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  1. Depends what you are fishing for. One little secret from a spinner maker of over 25 yrs....the thinner wire does bend more but gives off much better vibration. For bass, pike, trout I use .029 and have had outstanding results. Bending is rarely an issue and if it does, just bend it back. For skis .051 is the norm but now many are going to .062. like the Spankys.
  2. Kinda rare for any Muskies to be this far east (Fair Haven). Doesnt happen too often except Niagara region. The middle section of the lake is pretty much void of Muskies. Anyone else heard of any from Oak Orchard to Fairhaven stretch ? Too bad this one was kept obviously on the dock, bet it was 20-25 yrs old.
  3. Nice job buddy! How big were they averaging? 30s?
  4. Oh no not again! Dr Farrell said they hadnt even recovered from the last die off. Maybe the hot water invites different diseases? Muskies can be anywhere along the eastern end as that is the summer haunts for many before returning to the river in fall. There has to be some die off from old age but it is concerning if anglers are seeing them dead all at once. That's 3 pictures right there. OMG. What a shame.
  5. NPike My son is in the Army, he gets the glory not me. I haven't been in. I taught him how to fish though....... and hes pretty darn good at fishing and flying Apaches. Thank you for your service and everyone else who has served this great country (Yes it's still great!)
  6. Thats a pretty good ratio 7-8 pike and get 1 tiger. You're doing something right. Congrats on a nice one last yr.
  7. I need someone local or else the shipping will cost more than the dock. Thanks much.
  8. Anyone know of anyone who sells floating docks in the finger lakes area? Amish? Somebody must have them for sale. Thanks
  9. Meatman, I could go on and on about your post but I wont because you are so off base it's ridiculous.. I disagree with your post 110%. Such a selfish attitude. I hope they reduce the limit to 25.
  10. No mouth of Lake O.
  11. Want a big Brown? Use a big lure. Dec 13, 2015 caught a 33" x 23" approx 23 lbs Brown on a 9" Musky Bait Storm Flatstik in the Niagara. Released.
  12. So how do we put into play with the DEC reducing the limit and more importantly eliminating the commercial harvesting of these fish? Also more enforcement should be happening. Whats the first step to take other than convincing ourselves on here? Somehow this should be brought to the DECs attention. If each person calls or writes the DEC, maybe they will get the hint. Do they care though since these are not Trout? (its the only thing they care about it seems)
  13. OK thanks I will have to give it a try. Would give me alot more options if I didnt have to put all the leadcore in the water.
  14. So what are you doing with the rubber bands then? Putting them on the release somehow?
  15. So the lead core can not be in any type of planer board release or it will damage it? So basically your lure is either going down 25 feet or 50 feet depending on how many colors you have since all the lead must be in the water and the release has to be hooked up to the backing. Right??? That means unless you are going straight back then there isnt much variability in the depths you can go behind the boards. That kind of sucks.