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    Fishing BTW did I say fishing. Especially for Esox (Pike and Musky) with the incidental Bass, Walleye or L Trout. In my 16' fishing boat equipped with 20 HP, trolling motor, fish-finder usually used for local fishing. Usually fish Conesus with occasional trips to Chautauqua, Oneida and northern Ontario.
    Family, outdoors and church as well
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  1. NPike

    Bass ripped off the beds

    They are out there all during the open water season on Conesus. Some target esox and walleye prior to season as well. The year round catch and release can only be changed by legislation and enforcement. Start w the DEC.
  2. NPike

    Mono vs braid or nanofil

    Sufix 832 braid is good line. I gave up on Spider Wire and Fireline a long time ago. The thing with braid as with any line is it’s a tradeoff with line diameter. Thinner line cast farther and has less water resistance, thicker line holds up better. I use (20 or 30) lb typically for Esox. Always on the look to cut off the last ~ 15’ due to fraying, etc. Etc. Sufix 832 is great against fraying.
  3. NPike


    I agree better to get a good rod as soon as finances permit. I tried a few and really liked the Mojo series. Darn fishing gets pricey.
  4. NPike


    St. Croix's makes the Mojo Muskie Rod series. Great rods.
  5. NPike

    What are these fish

    Tried Lake Erie white bass yuck. Only seen White perch in Chautauqua, odd thing is years ago there were no white perch in Chautauqua.
  6. NPike


  7. Chautauqua is your best bet for nice sized pure breads. In many outing I've seen one at ~50", good luck on getting one that size. However DEC has netted fish > 56". I look for a school of perch and then cast - jig.
  8. NPike

    Fillet Knife?

    I use a plain old heavy duty butcher knife to cut thru the bones (bigger walleye, occasion pike or lake trout) than the longer Rapala fillet knife to finish the job. These simple cheaper knifes have but many fish in the pan or oven. The bigger money goes into rods, reels, baits, etc. Much to the dismay of my wife.
  9. NPike

    Cranberry lake

    Sure can relate to "before my back gives in" when casting. The no fun, after the fun.
  10. NPike

    Cayuga Boat vs Shore fishing etiquette

    No end of inconsiderate - unintelligent boaters. My pet peeves like your post they get to close. Speed-recreational boaters do it but so do some fisherman. 50 yards distance minimum is good. However if they moving at high speed and I see them coming I often reel-in. My biggest issue is at the launch when some inconsiderate-dummy parks his boat while 1/2 dozen or more are waiting to launch-load and then he leaves it there for an indefinite period of time. I time things so as to give me a 1/2 hr. of wiggle room. Often watch my kids when they get off the buss. This makes for a mad rush which can ruin the day. I go to unwind as well as catch fish.
  11. NPike

    Battery advise please

    Hi Have used Interstates for a long time, never had a problem and the price is right. A smart charger helps. Prevents overcharge and will trickle charge only when - if needed.
  12. NPike

    Conesus Conesus Lake Walleye

    The In-season period in which walleye are in that shallow on Conesus is pretty brief. BTW I'm not talking about night fishing. However I've got numerous (over a period of many years) good sized walleye ~(5 to 8+) lps. in close in 4 to 10 FOW early season fishing from a boat. The trouble w Conesus is it has very limited shore access. Good luck
  13. NPike

    Canoe launch

    From what I've been told the idea is not to disturb the spawn-run regardless of time of year. Perhaps call region 8 DEC to be certain?