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  1. REDUCED!!! $500.00 (Everything still applies to original post) Please sen PM if interested! Thanks
  2. I have a raymarine A65 all in one unit for sale. I bought it 2 years ago and we just dont use it enough. I bought it to link with the auto pilot for courses but we just hit the straight button. It is a great unit only 2 years old have all the instructions, brackets, and transducers. Please send PM if interested. New to LOU, but been memeber to EPSFA for several years. Thank you! $550 Features Waterproof Color Screen Sunlight Viewable Screen all-in-one chart/sounder system E33023Display Size:6.5 Product Dimensions:16 inches x 11 inches x 10 inches Weight:13.7 pounds
  3. Bottom Line....These spoons produce!! We were introduced to these 2 years back. And no matter the species, we have at least one in our spread at all times, even if eyes are only hitting plugs, still a Rocker on. Green Froggy has always been our "go to", but Dave @ R&R comes up really original patterns, and his "blue ice" coat reflects UV like I have never saw!!! We have never been skunked one time! Actually first time we fished the Rockers, we went out 2 years ago for a super-late Sept(2011) walleye trip in Erie(with less the perfect conditions only fished an hour) Boated 3 fish, 2-10# eyes, and a 9# steelie. All on one spoon. Large single hooks buries itself in top of fishes mouth! Perfect design.(Especially for hard-mouth fish Kings/Steel) Beside best producing spoon, paint jobs are best I've ever seen! We've had the same Rocker for Eyes, Lakers, Steelheads and Kings, looks new. These would out last any other spoon on the market 100 strikes to 1, as well as original patterns. Pure innovation, that you don't see anymore! Best spoons on the market!!!!!! Josh Posset (Team OfficeDay)
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