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  1. I guess eating perch out of Long Pond doesnt look too appetizing anymore..... Jeez
  2. Heres a pic of the Sandy Creek launches today Tues 5/2. Water wicked high and mud out in the lake as far as the eye can see. Hope you have a good pair of boots...
  3. Only problem is you have to drive on the parkway to get there. The pavement is so bad and in such disrepair, I thought my outboard would fall off the last time I was on it. What a freekin joke. All our money is fixing up NYC. Shame...
  4. Are the docks above water at Ft Niagara? In the Rochester area they are all under water as the water is at flood stage, Highest since 1952 which was the highest of all time and only 8 " away from alltime record high levels and with another 1" of rain expected Thurs....good luck. Lots of mud too. Conditions are sh**.
  5. I bet that fish is 75 yrs old. No kidding, they live long and are slow growing especially with that cold water. Too bad about the gill net...that sucks. Keep that in mind when keeping a big laker even in Lake O. , they are old fish and will take 10-30 yrs or so to replace the fish you just kept.
  6. The article I read says that if this passes the final step, then there will be no need to call ahead anymore unless you anchor or touch shore including Canadian Islands. This will be nice if it passes. I knew it was only a matter of time when it hit their pocketbook they would change it back. Too much a hassle the way it is now and so impractical. As of now the old rules still apply.
  7. If it's low water now, then it will never get up to an acceptable level. How much more has the water level have to raise? Its high everywhere else. Too bad about Sandy.....
  8. Is this artificial barrier currently in place now? And will the navigation channel remain open naturally or will it still have to be dredged?
  9. That channel has been like that for what 200 years?? They still dont have it figured out how to keep it open or just dont care. Too bad all our tax money goes to NYC or we might have money to fix things like this and the parkway stretch near Oak Orchard which is no longer useable. We cant use anything and have the highest tax rates in the country...... What a joke....NYS and the Town of unfriendly Greece.
  10. I'm not sure if its true or not but it was on the news that when Trump gutted the EPA, the Great Lakes clean water funding projects are going down the tubes including the Braddocks project. I hope thats not the case but I think it might be. It is and has been embarrassing that the only port the town of Greece has on the Great Lakes is like 2 feet deep and mostly unnavigable. Sad and even on the ponds they hassle people, cant park on the road at Cranberry, put a giant rock so you cant launch, little access on Buck, Round, etc. Town of Greece is a total joke and so is NY for allowing this to happen. Public access to the Great Lakes sucks in this area. I wont give an opinion on Trump because I dont want to blow a gasket.
  11. No docks today and very high muddy water. The concrete P.I.T.A things are barely showing out of the water.
  12. Depends what you are fishing for. One little secret from a spinner maker of over 25 yrs....the thinner wire does bend more but gives off much better vibration. For bass, pike, trout I use .029 and have had outstanding results. Bending is rarely an issue and if it does, just bend it back. For skis .051 is the norm but now many are going to .062. like the Spankys.
  13. Kinda rare for any Muskies to be this far east (Fair Haven). Doesnt happen too often except Niagara region. The middle section of the lake is pretty much void of Muskies. Anyone else heard of any from Oak Orchard to Fairhaven stretch ? Too bad this one was kept obviously on the dock, bet it was 20-25 yrs old.
  14. Nice job buddy! How big were they averaging? 30s?
  15. Oh no not again! Dr Farrell said they hadnt even recovered from the last die off. Maybe the hot water invites different diseases? Muskies can be anywhere along the eastern end as that is the summer haunts for many before returning to the river in fall. There has to be some die off from old age but it is concerning if anglers are seeing them dead all at once. That's 3 pictures right there. OMG. What a shame.