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  1. What size do you recommend for 30lb braid mainline?
  2. Sorry if this has been answered before, is there a tension difference in the black and red, like the grip strength of the pads or just heavier snaps? Also what is the current pricing? Are you possibly in the buffalo, ny area?
  3. What length shaft? Would you separate it from the hummingbird? I run lowrance electronics and am already all setup with them
  4. Have a set of 4 walleye boards with the upgraded lock jaw clamp, tattle flag kits, stainless steel rear pin kits, and the red OR clip with the pin on the rear of you are interested
  5. Still have this? I'm interested, I'm from Buffalo but will be up by you on Tuesday
  6. Do the 10# torpedoes not have an eyelet on the back side?
  7. Older fishpond tech pack with backpack and individual chest/breast pockets. Buckles in front between pouches. $50 obo. Located in Buffalo, NY
  8. 3 willie bait files. (2) 4 slot, (1) 3 slot. One of the 4 slot files isnt in great shape, it's a bit cracked and I repaired 2 of the sections but it still functions as it should, and it's missing 2 springs. The other 4 slot and the 3 slot are in good shape. They have my name and address on the fronts that's why I took photos of the backs, I'll do my best to remove my info from them if the buyer wants. I'd like to get $15 each for the damaged 4 slot and the 3 slot, and $20 for the good 4 slot, or $45 for all 3 if you'd like them all, plus shipping, I'm in Buffalo, NY
  9. 16 miscellaneous small trout spoons (1-1.5" long roughly) $15 obo
  10. 6 Miscellaneous brown trout spoons, 2 red eye spoons, dreamweaver flutter spoon, 2 red devil flutter spoons $20 obo
  11. 7 NK Mag, evil eye mag, and brand new Luhr Jensen coyote spoon $25 obo
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