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    Big Musky, Giant Jack Perch, Big Smallmouth on ultra light, and hog largemouth plus everything else that swims.
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  1. Very cool! Glad to see there might be at least a few out there but still not enough to fish for in the central basin. Thanks for the proof BWHIPS! Wow in 160 feet.
  2. It would be nice to see a pic as its so rare in these parts. Good to hear but dont expect another one there. like winning the lottery in these parts.
  3. BP Swing

    mono flouro connection method?

    Problem is being on the safe side may result in less hits since 30 lb test is like anchor rope.
  4. BP Swing

    mono flouro connection method?

    wow 30 # seems like alot but they put alot of strain on tackle I guess.
  5. BP Swing

    mono flouro connection method?

    What # test flouro leader do you like for all around Salmon/Trout on Lake O?
  6. Talk about a pain in the a%^! Trying to calibrate the Fish Hawk speeds to my Lowrance GPS speed. Cant seem to get it right. It changes every direction I go on Lake O. Directions say to lower the probe 5 feet below the surface and then make the same as GPS but it keeps changing. I went back to the factory defaults but that doesnt help as it seems way off the GPS speed. Personally I dont think any water wheel speed indicator is very accurate. Looks like this device is good only for temp but speed at the ball would of been nice. Anybody have any similar experience or tips?
  7. Whats the best 30 lb mono flouro connection method? Uni knot or barrel swivel or something else?
  8. Same problem here yesterday. What a mess.
  9. BP Swing

    Bass ripped off the beds

    Shouldnt the DEC approve any tournaments after monitoring current conditions to see if the bass are still on the beds? The thought of putting these spawning mamas in a livewell and bringing them 50 miles upstream to weigh and then release is just sickening to me. Keep that up and populations will be down. I think there should be a 2 week buffer before any tournaments and the start of the season just in case you get a year like this year where its 2 weeks behind schedule.
  10. BP Swing

    Bass ripped off the beds

    Not in Jefferson or St Lawrence County it's not!! Its illegal to even target them! That includes Henderson and Eastern Lake O and St Lawrence River. Other parts of the state, yes but not there. I have a cottage on one of the Indian River Lakes in Jefferson County and its poacherville! Freekin rednecks catch and keep everything out of season including Bass through the ice. DEC needs to do way more enforcement in the North Country. Its shameful behavior of some of these guys. If I see it, Im writing boat numbers down and reporting. These as&h&**& wont keep me silent!
  11. Yes it is what it is. The DEC is so trout happy state wide so it doesnt surprise me. Ive been fishing Hemlock 45 years and nobody asked me to do a survey. Good thing because I prefer toothy crittters and Bass. I like trout too and really all species but I just wish NYS wasnt so trout heavy. So are they blaming the Rainbow decline on the 5 yr stocking of Walleye by the rod and gun club then? There are so many bait fish in that lake, I doubt that had anything to do with it. I dont think Naples Creek or Catherine Creek gets the run like they used to either. No Walleyes to blame there. Whatever...its tough to please everyone. Hemlock/Canadice is cool regardless.
  12. Big Walleyes were common in Hemlock in the 1940s and 1950s. Several really big fish to 14 lbs were caught as shown in the Genesee Fishing Contest Guides (Whele Contest back then). They died off when the Alwifes were introduced as they preyed on the young Walleye. Yes the Finger Lakes for the most part are suitable for coldwater species like Trout BUT Hemlock could be managed as a trophy lake not a numbers Lake. Seems like most of the ones caught there were big and even now you see an oddball big one from the Rod & Gun Club stockings. All I'm saying is how about giving us a trophy destination for Walleye instead of worrying about Rainbows. Pickerel eat small trout too. The Lakers and Rainbows are mostly stocked there anyways. Why can't both be stocked there since it has a track record of producing trophy size Walleye? Not everyone worships Trout!!! There are alot of Walleye guys out there too. Also I wouldnt say we have lots of places to fish Walleye in Western NY either. Honeoye, Conesus, Silver, and maybe an oddball spot. After that you are driving 2 hours or more, one way.
  13. Nice. Didn't realize that. Never hear much about Tigers from Onondaga.
  14. BP Swing

    Hemlock 36" Walleye - Hemlock 7/31

    I'm a little late reading this. LOL. Great job releasing it! You are a true sportsman. The big ones are no good to eat anyways compared to the smaller ones. I have fished hemlock for 45 yrs and have only caught 2 of them by accident. Both around 7 lbs and released. Its a shame the DEC wont allow the rod & Gun Club to continue stocking. This lake has a history of producing some of the biggest Walleyes in the State. In the 1940s and 1950s, Hemlock was at or near the top in the Whele (Genesee) Fishing Contest several times and those fish were in the 12-14 lb range. I guess they think guys would rather catch dink rainbows. Thats the official word. Nobody asked me..... Anyways awesome fish and job releasing it...Can't we change the DECs mind somehow on the stocking?
  15. Too bad they stopped stocking the Walleye at Hemlock thinking it was causing the Rainbow population to decline. They must have ordered the Springwater Rod & Gun to stop because of that. Too bad it was producing some beauties. I for one am tired of NYS putting Trout on the highest throne. There arent many lakes in NY to get big Walleyes either and this was one of them. Very rare now.