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  1. I fished 90-110 and did a handful of salmon, nothin great. Water was 40 from top to bottom..I hear the good bite was deeper. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. rdebadts

    Salmon Size This Year

    It’s early. Spring kings look like this. All of mine have been wide and thick... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. rdebadts

    Unexpected spring kings

    Spring kings trying to destroy my brown trout reels, tangling my lines, etc etc. Figured this is a better place for this video. The Fishin' Physician Assistant
  4. rdebadts

    Spring Browns

    I really enjoy your videos dan. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. iMovie. Works great, once you get the hang of it! The Fishin' Physician Assistant
  6. Our plan was to start the am brown fishing for the LOC, then slide out for kings as they are definitely around. We set up in 10 fow to the west and the water was gorgeous. Shockingly slow start, no bites for an hour- but then all hell broke loose. We had a mix of browns and reel smoking, spread ruining spring kings in a pocket of 47 degree water (10-15 fow) that kept us busy the next 2 hours. We ended up 5-8 inside, then slid out to 100 and did a king on a 140 dipsey, before packing it in at 10:15. Lots of kings around, from 10 to 150 fow. Man are they fun on light tackle. Dw ss and small stingers in green and glow did the damage for the most part. They wanted nothing to do with stick baits. Enjoy the video we made! The Fishin' Physician Assistant
  7. rdebadts

    Tons of Spring Kings

    They were trashing my brown trout spread this am, in 10-15 fow. Crazy fight on my brown trout rods Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. rdebadts

    Sodus 5/6

    Love my Scottie’s. They are great. I use wire, but braid works just as well. The Fishin' Physician Assistant
  9. I will start by saying that there are kings in the area, being caught 40-80 or so. Guys were getting them to the west, but they are getting them to some extent out of just about every port. Also, early am brown bite has been good. But that’s not my report. In a bit of a lifelong dream, I got my kids out fishing on the big lake for the first time! I had 4 kids (my kids, as well as a niece and nephew) so I needed 4 Fish guaranteed... so we beat up on lakers. Highlights including 3 kids getting their first trout and a 16 lb laker! We worked 70-110, cowbells and mag spoons did the trick- right out in front of port. I made a video- let me know what you think! The Fishin' Physician Assistant
  10. I threw most of them back, gave 3 to an old friend who can’t fish anymore, and made 2 into food for my dog. He loves it, and fish is good for him! I do it once or twice a year Some people love lake trout- I don’t. I eat salmon and steelhead regularly. My general rule is we only keep Fish if we have a specific reason for doing so. The Fishin' Physician Assistant
  11. rdebadts

    Boat Hauling

    Any marina should be able to help you. Gonna cost a lot though... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. rdebadts

    Sodus April 28 fishing

    This is my newest video. Trying new stuff, lots of different views. Let me know what you think- I’m really looking for suggestions. Browns didn’t come to play, but the lakers happily obliged... The Fishin' Physician Assistant
  13. Plan today was for nearshore browns, then slide out and hone my laker game- as I really want to get my kids (4 and 6) out soon for lakers. We fished west- from Maxwell to almost Hughes. Nada on browns. Flat calm and crystal clear water is no bueno. We tried about 15 different sticks/spoons. I did hear that guys that went east did better. Guess I zigged when I should have zagged. We bugged out of there at 9 am. On a positive note- laker fishing was fast and furious. Constant, steady bite on healthy fish. Gambler rigs were on fire. I literally cannot wait to get a calm day and get my kids out!! We kept a few (dog’s gotta eat), released the rest. Back at it soon! The Fishin' Physician Assistant
  14. rdebadts

    Sodus Point

    Cmon up, the Fishing is great Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. I only kept 4 on Saturday, but the ones I did clean had empty stomachs. It is telling though that over 1/2 of my hits came on gold or goby patterns Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United