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  1. Can’t wait!! The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  2. They don’t work- especially not for brown trout! You should give them all to me!!! The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  3. In each port, the lat/long lines mean something entirely different. The oak is probably the port where you see “lines” mentioned the most. The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  4. Leadering down is perfectly fine. We have just accumulated a rod/reel setup or two a year, and over time have been able to dedicate 8 rods to light line brown/steelie setups. That’s a pure luxury though. The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  5. Sustained 20 is starting to push it... but I’ve fished a south wind near shore many times. My boat is 26’ and we fish a lot, so we feel comfortable. Always always err on the side of caution though!! If you have any question, don’t go... it’s that simple The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  6. As gambler state, browns are a staple from April through July at the very least The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  7. I’m with ya- especially today there wAs just no rhythm at all to the bite. The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  8. The wife and kids were out of town this weekend and I couldn’t go, so I got some fishing in. All days were shortened- 2 due to weather and one due to prior engagements... but good fishing overall, despite it all. Friday- we knew we had a short window before the strong southeast wind/storm came, so we motored to our spot about 4 miles down rather than troll down. We found a pocket of warm stained water and beat it up good. Great action on a mix of cookie cutters with a few real nice fish scattered in there. They took an equal mix of gold colored and perch pattern bayrats, in 8-15 fow. We fished them hard till about 9:30, then packed up and ran it just before the wind came... the bay was absolutely rockin with 2 footers in the marina... Saturday-again, we only had about 3 hours to work with due to a funeral. We motored down to our spot, and the good water was gone... the water was cold and crystal clear. We picked a handful of browns, but the further west I went the worst it looked. It wasn’t terrible action considering how bad the water was... but some guys did much better east of me. Turns out it was much better out front. Oh well. Sunday- we had a strong west wind last night, and knew it was gonna switch ne by about 10. We went east. We started with a bang but couldn’t keep them stuck. After a flurry of bites at first light, we kept going east, and it was a slow pick on a random assortment of lures by the bluffs. I think 7 different set ups took fish by 8:30, but there was no rhyme or reason. The bite kinda died when the ne wind started. We did do 4 or 5 bites right near port on the way back to port, and were back at the dock by 10:45, before the weather got too bad. I was a little surprised it a little better, to be honest- it seems like the east wind slowed them down a bit. The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  9. Lol, it’s just money. We all have 200 bucks laying around right?? The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  10. Tyee, I imagine sodus is like any port in the early spring- excellent some days, tough others. It’s all dependent on conditions. We rely entirely on browns and lakers- no kings and cohos and steel like the bar. This was an atypically good day. Regarding the rods- I got greedy and ran 4 off each board- and pointed one to far toward the water. That was my bad. Lesson learned. The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  11. I did the same thing Saturday with a reel... 200 dollar f up The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
  12. Well done. That’s some good shootin’ there. Lakers certainly have their place. The Fishin’ Physician Assistant
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