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    Fishing BTW did I say fishing. Especially for Esox (Pike and Musky) with the incidental Bass, Walleye or L Trout. In my 16' fishing boat equipped with 20 HP, trolling motor, fish-finder usually used for local fishing. Usually fish Conesus with occasional trips to Chautauqua, Oneida and northern Ontario.
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  1. Canoe launch

    From what I've been told the idea is not to disturb the spawn-run regardless of time of year. Perhaps call region 8 DEC to be certain?
  2. Canoe launch

    This what the other people "to observer spawn" and fisherman have told me when I've been down to observe the spawn phenomena. Never seen a canoe or whatever in there during the spawn, but have seen DEC officials sniffing around during the sawn at south end?
  3. Canoe launch

    During spawning any boating activity at the mouth of the creek at the south and or in the creek itself is forbidden to prevent interference with the spawning of pike - walleye. However people can fish from shore strictly for bullhead.
  4. Canoe launch

    BTW yes you can launch a canoe at the south end. But it's not permitted during the "walleye-pike" run - spawn.
  5. Conesus Ice Pike

    Nice tigers guys, I get about 10 or more pike per tiger. However don't ice fish.
  6. Thoughts, I'm pretty much a catch and release fisherman for Esox (certainly not keeping any at 30" or over and even then just keeping maybe 3 a year). With the ~ 12" of ice that formed on Conesus this year do you think they are still yanking the big pike (and to a lesser extent tigers) out like they used to? Fact despite having virtual unlimited feed, only so many > 30" to 40" pike exist in Conesus. Note: having fished it for > 12 years I've noticed many more hammer-handles in recent years. Your thoughts Gents,
  7. Conesus launch ?

    Unfortunately it will cost you.
  8. Conesus launch ?

    You can launch a canoe or hand carry boat at ether extreme. As for the state launch, they remove the floating docks. 4 sections I believe. There's a bit of stub left. You you can still launch, but it requires a bit of imagination. To much hassle for me.
  9. Conesus Lake Launch

    They took them out today.
  10. 37” is a nice Conesus tiger. Any Esox > or = 36” on Conesus is a good fish. We’ve caught a few Tigers over 40”. They are few and far between. I’ve eaten a few tigers that went belly up (I greatly reduce this possibility by going barbless). Bottom-line was that they were similar to pike but the meat was a bit darker and lacked some of that sweet flavor typical of pike. To me any Esox > 32” goes back, and even then, I only keep a handful each season.
  11. 1st got to get a rod that matches the weight of the intended baits. Say (1 to 3) oz. This is what I use for pike/musky. Depending on the rod you can overload it a little. I throw baits up to 3.5 oz. Then for spinners and small stick-baits (pike fishing) I use a rod rated for (0.5 to 1.5) oz. baits. I prefer 8' length myself, helps when casting the bigger baits. Check out St. Croix, can't go wrong. Also I found their customer service department helpful. I use spinning rod-reels compo's and if you go this route you can't go wrong with the Stadic reels by Shimano 4000 for the heavier rod(s) 3000 for the lighter rod(s). I wouldn't suggest the 3000 for Musky's however. In my experience a big pike is 10 to 15+ pounds. A big Musky is 20 to 30+ pounds. Let us know how you make out.
  12. Can't beat Honda. You can't beat Seager's for service in Canandaigua. Arny's in Sodus also sell's them. Some brake-in (only 10 hours follow manual). Break-ins much better than it used to be.
  13. spinnerbaits for toothy critters? Hi, I thought I’d try and add spinnerbaits to my plan of attack for toothy critters. I had a lots of issues with the spinnerbait getting all tangled up. I could only get it to fish correctly by retrieving it immediately after the cast (or even stopping it in mid-air and then start retrieving the spinnerbait). If I let it sink to try and fish it deeper or hesitated before reeling it in the spinnerbait gets tangled up in a mess. How do you fishing spinnerbaits, (never used one before yesterday). Thank you,
  14. Musky Lure - Cape Vincent Area

    DD's good for this time of year 9" and they dive as deep or deeper than nay other on the cast.
  15. Keuka Waneta

    Got a great house on Conesus last year using Home Away. Worth a try?