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  1. for sale : usa

    Sold thanks guys!
  2. Spoon Lot for Sale! 15, mix brand, colors and sizes. All have been used. Most in excellent condition some have some wear and tear. All shipped to your door for $35 Thank you! Dave
  3. They look great! I agree Laker Candy!
  4. Had Rich make me up a couple 12#er's. Cant wait to get them wet! Thanks again!
  5. I definitely understand his struggles. I have a small saltwater tackle business, and juggling the real job, with the family (2 kids under the age of 3!) and also doing the tackle business is crazy sometimes! There are times when I get custom orders in and I have to tell people that I can't get to it for X amount of days or I can refund you the money. Most are fine with waiting as long as there is communication. Some want their money back and I have no problems with that. I also get held up by receiving wrong components from suppliers etc. and orders get delayed, but I have found as long as I am honest and just keep people updated they are all fine with it. No one likes not knowing where their order stands. I have bought from FLT before and he makes a great product. Hope he gets it turned around, but it doesn't sound good.
  6. Sold thanks guyS!
  7. Walleye/Brown Trout Trolling Reels 3 Daiwa Accudepth 17LC and 1 Cabelas DM 20 with LC for sale. All used very lightly for 2 seasons. Spooled with 15# trilene big game. But it is 2 years old. All four for $100 will need to be shipped I'm in DE.
  8. Thats a piggie, congrats!
  9. Wow that sucks! I hate a thief and just reading these stories makes me sick to my stomach.
  10. We used to. It is tough having to heat each spoon, one at a time with a heat gun. We then used a powder paint airbrush, the paint holds up great after baking, but it is time consuming. Now we just use acrylic paint and still bake to cure. Then we use a spray clear coat over top. The powder paint is definitely more durable, but the acrylic is much easier to use and paint cleaner lines/patterns etc.
  11. Thanks Devin! Looking forward to getting out there this weekend!
  12. Got some more done tonight. Will be up getting them wet around Henderson next week!
  13. TTT, Price drop - $14 includes shipping
  14. 7 spoons for $14 plus add $3 to ship. Paypal is the easiest. All spoons are lightly used. Mixture of brands