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  1. Maybe dumb but if Canada didnt do anything all those years, how do you know it wouldnt of worked? From what I remember most of them were on the Canadian side too. Well whatever they need to do something, I see them carrying fish all the time.
  2. When did they start allowing them to shoot them? For many yrs NY was oiling eggs and Canada wouldnt do anything. Now it looks like its reversed.....
  3. Get in your boat and go around Chippewa and down river. They are all over the place. Must be doing some serious damage to the fishery. Man they stink too, islands covered in white crap with all the trees stripped bare and just a flat out awful smell even from a distance. I hope somebody is doing something quick.
  4. Yeah these tourneys are so old school its ridiculous. At least the Major League fishing (MLF) guys weigh them in the boat and immediate release. If any part of the fish touches the boat they get penalized. That makes so much more sense. Bassmaster just doesnt get it. Probably why all the top pros left to go to MLF. These weekly tourneys are ruining the river and yes running 70 miles in a livewell all day and then released 70 miles from where they came from is putting a hurting on the fish. Also why do they pick a time when the fish are deep 30+ to have a tourney? Fizzing cant be good for them either, sticking needles in them. Its really sickening to me. What a horror seeing all these beautiful bass dead floating. Now with live scoping (cheating to me) its only gonna get worse as they catch even more.
  5. If there are any successful Smallmouth fisherman in the Central basin that target them, I have to see it to believe it. Yes sure by accident and Yes sure you can see spawners at Sandy every spring but good luck finding any once they move out. If anyone is targeting them after spawning and get any, lets see proof. As far as Im concerned, the Smallmouth fishing in the Central region is dead still. Hope the hell Im wrong soon. Miss em.
  6. You would of thought the Lake Ontario Smallmouth population in the Central and Western basin would of recovered by now but it hasnt. I think angler effort is pretty much non existent too (myself included but did try last 2 years but zippo near Wautoma). Thats a real mystery. I remember the huge die off years back (not sure of the date) when it was blamed on a huge water turnover but there must of been more too it than that. Maybe a combination of things. Why it hasnt recovered in that area but remains super good in the Eastern basin and Erie is the real mystery. Cant blame it on the gobies as they are there too. What a shame, I remember the 100 fish days at Sodus. For all the stocking that goes on too bad the DEC cant make this a viable fishery again. It is a Great Lake for Petes sake.
  7. I guess the truth hurts. huh? 50 yrs? I doubt it since he kept everything. Keeping something legal is one thing but 10" bass are not legal and are slightly bigger than yearlings. Dont complain when there are no bass around with the added pressure from more people, kayaks, internet and high tech depthfinders.
  8. First of all, its total BS that NY has extended the season for Black Bass to March 15th on the Finger Lakes. Last I knew it was Nov 30th like it has been for 50 years. NYS DEC is a P.O.S. Shame on them. Cant give the bass a break because they might eat a trout? Second of all just because its open, doesnt mean you have to keep them. How about catch and release and being a conservationist? With so many guys fishing now, if everyone keeps everything, the resource will be depleted just like we are ruining everything else. (see climate change, endangered species, pollution, etc.). OK so he caught a few bass but the one on the bottom is a dink and not 12" any way you look at it. Thumbs down...
  9. Yes brookies but the Largemouth are out of season!! and one is undersize. WTF
  10. Thats a tanker. What did it weigh? Targeting eyes or trout?
  11. I used to catch Brookies in Hemlock back in the 80's I think. I was a long time ago and they were stocked. That was so cool. One of the best colored fish. If I remember right, I think we even caught a few splake (cross between a brookie and Lake trout) . I have no idea why the brookies cant be stocked there. My favorite trout. Water is certainly clean and cold enough. Walleyes are a thing of the past. They have not been stocked for over 10-12 yrs ish. I picked up a few of them about that long ago. Both around 7 lbs. but they are toast now. Even 10 yrs ago they were only straglers left over from the club stocking. Like fishing for a needle in a haystack now unless they reproduced but you have a much better chance at Honeoye. Back in the 50s, Hemlock used to produce the winning Walleye in the Genesee Fishing Contest on a regular basis and they were big 10-12 lbs but then the Alwives took over and that was the end of that. Have no idea why the DEC hasnt or wont stock eyes in there. Have to protect the trout I guess. Too bad. BTW about 15 yrs ago I found a dead one that washed up on shore and it was huge 12-13 lbs Im guessing. Biggest one I ever saw.
  12. Totally agree! Tournaments suck! Its all about glory and money instead of nature, good company and the sport of fishing. Way too many there this year and all jammed up on the US side since Canada closed. Those fish are pounded. Even worse now that they are deep. They catch em, put em in a livewell and haul them 60 miles to weigh and get a picture taken, then stick a needle in them to fizz them so they can live. How bout a break from the tournaments,,,,,,,At least MLF Major League Fishing circuit has catch and immediate release. BASS is like a dinosaur keeping them in a livewell when the water is hot and even off the spawning beds... How does this help a fishery. DEC are you listening?
  13. Anyone know of a decent boat canvas person to install a custom cover (snap on) that wont charge an arm and a leg? With the few calls Ive made, the prices were shocking. $900-1400 Seriously? The boats only 16 foot.....Any Amish installers or sideline guys out there? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks for the clarification. So catch and release fishing for Bass is prohibited outside the open season in Jefferson AND St Lawrence counties including the St Lawrence river. Too many are abusing this rule and breaking the law though. These spawning bass need to be protected. Problem is many of the bass remain on the beds after the opener like this year. It could be trouble a few years from now if this keeps up. The tournaments every week are pounding this area too. Jeez I hate tournament fishing. Spoils the beauty of the sport.
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