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  1. So interesting how different people have been having different experiences this year. We’ve had like 5 of our best days ever, and are averaging 5 MORE fish caught per trip than our previous best season. It’s been silly all season long for us... and we haven’t changed a thing! That being said, this is the most likely time of the year to have tough days. Transition is happening and the fish are moving to the much less predictable offshore areas. By the way, 6/7 should never be considered “slow”. It’s not lighting them up, but it’s a fine day. The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  2. I use lighter leaders, but about the same distance (20-50). We were catching them a little slower last time, like 1.8-2.1... but that varies The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  3. Well, after a few weeks hiatus, and a big NE blow, I was able to get back on the big lake out of Sodus. I didn't have any idea what to expect after the NE blow, so we started in tight to see if we could get the browns to go. I had a VERY limited window, as I was taking my 5 and 7 year old kids out. we got up "early" at 4:45 and were fishing by 6:30 (pretty good all things considered)... we needed to make it count, because I had to be back at the dock by 10 am to go to work! we set up in 40 FOW and worked slowly out. Temp was 68 on top and 50 down 30, so most of my spread was concentrated 15-35 down. we used all spoons, a mix of SS and regular sized spoons. fortunately, we found the browns right where they should be, inside of 80 FOW. they preferred green spoons in UV patterns and a blue UV moonshine. Riggers 15-35 down and a 10 color core took our fish- our board lines and dipseys did squat. The browns are VERY fat and healthy, and my kids had a blast. As an added bonus, my daughter got a brown worthy of the wall (she's been begging me for several years) when she boated a sweet low teens brown (close to 13 lbs). What a great fishery- big, beautiful fish that my kids can catch almost entirely by themselves. You've gotta love it. There is nothing better than getting my kids out there! I wont be reporting anything more until after the pro am now. Good luck to everyone out there!
  4. Admittedly, I haven’t fished much in the last 3 weeks.... But this year has been my best season ever, in every possible way, pretty much every trip. I did get out 2 weeks ago and though it was “slow” We still caught 5 fish on 8 hits. The last few weeks has been hit or miss as the lake is FINALLY transitioning. This transition is like 3 weeks behind, I think. Usually, early July king fishing is mostly offshore, which is hit or miss fishing at its finest. Once they come in closer in August it is pretty simple and predictable again. Surface temps are near 70 now, so that’ll get the thermacline set up and this stuff will get sorted out. I think you just timed your launch smack in the middle of transition... The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  5. Lucky, I just can’t subscribe to the notion that all children should avoid all fish from all ny waters. That is essentially the blanket recommendation, with very very few exceptions. The problem is it just isn’t borne out for most species in most waters, if viewed individually... at least based on the scientific literature I’ve reviewed. Just because a 40 lb bottom feeding carp may have borderline levels doesn’t mean that every other single fish in that entire body of water is unsuitable to eat. That’s asinine, but that IS the extraordinarily conservative approach of my state. In fact, most of these fish are similar in bioaccumulation to frequently consumed ocean fish. The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  6. Lucky- Those are the guidelines, but they are largely not based on science, rather caution. When looking at each individual industrial toxins from whole filets, many of the levels fall below the thresholds felt to be safe for even children and pregnancy women. This becomes even more true when eliminating very large lake trout and other very old predators. I’ve looked at each fish individually in the studies. it would be akin to saying to never eat any ocean fish because some are very polluted. It is a cya statement, a catch all, I believe. The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  7. Yeah. And always remember that our advisories are conservative and based on consumption of the whole fish. And despite that, salmon consumption was recently quadrupled, from 1 meal a month to 4. The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  8. It was good this last weekend. Not sure how it has been the last few days. Kings from 70-250, depending on the day. The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  9. Don’t be so married to lure depths. We often fish higher in the am this time of year, and drop stuff down as the day progresses. We had hits like 40-50 down to start Saturday. You’ve really gotta fish the marks, especially early summer The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  10. Good look, trying to mend fences. There’s a lot of guys that fish, but it’s a pretty small fraternity that does it regularly. Life is too short to have enemies. And you need all the friends you can get out there! I’ll tell ya man- I’ve fished regularly for 15 years, and mated full time in the summer for 5 of those. We do really well. I have the boat, the equipment, and the experience, and I’d still be nervous about chartering. The fact that I haven’t taken that plunge should tell ya something- cause I sure would love to defray some of my massive yearly operational costs! But these customers expect (and deserve) the best every time. One bad experience ruins them forever and gives lake O a bad name. Please DO pursue your passion, but do it right. Mate for as many guys as you can, learn the ropes, and get better. If you do it right, it can be a great way to make a living. The successful charter guys have so much they teach you! The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  11. I saw the pack out there, but when I moved out I couldn’t see why as the screen was trash and I didn’t catch squat. lol. This fishery can be funny sometimes. The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  12. Well, we are back home for the year. We put in last night, and good god is the water high. Fortunately the town is prepared and everything is up and running, for the most part. We set up this am in 70 fow a bit late (35 minutes late!!!) and immediately were into decent kings. We popped a few mid teen kings and a coho within the first 20 minutes out on a mag carbon 14 45 down on a rigger and meat rigs on 130 dipseys. Then we popped a few fish on top lines with red spoons (a steelie and a laker)... and then the bite just died. Our best screens and action was 70-100, straight out. We worked east, west, and north. A lot of guys working 180-220, and all we caught was one small king out there. The wind was annoying as was the chop, and we packed it in at 11. Not gang busters, but a successful trip. Back at it in a few weeks!! The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  13. The ONLy thing I wouldn’t run these rods for is copper >300 or inline planers. For literally every other application they are the bees knees The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  14. I love no observer am tourneys. I think 5-8 fish is the sweet spot. It’s not that I don’t want an observer (I’ve done it plenty of times), it just sucks sacrificing a team member or paying even more money to get one! I would probably do this tourney if there was an am division! The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
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