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  1. You can't be confused by the fact that congress has combined two bills into one. Apparently, they believe it is the only way they can pass either bill in a timely manor, if at all. One bill is the Annual Federal Budget which must be passed in order to keep the federal government operating. It funds all federal agencies and programs, domestic and global. If it is not passed, many federal employees will be laid off and many programs will come to a halt. We really don't want that to happen in the middle of a pandemic and while so many people have already lost their jobs. The other bill is the COVID-19 pandemic relief package which is very important to help fight the pandemic and to help people who have been most affected by the pandemic. There is probably pork in both bills because there is such an impenetrable wall between the two parties that no single item can be passed as a stand alone bill. Therefore they must package a lot of unrelated things together in order to get anything passed. They can't just say we will sign that bill if you sign this one. Their word has depreciated in value over the years. So over time, this has caused all bills to become more and more bloated. Throw in the big donors and lobbyists, including many special interests, to the mix and you have to wonder how anything ever gets passed. If they had to pass every item in a bill as a stand alone bill, it would take years to not pass anything. But it is crazy how they mix unrelated items into a bill and try to include items that only benefit their rich donors. Now we have all the agitators on the internet and in the news, some of which are foreign enemies who want to cause divisiveness and end our democracy and all democracies.
  2. I see what you mean about the head shape. It seems more rounded than it should be.
  3. They are all incredibly well done. I have seen most of them in person. I was most impressed with the work of Hans The Carver. You really have to see his work in person and see the detail of every scale to fully appreciate it. Only then will you understand the cost.
  4. It might not be effective for the state to provide trash services. Using state employees to pick up trash at all the state ramps, boat access sites and fishing access sites would probably not be cost effective with all the travel. They could however, have agreements or provisions with local counties, municipalities or citizen organizations to provide receptacles and clean up and remove trash at those sites on a regular basis. But it must be coordinated by someone at the state level with locals for each site.
  5. At Conesus, old men like us can launch for free on weekdays except for holiday weekdays by just scanning your drivers license. Weekends you have to pay. I am not sure what age it starts at, maybe 62. Same for all state launches and state parks.
  6. Congrats to Ch 70. I thought they were all Ch70 but I wasn't sure about Jeremy. But even without him, it sounds like they won.
  7. Any final determination on which chapter won the Chapter Challenge?
  8. Real nice fish. Has left pectoral fin clipped. How was the water level in the canal?
  9. If you are trailering it like that, there might be a lot of stress on it from bouncing while going over bumps and dips in the road. I have an Evinrude 15hp 4 stroke on a Garelick heavy duty aluminum kicker bracket on an aluminum boat. When I had it installed, they put in an extra brace on the inside of the boat's transom to reinforce the transom at that point. Also, my boat has the tie down "U" bolt mounted to the inside of the kicker motor. So I use a ratchet strap from that tie down wrapped around the motor shaft to the cleat on the rear deck. That keeps the whole setup rigid so there is no bouncing on the road. Any bouncing is like a constant hammering on the bolts.
  10. It is within anybody's right to keep a legal fish. Posting it on the internet is the main concern here. It can become a promotion, for everyone not familiar with the reasons for catch and release, to keep their legal size muskies. That could be bad for the future of many musky populations especially in NYS. That is why the reasons for catch and release must be mentioned here. It is not an attack on you BassMrs.ster for keeping the fish. It is just a concern that this thread can turn into a promotion for keeping all muskies which is something that most musky anglers understand would be bad for the sustainability of most musky fisheries. The main point that has to be made here is that muskies can easily become an endangered species, at least in NY. Due greatly to the internet, more people are fishing for muskies. Musky communities simply cannot be sustained without catch and release and/or massive stocking programs. Based on all the conservation reasons already mentioned here, most musky anglers understand the need to, and practice, catch and release for muskies in particular. They cannot be compared to any other fresh water fish,aside from sturgeon, when discussing keep or release. There are not many waters, at least in New York, that hold muskies. Muskies in NY waters of the Great Lakes, which are currently sustained only by natural reproduction, are already in decline for a variety of reasons. Catch and release is the main reason we have the opportunity to catch large muskies in those waters and all waters in NY. As for tigers, aside from a few very small central and northern NY lakes and a few small tributaries, Otisco is the only other lake that Tiger Muskies have done well in. If most anglers practice catch and release there, there is a great potential for mid and upper forties tigers to become fairly common in the future. Since there are more and more anglers in NY fishing for muskies, and so few waters that hold them, it is important to do all we can to protect the muskies that we do have and at the same time, work to show the DEC that there is a growing interest in musky fishing so that they will consider expanding management and stocking of muskies and tiger muskies in other waters in the state. A lot of what the DEC does in fisheries management is based on angler utilization and the commerce it generates. That is one of the important reasons for angler participation in the angler diary studies. This is also one of the most important reasons for the existence of Muskies Inc. Chapters 69 and 70 and all other chapters throughout the musky range as well as Muskies Canada. This helps the DEC to justify expansion of the stocking program to the legislation in Albany (there always has to be a money component for action in Albany). So hopefully, we will eventually have more musky fishing opportunities in NY. More and more people are taking up fishing and that generates commerce. But there are limited numbers of fish. Healthy communities of fish and diversity of species are very important for the health of a body of water. The same is true for plant and other life in and around the water. All of us who use it have a certain amount of responsibility to do our part to help insure the health of our waters and the life within them for the future of mankind and the earth. If we want to enjoy those resources and take from them we also must give back.
  11. What are things like in the SLR with the border lock down? Have they been strict about the border line? I have heard that they are being very strict in the Niagara River. I understand that fishing is not allowed across the border (either direction) even with a fishing license and passport or enhanced driver's license. I,m not sure but I think they are allowing boaters to cross the line if it is needed to navigate safely between points. But there could be an issue if you stop on the other side of the line or maybe even drift or slightly cross while fishing. I would think that in some areas in the islands, it might be even more of a headache.
  12. Yea, they are harder to hook because of their bony mouths. If you have a rod that has a lot of bend and stretchy line, and or your hooks are not as sharp as they can be, it is hard to get a good hook set. And of course bite offs can happen without a leader.
  13. From what I have read and experienced, they tend to be in the weed beds and in open pockets in weeds. Similar to Largemouth bass. Prety much all the finger lakes have more extensive weed beds at the north and south ends but there can be good weed beds in coves as well. So you can use maps to identify likely locations but if you are restricted to shore fishing you will also be limited by shore access. And I believe wading (and swimming) is not allowed in those lakes without waders.
  14. Many years ago there used to be some big pickerel in Canandaigua Lake. In the mid 80s I got a 4 lb casting from the Canandaigua City pier.
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