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  1. Totally agree! Tournaments suck! Its all about glory and money instead of nature, good company and the sport of fishing. Way too many there this year and all jammed up on the US side since Canada closed. Those fish are pounded. Even worse now that they are deep. They catch em, put em in a livewell and haul them 60 miles to weigh and get a picture taken, then stick a needle in them to fizz them so they can live. How bout a break from the tournaments,,,,,,,At least MLF Major League Fishing circuit has catch and immediate release. BASS is like a dinosaur keeping them in a livewell when the water is hot and even off the spawning beds... How does this help a fishery. DEC are you listening?
  2. Anyone know of a decent boat canvas person to install a custom cover (snap on) that wont charge an arm and a leg? With the few calls Ive made, the prices were shocking. $900-1400 Seriously? The boats only 16 foot.....Any Amish installers or sideline guys out there? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. So catch and release fishing for Bass is prohibited outside the open season in Jefferson AND St Lawrence counties including the St Lawrence river. Too many are abusing this rule and breaking the law though. These spawning bass need to be protected. Problem is many of the bass remain on the beds after the opener like this year. It could be trouble a few years from now if this keeps up. The tournaments every week are pounding this area too. Jeez I hate tournament fishing. Spoils the beauty of the sport.
  4. Both Ft Niagara ramps are miserable. The North ramp is practically unusable as its very shallow and no where to tie on to. If you had someone holding the boat after you launched maybe you could get out on the South ramp cause there is no dock to tie onto there either just the big posts that are in the way and have been like that for 3 years now. If there any wave action, good luck with that. What a waste of tax payer money, ramps that cant be used. Keep in mind these were the conditions about a week ago or so.
  5. When I was at E Manitou last week there was construction equipment parked in the parking lot where trailers park. Not sure if its still there. Wow access is a problem in this lake. Why in the world doesnt NYS DEC put a launch ramp in Hamlin Beach State Park? They have plenty of room for parking too. Just need to build a small harbor like Sturgeon Pt on Erie.
  6. I dont ever recall seeing the concrete ass pains completely out of the water before. Wow the water is low. One extreme to the other. What purpose do those things serve anyways? This is the only launch I can recall that has those things.
  7. Fjrider, Thanks for your work. One question. When you say "Braddocks Bay- ramps go deep go". Where are you referring to? The Marina on E Manitou is under construction, the one on Manitou Rd has little water and the old Skinners marina on the North side is closed. ????
  8. So I have always wondered what happens to the fish in the Erie Canal once they let the water out for winter. For instance around Spencerport - Brockport they let out most of the water for winter and maybe there is 1-2 feet left in it before any ice. Do the fish travel towards Lake Erie to get out or do they live in 1-2 feet of water (unlikely) or is there more than 1-2 feet left in it? I have always wondered this question but have never heard a good answer. Can anyone chime in who may know?
  9. Never mind. I think I answered my own question right off the Canada website. COVID-19 Notice: July 20, 2020 During the COVID-19 pandemic, unless exempted, foreign national boaters are not permitted to enter Canadian waters. Failure to comply with the current prohibition of entry for discretionary or optional reasons (leisure, pleasure fishing, sightseeing, etc.) may result in severe monetary penalties or criminal conviction and/or imprisonment. Visit Information for foreign boaters for more information.
  10. Is it true one can not fish in Canadian waters on the St Lawrence and Niagara even if they have a Canadian license? I must be living under a rock as I thought it was ok but just read they could take your boat if you are not moving (fishing) but allow you to travel through. Holy mackerel, glad I checked. Does anyone know if this is true or did I read some internet BS? Thanks BP
  11. It definitely was not a carp or shad. Im sure it was some kind of shiner type. The Fallifish is the closest I have found but I dont think even that is an exact match. Maybe. They were big though. Relatively speaking and no not a Whitefish either, I have caught them. Been fishing 57 years now and this is a first for me not knowing what the heck I caught. Got several of them that day.
  12. Last summer I was getting these while Smallmouth Bass fishing near Waddington. Im not totally sure 100% what they are. Some kind of chub/shiner. Maybe a Fallifish? They were about 12" or so. Anyone know for sure what these are?
  13. Same guy who doesn't know what the term "catch and release" means. Keeps every walleye he catches no matter the size. Keeps virtually everything. If the Henderson fishing goes downhill, he'll have himself to blame. Its like hes living in the 1960's....catch it and keep it. He's posted numerous "hero" shots of huge catch and kill shots. Now the waterfowl thing.....omg.
  14. My guess is its a reverse cross between a female Pike and Male Musky. The reverse of a Tiger Musky. Years ago they stocked them and the were called Norlunge. Cool coloring regardless. Hope it was released.
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