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  1. Some chemicals can be corrosive to aluminum. That is why it was recommended to not use pressure treated lumber in aluminum boats. They used to use arsenic in the process which would be corrosive to aluminum. Then they switched to another chemical because of health concerns but that was also bad for aluminum. But I just had my transom replaced and Clint told me he used a pressure treated plywood that is safe for aluminum. I don't recall what it is called. I see that BAM says on the label that it works for Lime buildup. So I wonder if it has a mild acid in it that could cause corrosion over time if it settles in seams and crevices. Whatever you use must be safe for aluminum. I use a product called Boat Brite on the painted aluminum surfaces that works well for black marks and scum line. It doesn't do much of anything for bare aluminum. The bottom of my boat is bare but I don't keep it in the water so I just leave it alone.
  2. So that makes an average of 8.5 points per fish or average length of 34 to 35 inches. Of course there may have been some fish under the 30 inch minimum caught.
  3. Wow! Very close. Is that determined by total points of all fish submitted by each chapter or is it the three largest from each chapter? Did the fog delay the start? What was the water temp?
  4. Didn't know exactly where to post this. Please pass the word, maybe in other forums and other places on LOU so maybe it will help someone. I saw an upper outboard motor cover about 10:15 am today on side of road that someone must have lost while trailering. It is small to medium size (maybe from a kicker) mainly grey with some graphics. Might be somewhat older model. Saw it on the transition ramp traveling in Rochester, South on Rt 590 going to Rt 490 West. It was on the right side of the ramp which is single lane with barrier walls on both sides and no place to safely pull over. To be safe, it would require help from Monroe County or NYS police to retrieve it. Could not tell it's condition other than it is in one piece.
  5. I just became aware of this in a weekly email I get from the DEC and I found this article. This fish was caught in a very small private residential lake. It goes to show that big fish can be found in small places, including private lakes and ponds. What a slab!! https://www.fieldandstream.com/fishing/new-york-angler-catches-largest-crappie-of-all-time/ The photo got squeezed horizontally in this posting so for a realistic view go to the link.
  6. You might want to check out the Seneca River (for pike and tiger muskies) which runs into Onondaga Lake and also the west end of the lake. It might be an ideal place for you to explore with your kayak. You just wouldn't want to eat any fish from there. You also might want to consider joining Muskies Inc. Central NY Chapter 70. Those guys can give you advice on waters in the Syracuse area and tactics on them. There are several small to very small lakes that are stocked with tiger muskies east of Syracuse and in the Adirondacks north of Utica. For walleye Oneida Lake is exceptional. You can target them there in the spring from shore/wading, especially in the dark with small crankbaits.
  7. A video would have been priceless!!
  8. I just received this message from my inquiry to the NYS Parks Dept. about the Ibay launch. So I guess the only recourse you might have is to look at the particular agreement and also the written policy of whomever made the agreement with the state for each launch. If there is no mention of honoring the Empire State or Golden Parks program then all you can do is try to get them to change it somehow. Good afternoon- I received your note about the Golden Park Program usage at Irondequoit Bay. You are correct, the Town of Irondequoit does operate and maintain the Irondequoit Bay State Park under a cooperative agreement with New York State Parks. The Town operates and maintains the facility at their expense and as such, an agreement was negotiated where hours of operation, opening/closing of the launch and facilities, and all park fees are determined by them. The Golden Park Program and Empire Passes are honored at Irondequoit Bay but unfortunately our other State Parks have different systems than the Town and the pay station in place does not have the ability to scan passes or NYS issued IDs. Passes can be obtained at Hamlin Beach State Park or issued at the Irondequoit Town Hall Recreation Dept. This pass is to display on your vehicle for local law enforcement performing compliance checks. The pass is only valid at Irondequoit Bay State Marine Park. Other Parks facilities will still verify with attendants or use of the pay stations that have the ability to scan Empire Passes and State issued IDs. Although we do have a sign near the pay station, we will work on making this information clearer and more accessible on our website. Thank you for reaching out to us and we look forward to helping you get a pass to use at Irondequoit Bay. Arthur Briley Acting Regional Director New York State Parks- Genesee Region 1 Letchworth State Park Castile, NY 14427 Phone: 585-493-3601 Email: [email protected]
  9. I did find out what to do about the Golden Park Pass for Irondequoit Bay. I now have a pass that I found out that NYS residents over 62 can get from the Irondequoit Recreation Dept. located at 154 Pinegrove Ave in Irondequoit. It is good for one year (expires in March) and is just an extension of the Empire Pass system but only good for non-holiday weekdays. I also plan on talking to the Irondequoit Dept of Public Works to see if they can install a machine at the launch that is capable of scanning a driver's license like the one at Conesus. State residents come here from all over the state and should be able to utilize the program without having to go to a town office for a pass. I hope this is useful to some of you. I told the woman at the recreation center I will spread the word so she might be issuing more permits. Maybe this info will be helpful at other launches also.
  10. It might be because of state rules/regulations. They have permit requirements and maybe others as well as a requirement that the permit holder have a minimum amount of liability insurance.
  11. Sounds like it is contradictory to the program. Here is a link to the NYS Parks page that lists all locations where you should be able to use it. https://parks.ny.gov/documents/admission/EmpirePassCardGuidelines.pdf I have been trying to find out why I can't utilize the Golden Park Program at the Irondequoit Bay State Boat Launch. The program allows state residents that are 62 and older to enter state parks and use state launches free on non-holiday weekdays. Even though they revamped the launch, the pay machine doesn't have the drivers license scanner, like at other State Launches such as Conesus Lake so you can scan your license and get a launch ticket for free. The town of Irondequoit is overseeing the launch but it is a NYS launch. And on the page link above, it says; For information about facilities where this program is valid, contact the nearest state park, state park regional office or: New York State Parks Albany, New York 12238 518-474-0456 TTY/TDD through 711 Relay Service *free vehicle access not valid at Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park, Earl W. Brydges Artpark State Park, Fahnestock Winter Park, and Oak Orchard State Marine Park. There is no mention of IBay in the list of excluded sites. Has anyone had problems using the Golden Parks Program at other sites that should be included?
  12. Did you have it surveyed?
  13. How much of the weed beds are left in Chautauqua? I was just wondering after what I heard last year and the fact that they put some herbicides in this year too. Even though they won't admit it, the herbicides can spread and affect much larger areas than the target areas. But if the curly leaf pondweed is dying off now, that would be normal for mid to late June.
  14. But they can just divorce their husbands!
  15. AnglingAddict They need to invite God to be a member of the board.
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