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    Big Musky, Giant Jack Perch, Big Smallmouth on ultra light, and hog largemouth plus everything else that swims.
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  1. It definitely was not a carp or shad. Im sure it was some kind of shiner type. The Fallifish is the closest I have found but I dont think even that is an exact match. Maybe. They were big though. Relatively speaking and no not a Whitefish either, I have caught them. Been fishing 57 years now and this is a first for me not knowing what the heck I caught. Got several of them that day.
  2. Last summer I was getting these while Smallmouth Bass fishing near Waddington. Im not totally sure 100% what they are. Some kind of chub/shiner. Maybe a Fallifish? They were about 12" or so. Anyone know for sure what these are?
  3. Same guy who doesn't know what the term "catch and release" means. Keeps every walleye he catches no matter the size. Keeps virtually everything. If the Henderson fishing goes downhill, he'll have himself to blame. Its like hes living in the 1960's....catch it and keep it. He's posted numerous "hero" shots of huge catch and kill shots. Now the waterfowl thing.....omg.
  4. My guess is its a reverse cross between a female Pike and Male Musky. The reverse of a Tiger Musky. Years ago they stocked them and the were called Norlunge. Cool coloring regardless. Hope it was released.
  5. Im with you Gambler. Love the Lakers especially on jigs or stopping the boat and fighting them instead of dragging them. They fight awesome and dig the bottom. No issues here.
  6. OMG those tournament Pros are pounding that river almost every week but when on the beds? Thats sickening. Give it a break!
  7. Same problem here. I have like 3 packs of expireds and have no clue what to do with them. Nobody seems to know what the right thing to do is.
  8. Thats rediculous. What if you dont have change on the way out or the machine wont take your money? Stupidity. Tell me why in the heck doesnt NYS make a nice launch at Hamlin Beach? They have all kinds of room for parking and the launch. More money for them. So they might have to make a small harbor or breakwalls or something, they could do like Sturgeon Pt On Erie. Launching around here is a joke and that includes Sandy even when open if you like walking 2 miles to your car.
  9. Anyone have an update on which ramps are open or closed in the Oak area? Thanks
  10. Gaffs are now illegal in NY arent they? Ive never had an infection in over 50 yrs of pike fishing and in fact Ive never heard of that. Maybe he just had some kind of reaction? Nice fish though.
  11. What I dont get is how the DEC calls a special meeting in Geneva to discuss the health of the lake and continues to allow perch to be sold commercially. Dah.... They just dont get it and neither do the rednecks who dont give a sh*& about legal or moral limits and takes. Most likely the people reading here arent the problem, its the uneducated rednecks with 1950s mentality. Catch and kill. DEC needs to get their act together about the commercial fish rule. Seems like poachers are as much of or more of a problem now in this day and age as any ever especially up in Northern NY where they do whatever they like and write their own rules for fishing and hunting. Fish and game doesnt have a chance with the current lack of manpower the DEC has across the state. There is no morals left either.
  12. Not too sure but I think all the guys keeping all the spawning pigs in recent years has not helped the situation. The big spawning females should be released considering Seneca is only a shell of what it was 5 yrs ago. Perch do fluctuate wildly on all waters though so you may see a comeback but something is wrong with Seneca for all species. Keep the medium size ones and let the slobs go back.
  13. I wonder if they meant to write Wellesley Island where they wrote Wells Island twice? 30 MPH limit during the day? They can write tickets all day long on that. Didnt see anything about the 100 feet from an anchored boat. Thanks for finding that.
  14. So basically we have laws that are not enforceable then. When is the last time you saw somebody get a ticket for coming within 100 feet of an anchored boat......Never. Im assuming that law doesnt apply to drifting boats that are not anchored?
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