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    a friends, much cheaper
  1. Anybody been out there yet, thinking of trying Saturday ,usually launch from the Isthmus on Point Peninsula and would be closer than where we found them last weekend Went 9-12 last sat but was a 20 mile boat ride to get there
  2. fished 6 til 930 from wall west for salmon, FF, spoons whatever, never moved a rod, some decent bait fish pods....threw cowbells on and picked a few lakers for the guys to take back to PA, Try again tomorrow
  3. thanks all that replied, will be out early, hope the t storms stay away for awhile
  4. Have friends coming up from Pa Thursday and Friday, would like to get them on a salmon or 2 any new info on whats working and depth? Figure to put a Laker or 2 in their cooler too
  5. no comments in a week>?>> nobody been out or just staying quiet
  6. out from 630 til 230 from pill boxes to finger, spoons, meat, varied everything we could think of. Picked up a 5lb brown 90 down over 120 fow. Big change from last week
  7. Have the day off,thinking about trailering to mexico point and trying for browns or salmon are they still there or all headed west? Based on what Im reading it sounds like bite is headed west. Any input would be appreciated before the 90 minute haul.....
  8. Thanks for the info,,,think ill do a charter and pass in the head boat procrastinators looks pretty good
  9. Looking for any opinions for charter out of topsail NC area, going down 4/22-28 to visit Marine son, would like to take him out for a trip .Any personal experiences or opinions appreciated. Thanks
  10. Fished 7/16 afternoon/evening.....had a lot of marks 80-100 down over 12o-150 fow but couldn't get anything to move a rod. Tried everthing except meat...figure marks had to be salmon but could it be anything else?
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