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  1. There used to be a lot of waters in NY 30 to 40 yrs ago where you could get multiple pike in the mid 30s, and 40" fish were not that uncommon.
  2. This virus is nothing to sneeze at or take lightly. If we didn't have a new flu vaccine every year it potentially would be just as (or more) deadly and many of you might not exist. Until the medical community develops a vaccine and/or finds treatments that are effective and safe to treat it, we must do what is necessary to keep it from spreading. The more people who follow the guidelines to control the spread, the less the economic impact will be in the long run. It is as bad as it is now because too many people have not taken it seriously, including many politicians, business leaders, some media outlets, social media platforms, and even health officials under pressure from the first four. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain mistaken. With that said, If you can still work with absolute certainty you will not be putting yourself or others at risk, then maybe you can but everything you do must be done with best practices in mind. This is because you can not see it, you can not smell or taste it, you can not tell if you or someone else is carrying it and by the time you know, it will be to late. There are more people dying from it than we really know because the testing has not caught up with the need and the only deaths they are confirming are those who have been tested positive. Not all people who have died from it have been tested.
  3. I have in the past done it many times with trout and salmon and at least once with muskie. But the net gets wet from rain more than while netting a muskie.
  4. I wonder if we have to fish solo, have our own net and/or net our own fish, wear a mask (unobtainable). What about Charters?
  5. Very tough call. This COVID-19 is presenting many unknowns. One thing I want to mention is that in the Chapter 70 blog in the back of the Jan/Feb Muskie mag, they announced that they are going to have a season long tournament where members can fish any waters, and will not have any traditional tournaments. I am not sure how it will be judged or how prizes will be determined. And I don't think they had the COVID-19 virus in mind when they decided on the plan. So some input from them on how they will manage it might be helpful. At this point, we don't know how to be diligent and in compliance with new mandated gathering and travel restrictions, including anglers traveling across state lines. It also looks like the Region 3 Chapter Challenge might even be affected.
  6. Non-humans like this make the problem worse. https://www.yahoo.com/news/17-700-bottles-hand-sanitizer-155735689.html
  7. The virus is here and it is real. But!!! 1) Everybody needs to, above all, use common sense. Stop, seek professional knowledge and advice and think before you act. Don't be a naysayer. Don't use pure emotions. Don't be a fear monger. 2) Fueling mass panic and perpetuating false notions will only create more polarization, cause additional problems and help the virus and the Russians who want to tear our democracy down. 3) You cant protect yourself from it with TP, bullets, etc. 4) Don't be a hypocrite and complain about high drug prices and then try to create and/or cash in on shortages caused by the situation. 5) Know that you and everyone around you might be infected and take reasonable precautions. 6) It might be reasonable to assume you are infected if someone in your house or that you have been close to has tested positive. 7) Don't believe everything you read on social media. So you don't have to believe a word I have said. But maybe you should check with professional sources in the medical field.
  8. That is just not true and not what the top medical professionals are saying. I prefer to believe what they say. If you respect people over 60, you should also.
  9. Everyone should take basic precautions like more hand washing (done correctly and before contact with your face), no handshaking, using hand sanitizer, reducing close quarter situations with strangers and whatever health officials recommend. Even Those who are younger and healthy who are at lower risk should do the same, to keep from spreading the virus to the vulnerable public.
  10. I have one of those. It hasn't been used in over 15 -20 years. It has made a lot of sacs in it's day and it still works but isn't as shiny new looking as that one and is crusted up with vintage egg juice. I can't wrap my head around that price though.
  11. Here is a very good article about the Chautauqua Lake issue that was published in Chautauqua Magazine in the spring of 2019. It talks about the science of lake management and what is being done and learned in other lakes. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BypAPIc0Dk8aVV9sNzlDdl8wVFRtdFJrc3V3bk1ZQmZSMlMw/view They mention Princeton Hydro which was the other third party that surveyed the weeds in Chautauqua Lake. It would be nice to hear what conclusions they came to in regard to their fall 2019 survey of the south basin. From looking at Princeton Hydro's website, especially their Blog section, it looks like they are very experienced at developing individual lake management plans. The only thing is. you have to get all the stakeholders on board in order to properly implement a comprehensive multi faceted plan. It is very interesting learning what they are doing with the project studying Lake George. Maybe some of what was leaned there can be applied to Chautauqua Lake management.
  12. The Independent party used that name to confuse people into registering as a member of their party so they can stay on the ballot as a party. They have to have a minimum number of members to have a party line on the ballot. I am non affiliated. A member of no party. I know that means not having the privileged of voting in a primary and that being registered to a party doesn't mean you can't vote for a candidate who is not in your registered party. I just wish that more people would realize that they are not obligated to vote the party line and they should let the candidates know that. It may be the only way we can keep our democracy. I apologize if I am being too political here.
  13. And they have experienced lawyers who know how to twist rules and regulations and play other legal games.
  14. Herbicide use has been a problem on Waneta and Lamoka Lakes for many years done by the same company SOLitude Lake Management. Over the last 10 years, more years than not you were hard pressed you find any weeds in Waneta Lake. In 2019, weeds in Waneta were very limited even though according to the Lamoka Waneta Lakes' Association website, they only used herbicides in Lamoka Lake. The herbicide used there in 2019 was a newly NYS approved herbicide called ProcellaCOR, which they say (they being the herbicide maker SePro) is more selective, reduced risk according to EPA (an agency of questionable integrity), supposedly lasts up to 4 years among other claims. I am not yet sure if it is liquid or granular. They say, like all their other herbicides (which they seem to have a monopoly on) those who apply them have to be certified by the company. I wonder how in depth the certification is. So it remains to be seen how this new herbicide will affect the lake if they continue to use it. And since it is another variable added to what has already been done there, it might be very difficult or impossible to determine cause of any long term trends. Since this is something new, most likely SOLitude will be promoting the use of it in Chautauqua Lake. It is hard to tell for sure how much the herbicides have affected the musky fishery since there may also be other factors, but there have definitely been changes. And from what I have heard from anglers who target other species, their success has gone down. Maybe the problem with Chautauqua Lake was the ability of the applicators to maintain control of the application to limit collateral damage. I heard they used a liquid and it seems like they were originally planning on using a granular form of the herbicide.
  15. That is not really a lot of time that you have put in. Even an experienced musky angler can go that long without catching a fish. But some get lucky their first time out. There are a lot of things you can do to increase your chances. Joining a club, going out on a charter or with other anglers who are successful and putting in more time are probably the three most important things you can do to improve your odds. Eventually, the more time and effort you devote, the better your success will be. It is kind of like developing an extra sense. You eventually learn how to take advantage of and adjust to nature's conditions and different situations.
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