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  1. i have heard we can fish in canadian waters with a canadian fishing license and you have to be vaxxed. does any one have any info of this being true?
  2. fishfull thinking, she is out of sodus ny.. we caught a brown, a rainbow and 2 king salmon on our trip out. melissa Roloson. she has a site on facebook. she runs a 31 ft boat, 12 ft beam. salmon where around 18lbs.
  3. just did a great charter out of sodus bay.. great spring trout and salmon fishing.. captain got us on the fish..
  4. i just ordered new line for my planner boards and also went with 200 lb power pro line...
  5. bull head where on the bite may 1st. we caught about 24 keepers in 4 hrs. looking to be another great year up in the clayton area...
  6. thanks, yes we always give the Canadian side a wide birth. i try not to push the line. it will be interesting if the border opens , will we have to report in to fish canadian waters , im hoping we dont have to report , fish , with a canadian license of course.
  7. thanks for every one posting. yes that is the area where we have been looking. last season we got taken out of the game when the oct 31st storm blew thru. we ordered a new hull and are looking foward to giving the 2020 season a try. we had to replace our 18 ft tracker targa with a 2020 19ft tracker . red canvas on a red boat.. so will be giving the 2020 season our 2nd attempt.. lol
  8. well the border will be closed for some time. we are out of the cape vincent area. where would any one search for muskie? 30 ft of water, 200 ft of water? most of the spots i know of are closed because of the border issue.. any thoughts? clayton, the cape, alex bay?
  9. unfortunately i dont have any pics, i used to bring my kids there and catch them. my youngest is 31 know , so been some years. they used to be huge. i always thought a state record would come out of hemlock lake.. the lake used to have the sides with weeds all the way down the lake i noticed last trip less weeds. they pickerel would hang there to ambush there prey... i do almost exclusive catch and release know as i have watched our fisheries decline... i am hoping that if enough of us do this some day our fisheries will come back to there glory. there is also some great trout and salmon fishing on hemlock. i have a cottage on the st lawrence river in the 1000 islands so dont fish hemlock to often any more even though i am just down the road in rush ny.. i may get there yet this fall for the last trip of the year before i put my little 14 ft boat away for the year. last trip i saw a lot of nice 14 ft boats with some really nice set ups on the lake... awesome place
  10. i used to troll the shoreline, depending on time of yr there used to be a inside and a outside weedline, any how follow the weedline, i used to use northern king 28 silver hammered finish with a piece of green tape on it. we used to catch 6 lb plus pickerel (not walleye encase any one is from canada) ... however i was up on the lake a yr or 2 ago and noticed a huge difference in the shoreline weeds. zebra muscles have invaded one of our most pristine lakes. years ago most of us where very careful about the enviroment on the lake. since then though the lake has been invaded by kayakers.. and then the zebra muscles came.. while i am not blaming them , i am stating what i saw happen... any how back to big pickerel, just flat line troll about 2.4 mph , black and silver jointed rapallas in a larger size are also a tried and true lure.. good luck
  11. 2 names come to mind immediately paul corbett the irish hammer (24 foot hewescraft) https://irishhammerfishing.com/about-your-captain and one could not discuss st lawrence musky with out discussing bob walters...https://www.newyorkupstate.com/outdoors/2019/06/monster-muskie-st-lawrence-guide-says-he-videotaped-world-record-fish.html i personally have been out with paul corbett and cant say enough good things about him, great , professional, great personality , great fisherman... with that said bob walters is also a great fisherman, knows the river , and has some great electronics aboard his boat.. how to choose between the 2, i suggest a flip of the coin and who may be available for you. i would check in soon as im sure slots are filling up quickly....
  12. one of the biggest improvements in fishing. love spot lock. we find we stay within 2 or 3 feet of our position. you will be very happy with it...
  13. any idea the cost to ship to rush ny? i am thinking 16 lb torpedo style... i would be looking for 2,
  14. me personally i just wait for fall to set in on the st lawrence. i would rather wait to start fishing for musky than to catch one and have it die because of high water temps. we i guess in my age group have watched the decline of the fisheries and protecting what we have left should be a very high priority for all of us.. till fall we have bass, walleye, perch etc to catch... wow i wonder at what point did i turn into a old person...lol
  15. we troll the south side of carlton 20 to 30 feet of water... deep diving baits seem to work well, pike, walleye and bass.. you can also troll the shore line from millens to linda island area has produced some nice fish, again in that 20 to 30 ft range.. good luck
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