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  1. Rather disturbing info

    It would be nice to have data on the levels per species per body of water or region. If the data needs to be acquired, maybe it can be done. If the SUNY students can do the testing and compiling of the data, I bet they could get the the fishing community to help with the samples they need. But I wonder how long it stays in the environment and the food chain. We should stop burning coal but I wonder how many lifetimes it will take for the mercury in the environment and the food chain to lower to safe levels.
  2. Big Fish in the Balance

    My guess is he will be talking about the ongoing research work they are doing at the biological research station on governor Island in the St Lawrence in support of the fishery. The primary focus is muskies and northern pike. It should be a very interesting and informative presentation. They are doing some great work there along with their Canadian counterparts.
  3. Paying my dues. Although often the truth. Fattie. When it really isn't that fat. But some truly deserve that label when they are fat for the length.
  4. Canoe launch

    Maybe it is after Mar. 15th when pike and walleye season closes till the 1st Sat. in May when they are spawning. I think it is the same in all pike and walleye spawning creeks such as the Conesus inlet and those around Oneida Lake. And then those that are inland trout waters would be different.
  5. Since I haven't seen anything here on LOU about it, I thought I would look it up. Here is a link to the dates, times and locations of the regional meetings on the south shore. The first one is at RIT is on Monday, March 12th at the Student Alumni Union - Room 1250 which I think is at a different location on campus than in past years.
  6. Seneca dead fish

    I believe they do care and so do the counties and towns. But it always helps to hear the voices of everyone else who cares. I believe they realize the importance of the fisheries as a major component of of the tourist industry in the Finger Lakes region. The richness of all the natural and cultural resources in the area provide the makings for multi faceted family vacations, weekend getaways and day trips with something for all family members to enjoy. Also, the money we all pay when we buy sporting licenses and the excise tax for sporting goods we buy is supposed to go toward maintaining the natural resources. Supporting and maintaining local and regional groups that advocate for and support the local resources can go a long way to make sure each region receives it's fare share of those funds as well as the support of sound and practical management decisions.
  7. Seneca dead fish

    It seems like those who fish these lakes regularly would have a good idea of how plentiful the alewives are if they still use spot lights at night to bring the alewives up for bait and also if they are out at night in June when they come to the surface in the shallows.
  8. Seneca dead fish

    I did some checking online and did not find much about this aside from this topic here on LOU. This LOU community has become important and it is great that it helps bring potential problems like this to the attention of the DEC. It is terrible that this is happening to such an important lake on top of other recent declines in that fisherey. Hopefully there will be improvements in the future. There was a die off of alewives there this past summer. This article gives an explanation. I wonder if it is related. Seneca lake elevation is 445' and Cayuga is 382'. Here is another article about goby die off in Cayuga this past May attributed to VHS. If the problem (or problems) is related to biological diseases or parasites etc., those of you who fish these lakes should be sure to refrain from bringing uncertified bait from one lake to another and spread the word to other anglers. I am not sure if the regulation includes transportation of bait between Seneca and Cayuga but it would probably be wise not to. I am not sure if those problems can be spread on trailered boats.
  9. Nov. MI 69 MEETING

    Members interested in a position will have to be nominated by a current member and seconded by another current member. This can be done on the group email and/or contact a chapter officer to throw your hat in the ring. All positions are open. We will be sending out a group email in the near future with more information including a list of positions. Any questions regarding the responsibilities of the positions can be directed to the executive committee. Nomination will occour between now and the next meeting. Any positions that require a vote will be voted on at the January, 16th meeting. There will also be an opportunity to vote for those who live too far away to come to the meeting, probably through email. This should not be done on this public forum.
  10. Phantom Hex

    Now the cat is out of the bag!!
  11. Phantom Hex

    It looks like a twitching bait with that horizontal attachment ring. Or is it also for cranking or trolling?
  12. Phantom Hex

    What is that behind the front hook hanger? Does it allow for weight adjustment?

    The tournament is on. If someone has an opening on their boat, let me know.
  14. Mark Troy Musky Tournament

    Lousy, 1 fish for every 5.7 anglers.
  15. Mark Troy Musky Tournament

    It looks like it will seem more like summer than fall. Shorts may be in order. May be some rain in AM but temps may be in the 80s in the afternoon. I remember one year there was heavy frost on the docks in the morning. Hopefully, the morning fog won't be as bad as it was this past Sunday.