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  1. We went out yesterday afternoon for a few hours and fished along the wall of the shipping lanes. I am new to the trolling so i am still trying to figure it out. I have 2 manual down riggers and only 2 poles out at a time running spoons at 70' and 90' over 100' to 120' of water. No temp probe. Watermelon colored spoon took all but one fish. We got 4 lakers and a little skippy king. We were real happy to catch anything. I have to keep working on the salmon skills. We marked a lot of fish and bait. There were quite a bit of fleas out there. Overall a beautiful afternoon.
  2. thanks for the info, if i make a run out there i will post a report
  3. Does anyone have any reports for Henderson or the Shipping Lanes? Hoping i can get some information before making the trip from Cape Vincent. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Does anyone have an update on the smallies? What depth they are at?
  5. Congrats on the nice bass, thanks for the update. I’ll be up in the same area between Carleton and Clayton on Friday for a week. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Does anyone have an update on the river conditions and the amount of debris out there? Anyone doing any fishing? Thanks for any info.
  7. Thanks for the info Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Recent Bass or Pike reports Hi everyone, I am heading up friday with some buddies to fish the river. Haven't been up in almost 3 weeks. Can anyone help me out with some bass and pike reports, water temps? I appreciate any info.
  9. I noticed a big drop off from past years as well. I could not find any consistency with the bass. The ones i caught i had to work hard for, almost all on drop shots. But the ones i caught have been reel big. I had my worst year ever with the pike. Im mostly down closer to cape vincent and i noticed the large weed beds in the bays never really established. I also fish the clayton area and alex bay area with the same poor results. I believe (and hope) this year was effected by the cool temps and record high water levels. Hopefully next year gets back to normal.
  10. BlueEye, Your post and the responses from everyone bring back memories. Nothing is better than your kids spending their summers on the river. They will remember it forever. I just dropped my youngest off at college last week. It seems like yesterday she was a little kid on the river with me fishing. Here are just a couple pix of her on some fish she caught on a "Barbie" pole. ( I used to buy several poles each year because she would donate them to the river).
  11. went back out friday afternoon and 4 hours this morning. pretty much the same thing. catching them here and there, from 10' to 30'. nothing steady Water temp was down to 70. Yes Wolf Island is all canadian water.
  12. last two weeks in july and first week in august i put alot of time in around wolfe island and carlton. same results as you. caught fish if 5' to 35' of water. nothing consistent, just a fish here and there. but the ones i have been getting are big. ill be back up on saturday and will post any updates.
  13. I was out fishing for bass at the west end of Piction on Tuesday early evening and got a nice surprise, 31" walleye. fishing right off the point in 25' of water. Got it on a drop shot with a worm. Took a few pictures and released it.
  14. went out in the afternoon with the old man and picked up a few more nice ones. Not catching alot of them but the ones we get are nice. This one my old man got was in only 17' of water. The others came in 23-30'. Cant figure them out, they are spread out all over.
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