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  1. me personally i just wait for fall to set in on the st lawrence. i would rather wait to start fishing for musky than to catch one and have it die because of high water temps. we i guess in my age group have watched the decline of the fisheries and protecting what we have left should be a very high priority for all of us.. till fall we have bass, walleye, perch etc to catch... wow i wonder at what point did i turn into a old person...lol
  2. we troll the south side of carlton 20 to 30 feet of water... deep diving baits seem to work well, pike, walleye and bass.. you can also troll the shore line from millens to linda island area has produced some nice fish, again in that 20 to 30 ft range.. good luck
  3. well the gales of November came early and took the goby slayer original with a massive storm that blew threw October 31st cape Vincent.. well enough with the bad and on to the good.. over winter we ordered a new 19 foot tracker targa tournament edition, we used the motor off the old boat so it is a 2013 mercury optimax last of the 2 strokes so we kept it and had it put on by Bryce marine. well I have to say the new boat came in and it is a awesome piece of equipment. comes with a helix 7 down image on front interfaced to I pilot minkotta , know if I can only figure out the pendant so I don't go around in circles, son of a,.... lol the main display is a hummingbird helix 7 si and the display is crystal clear. amazing image, going in for canvas hopefully this week. but really after looking at the screen and playing with it some, I am really impressed... so wanted to pass along what I am seeing. big thumbs up for the helix 7... had I had a choice I would have went with a bigger screen. know I am gonna try to add my hummingbird 999 si to the network, cables are ordered.. I see I have a big learning curve to go... looking forward to a great 2020 fishing season...
  4. wanted to share the update with pics.. she is home in the barn in rochester..
  5. high water, high winds in cape Vincent ended our 2019 fishing season early... fishing had to take the back seat to a recovery.. boat blown out of boat lift and jammed in my neighbors walk way dock section in about 50 feet.. 1500 bucks worth of 6x6's and wood planking. 3500 dollars to bring in a excavator and a lot of hard work in the cold water and ripped up boat is on the trailer.. cape saw 3 foot storm surge plus waves and rollers 6 plus feet...was a big mess, and a rush to get it out before winter set in.. so this concludes our 2019 fishing season... as the boat was dragged to shore I hoped in boat as it was sinking in the water as the captain is supposed to go down with the ship. thank god the boat had floatation even if it was only 3 feet deep.....lol motor has only a tiny hole in cover.. so the motor is still good..... about 10 holes in boat though...…. goby slayer down for the season
  6. if you decide to go to trolling plate, use the easy troller trolling plate cabellas, it has a spring on plate so if you throttle up u wont bend the plate like the older ones did. and yes every one sooner or later would forget it and bend the plate. I used the new one with spring its perfect cause if u throttle up u wont bend it and u know its down.... u can buy wings for it to for getting up on plain quickly. really nice set up.... on the one I had I cut a slot at 45 degrees because it slowed me down to much at 90 degrees.... the hydro foil option is really nice to because you don't get that high lift on take off, u go right on to plain... but expensive....
  7. actually no I didn't, just tied to rope and threw out.. worked great for me.. I would try one before you spend any money... might do exactly what u want, and I would bet u probably have some lying around every one does...lol, I wouldn't even drill any holes... I just used my rope I use to tie to dock..
  8. I have ran both over the years... trolling plate works very nice and nothing left in the water. but if you don't want to spend the money the cheapest option is 5 gallon buckets... you can toss one, and if you still need to go slower you can toss a second bucket. bags I wouldn't spend the money. buckets work awesome.. we trolled for walleye in Canada an would usually run one bucket. slowed us down very nicely. easily get down to 1.8 I think 2 buckets I was at 1.2 mph with a 18 ft 150 hp...
  9. where on the river did you guys catch that one? us or Canadian side?
  10. awesome, we are still washing lures in the cape.....lol nice fish
  11. trolling in the past for walleye , pike, bass etc I would troll long lines when I didn't have to make any quick turns, the advantage was away from the noise of the boat.. if I am following the weed line I would run short lines for quicker turns. atleast that has been my experience... we are still a little warm in the 1000 islands to start trolling for musky but getting closer with the cooler evenings
  12. we are in a holding pattern waiting for the fall to set in to start our search of the elusive musky...lol im thinking late sept we will start our search...
  13. very interesting, we are trolling some of that exact same water in the cape//// r u going up this weekend?
  14. a lot of perch being caught in the 20 to 30 foot range... sinker on bottom and hook up around 18 inches.. and just a worm has been working well up the the cape Vincent area...also picking up bass and pike with the same technique...
  15. I can only hope and dream these fish make a come back... I too would love to catch one some day...however right know they are endangered.. hopefully some day they will come back to there glory days... but have to be realistic and it probably wont happen in my life time..would love to some day see the saint Lawrence sea way sturgeon become fishable for these magnificent fish in new york.... till then we are killing the goby's.....lol
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