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  1. Hey all, i got an Aquasport Explorer 225 and fish out of Port Hope Ontario. I will post my fishing reports here. any tips on Northshore Lake O would be appreciated. have a good season !
  2. Any reports on NewCastel fishing these days? Plan to go this week end maybe
  3. Ok. I will look at it on ebay. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Thank you I will try to contact them.
  5. Thank you, i fish salmon up to 150', is 10lbs is enough base on your opinion?
  6. Hi, by curiosity what kind of cannonball are you using on lake Ontario? I use a 12lbs round ball and hate the drag it cause. I aim for a 10lbs pancake but not sure if it is heavy enough. What are you using!? Thanks all!
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