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  1. I've been working the bar any day the wind allows and let me tell you... it's been slow. I am giving it one more shot before I unfortunately have to pack it in for the season. One guy caught a decent fish yesterday on flasher fly using lead core, if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Hey, great report! I have been launching out of Fort Niagara and often see what looks like a crazy amount of fish at around 120-140' on the drop but never seem to get anything out of it. It drives me nuts every time.
  3. Hey Waldo, Well I would certainly be tuning in. I have a Sea Nymph too. Love this boat. What's the plan? Adam
  4. Hey Bill, How did your repair go? I just finished mine yesterday and am excited to take my boat out today. I will be running it without the bilge pump, first to see if water still collects and second, if it does, I will get under the boat to identify any leaky rivets I might have missed. It was ridiculously simple to put the rivets in, I thought. What I did notice was, now that I know what I'm looking at, that the previous owner had replaced a bunch of the rivets with massive screws. I suppose it made sense at the time but with the proper size rivet and the G-flex epoxy I used I am pretty confident in the repair. Have fun out there and thanks for your input! Adam
  5. I have the Cannon 10's also. I blew my top in a rant the other day because of how poorly some of this stuff is made. (I'll keep my cool for now). I am using the low profile swivel mounts, which are insanely expensive for what they are, and after docking my boat saw that the rigger was out of position. That makes the second time I've had the lock pin shear off. That being said, I've taken the thing apart and replaced the pin before (super cheap, fix yourself) and found that there is still going to be some slop in the swivel. That slop is what allows the force to shear the pin. I now drive at speed with the booms fully retracted no matter how short a distance. Maybe you're supposed to do that anyway... oops. As for the boom itself being sloppy, I haven't had that issue. I would unscrew it and check to see if there is anything preventing it from fully compressing the pipe. Otherwise, chalk it up to manufacturing. Worst case, wrap it. It only needs to fit once. I am waiting a week now for another pin, so sorry if I still sound a little bitter. With the slop, it seems to be common with these riggers.
  6. Hey Troutman, I was looking to order 2 12lb torpedos and 2 16lb torpedos. Do you have any left? And how do we do this? Do you use PayPal?
  7. NyFallGuy


    Hi everyone, I have a 19' Sea Nymph with two areas under the hull with leaky rivets. The problem is on either side of the keel plate but only involves about 4 rivets in each spot. Last year I was able to drastically reduce the leaking by using large sheets of Flex Tape. It was a quick fix that allowed me to continue fishing but I am preparing to tackle the problem properly. I am looking to drill out the rivets and replace them with closed end pop rivets as I do not have access to both sides. My question is what length rivet should I use? I was going with 3/16" diameter and can either go with 3/8" or 1/4" lengths. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. Those flies have been around a long time. Brutal. Here's a good little video on them:
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