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  1. Had a great weekend up there for our annual trip up from DE. Caught some big kings with FleetTracker on Friday and fished our boat Saturday and Sunday The one picture of my buddy Dave passed out on the boat is what happens after you stay up till 2 am watching the Mayweather cs Mcgregor fight and drink a half bottle of makers mark, then get up at 5am and go fishing!
  2. Prayers sent! We went through something similar. Focus on one day at a time and not weeks. Each day you make it helps an incredible amount.
  3. Looks like it will work. Can't beat price either
  4. Delaware Bay Sharking Took a couple of my buddies and their kids out for some Delaware bay sharking on Saturday. Was a great day with lots of action on sharks and sting rays. Ended the day with a 150# bull shark (last picture). All sharks released and the kids had a blast! Caught a mess of little bluefish as well for bait.
  5. We use these side riggers when trolling for stripers in the ocean. Just be sure to use the safety rope on them to attach to the rod. They sit in and lock in to your flush mount holders and really aren't that expensive. When done just take them out These are the wahoo industries ones. Most affordable.
  6. Yup you'll be just inside the canyon, good luck and have fun! Should be a great time of year to be out there!
  7. Another vote for counting the "bars" or passes of the level wind. It's easy and simple and no respooling or needing added counters.
  8. What week of June are you going? For deep dropping you will be tile fishing out that far for goldens and blue line tilefish. Great eating, probably some of the best. Some guys use electrics for this some guys will use manual reels loaded with braid. You will be fishing 600-1200 feet probably so its a long way to the bottom! Out that far you will be in the canyons and around all of the other boats trolling, so if there is a good tuna bite you will be right there for it. If early June you will be a little early for consistent catches of dolphin, but the yellowfin should be around in big numbers. If the temperature breaks setup right and you hit a good break you should have a great day on yellowfin. A lot of times in the early season trolling you will go through a school and get multiples on at a time (sometimes 8 or 9 at once!). Crazy good action and obviously great eating too. There is nothing better than seeing tuna blow up on the lures trolled behind the boat and hearing drag scream! They certainly wont be consistent yet at that time but the white marlin will begin showing up as well and always the possibility of hooking one on the tuna troll. An occasional wahoo will also be around that time of year. You also have the opportunity at a Bigeye tuna when trolling as well! They will kick your butt but are a blast to catch! June is one of my favorite times of year to troll out there, the yellowfin bite is usually outstanding. Later in the summer you get more variety with more marlin, dolphin and wahoo around, but less tuna. Good luck and if you have any other questions let me know! I fish down there a lot!
  9. Have not fished with him. You can check Out the Fin Razr out of sunset marina OCMD. Captain Doug runs a smaller center console. I'm good friends with his mate Shane. Smaller boat should be cheaper than bigger sport fishers.
  10. June should be prime time for tuna! Call captain Sean of the Restless Lady. He's got two boats and for offshore you won't beat his rates and they catch a ton of fish! for inshore I recommend driving up to Indian River Inlet and fish on the Wreckaholic with Fish Whisperer Charters. Flounder will just be starting. If I had to choose I would choose offshore that time of year. We've had a great yellowfin tuna bite the last few years in the canyons on the early season temp breaks!
  11. for sale : usa

    Sold thanks guys!
  12. Spoon Lot for Sale! 15, mix brand, colors and sizes. All have been used. Most in excellent condition some have some wear and tear. All shipped to your door for $35 Thank you! Dave
  13. They look great! I agree Laker Candy!
  14. Had Rich make me up a couple 12#er's. Cant wait to get them wet! Thanks again!
  15. I definitely understand his struggles. I have a small saltwater tackle business, and juggling the real job, with the family (2 kids under the age of 3!) and also doing the tackle business is crazy sometimes! There are times when I get custom orders in and I have to tell people that I can't get to it for X amount of days or I can refund you the money. Most are fine with waiting as long as there is communication. Some want their money back and I have no problems with that. I also get held up by receiving wrong components from suppliers etc. and orders get delayed, but I have found as long as I am honest and just keep people updated they are all fine with it. No one likes not knowing where their order stands. I have bought from FLT before and he makes a great product. Hope he gets it turned around, but it doesn't sound good.