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    Fishing BTW did I say fishing. Especially for Esox (Pike and Musky) with the incidental Bass, Walleye or L Trout. In my 16' fishing boat equipped with 20 HP, trolling motor, fish-finder usually used for local fishing. Usually fish Conesus with occasional trips to Chautauqua, Oneida and northern Ontario.
    Family, outdoors and church as well
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  1. The spots and coloring are typical of a pike. Like any fish slight variations exist, even seen a few with a blue background in Canada. I believe it's a very nice sized regular northern pike.
  2. Avoid storms if possible. On rare occasion despite weather predictions one can descend upon Y. Get to the launch r if severe enough the most convenient private slip. Any folks I encountered didn't mind letting me tie up for a while in an emergency. Once It came in so quick within (5 - 10) minutes I couldn't see more than 5 - 6 feet in front of boat,with high waves, thunder - lightening to boot. Even with bilge pump running I took on so much water the back of boat was swamped. Couldn't plane due to visibility, very concerning to say the least.
  3. NPike

    Niagara River

    Tough fishing current snags, etc. Also the river fishermen tend to keep things to themselves. However all said and done lots of walleye in the river some very big ones to.
  4. Can't say from photo only. A great fish likely around ~ 20 pounds ~ 40". Might consider a bump board, plenty of nice ones out there.
  5. Been chasing them > 40 years, this is spot on. I've found the best window is usually mid June to mid - late July (as mentioned once weeds start up and waters in mid 60's). Then again in September. All depends on water temp as it approaches 80 degrees F things generally slow down for us. BTW we all desire the bigger ones.
  6. Your a better man than I. Seen hundreds do this over the years nada.
  7. Pike and Musky do this all the time, very common behavior. Why well, heard theories but?, but I'll tell you the fish that's displaying this behavior won't bite..
  8. Just enjoy it out there during lower traffic times preferably. What I catch I catch, what I don't I don't. Every year's different.
  9. Your right if I'm trolling w/o the sole intention of catching walleye I'll skip the leaders. I use an ultra short steel wire that ties to both line and bait when trying for both. Can't remember where I got them, they're a pain to tie but avoid bite-off's. Some guys prefer to just take there chances and my buddy got the biggest musky I've ever seen in the lip on 8 lp test, so you never know?
  10. If just walleye only 12 pound, however if pike - musky are around 20 minimum. Suffix 832 is great stuff, at least for me.
  11. You can contact DEC region 8 for possible creel census info? Or help the DEC buy participating in this years upcoming creel census?
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