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  1. I wonder if they meant to write Wellesley Island where they wrote Wells Island twice? 30 MPH limit during the day? They can write tickets all day long on that. Didnt see anything about the 100 feet from an anchored boat. Thanks for finding that.
  2. So basically we have laws that are not enforceable then. When is the last time you saw somebody get a ticket for coming within 100 feet of an anchored boat......Never. Im assuming that law doesnt apply to drifting boats that are not anchored?
  3. No I wasnt fishing in front of the park. I was fishing on both sides of the river US and Canada. The worst was on the US side near the park but not in front of the park. So what are you doing...turning this around on me now like its my fault? I know a thing or 2 about remote fishing and where to go. I just didnt expect so many rude boaters who had so little regard for fisherman. You sound like one of them rolmops. At one point I started to Musky troll and I had a guy come parallel (same direction) next to me full speed 20 feet away and then cut right in front of me.
  4. Just because they were tagged doesnt mean they were fizzed. How do you know they were fizzed? Any way you look at it, to have BASS or any other catch and keep in the livewell tournament come up here when the fish are in 35-45 feet is a bad idea. Means lots of dead bass.
  5. I have been boating over 50 years and have never seen anything like the rude boaters around Wellesley Island State Park last weekend. It was unreal. I was fishing fairly close to shore and I had at least 6-7 boaters come between me and the shore going full speed. 30-40 MPH. It was maybe 1/2 of a cast. I could of easily hit them with a cast. I have never seen anything like that before. Maybe 1 fool but not 6 or 7 different boats. Pleasure boats, other fisherman, bass boats, it did not matter. I also had other boats in a few different spots come ridiculously close while we were fishing...full speed. I think I invented a few new swear words! How is no boating license not required? Simply ridiculous. All boaters should have to take a boater safety and etiquette course not just those under 16. Just plain rude boaters up there and elsewhere nowadays. I can remember when I was a kid, boats would slow down if somebody was fishing and be courteous but that is no longer the case. What a shame. Isnt there a rule that says you can not come within so many feet of a anchored or still boat? I must be old school cause I still slow down for guys that are fishing and never go between them and the shore.
  6. This is great news! Hats off to Bass Pro! I wish all tourneys were immediate catch and release. With the technology available, its possible. Sometime I hope the days of transporting bass 50 miles away in a livewell after banging around in it all day with a culling marker attached and then being fizzed will end. There must be so much post release mortality that we dont even know about. I keep thinking about how many of the 2 1/2 tons of Smallmouth that were released by BASS after the tourney in the St Lawrence died after coming out of 45 feet of water. Stupid having a tourney where the bass are so deep. You would think the biologists on staff would know better but I guess its all about the almighty buck. Bass Pro gets my business. All tourneys should be immediate release.
  7. Yes I know they are invited but even the towns are putting money over the health of the fishery. Any way you look at it having to fizz 2 1/2 tons (I think that was the total they weighed or some rediculous number) of Smallmouth Bass is not good. Seems like they should come up when they arent so deep so fizzing and releasing isnt such an issue. Some of these guys had pectoral fin weights on the bass in the livewell to keep them upright. Sorry that seems like its going too far for me with these tournaments. Yes they are money makers for all involved but at what cost for the fishery? BTW sorry this thread got hijacked about the PB bass Roughrider 4 got. He did the right thing and released it. Hats off to him!
  8. Did you notice in the video she said fizzing would not be necessary if they were immediately released? Personally I think its BS BASS comes up here when all the fish are 35-40 feet deep which means they all have to be fizzed. I wonder how many of those beauties died after they were caught, pounded all day in a livewell, fizzed with a needle and then released 50 miles away 8 hrs later? It sickens me. Well at least they are making an attempt at conservation unlike these local hick tourneys who kill everything for a few bucks and a hero shot of the winner.
  9. 5 60 qt coolers full of them is a bit ridiculous though. Shame on them. 1960s mentality.
  10. Id like to know the names of the local tourneys that arent catch and release. Time to bring them with the times. Anybody know any tourneys up there that arent catch and release? Maybe we can can change things if enough guys stand up. My opinion of tourneys is they SUCK! So does catch and kill!
  11. For what tourney? I thought they were all catch and release???
  12. Nice catch and release! Congrats! Wish more guys would release. The fishery needs those slobs to keep the genetics going for big fish. Too much pressure too especially from tournaments where bass are bounced around for hours and then release 10s of miles from the catch spot. Way to go buddy.
  13. Wow 9 miles out in a 19 foot open bow boat and 4-7 foot waves? Crazy.!! The lake must be respected as things can change quickly just like Erie. Just not worth it going that far off shore. Prayers to the fishermen and family.
  14. BP Swing

    Video on gobie on bass spawn

    Catch and release is bad enough early in the year for reasons shown but even worse is tournament anglers keeping bass in the livewells and not releasing them for hours later and many miles away from the nest. Even though the catch and release trophy season seems like a cool idea, obviously its very bad for the fishery. When will the scientists at the DEC stand up?
  15. Very cool! Glad to see there might be at least a few out there but still not enough to fish for in the central basin. Thanks for the proof BWHIPS! Wow in 160 feet.