowded it will be tomorrow.
  10. Yes, it really does sound counterintuitive. I've spent a great many hours working those shallower zones with tons of bait and caught barely anything, while going out from 140 to 180 always works much better. There's a bowl that goes from 40' down to 55' right on the US/Can boarder. That is the only spot where I've caught lots of fish around lots of bait, but that was weeks ago.
  11. Thanks guys. YEah, I did find a text message between me and the seller so I had his number. We wrote up another bill of sale. My local DMV just recently reopened for in-person appointments, even if for only one day a week. I have no doubt that they will be very helpful. Amazing really, back in Long Island, NY... going to the DMV was like something out of a horror show. So far, here in Niagara County they've been amazing helpful. This board is also extremely helpful. Thanks!
  12. You just slap your rod on the water furiously to get the fleas off, right? But yes, it gets pretty bad in the summer.
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