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  1. we are in cape Vincent for the weekend we have a 2nd home up here.. there are signs up on 12e that say no wake 300 feet ……. which applies to Jefferson county I am not sure about st Lawrence county but I am almost positive it applies there too... cape Vincent and clayton are all 5 mph....
  2. my boat is still in the barn. waiting to fish..... to much debris for me to put my boat and safety of myself and others in jeopardy..... damage to my boat and shore line just isn't worth it... if I fish it wil be with my 14 footer on a small lake till the water goes down some.... I hope to be in by the week of july….haven't seen any boats in cape Vincent all weekend... maybe some people are getting wise
  3. my opinion only, but I would wait till some of this water goes down before heading up.... im not even sure if you will be able to get a boat in if the ramps are flooded.... I will probably be bashed for this one.....lol I am leaving my boat in the barn till the water at least crests.... I would think it will be a mine field out there.... there will be a lot of damage to docks , boat houses etc..... and all of it will be in the water.....
  4. I own a cottage in cape Vincent, ny Jefferson county.... and I have to say it will be much appreciated by many folks on the saint Lawrence... I was at the boat launch in cape Vincent last weekend and decided to snap this pic …. so im very sure they will appreciate the slower speeds..... ps please note this is not my place on the river... I built a retaining wall in 2016 and found out later I also built a break wall. lol.... once again the water is up on my wall..... was the best money I ever spent.....
  5. thanks every one for your input very much appreciated... I bought a few okuma cold water reels added 80 lb brad , a believer, a 8 inch jake and 4 grandma lures to start with.. I also purchased a large 8450 fabril net ,,,, and a new canvas for my boat this yr.... so at this point my budget to date is pretty much blown.... lol... but it is a long time till fall so I may be able to add a few more things for the 2019 season. thanks for the input
  6. I am wondering what is the best lures to buy to troll for musky on the saint Lawrence river...any thoughts?
  7. my goal is to hit bobs lake in Ontario canada this year and a small lake south of alex bay for a day trip. rest of the time ill be on the st Lawrence... hopefully catch our first musky on the st Lawrence. just switching over to musky fishing.... season 1 goby slayer out
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