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  1. muskiedreams

    State of the Lake Announcement

    I take it that you are from out of state. Just a suggestion. Does the NY DEC have a presence at any major outdoor or fishing shows in your state? If not, maybe you can talk them into it. If they do, maybe you can get them to have a presentation or meeting there.
  2. The pics and video on the links here have to be some of the most impressive examples of the power and fury of the GREAT Lakes. Totally awesome. Thanks to everyone who posted them.
  3. You would need a manual Defibrillator to do that. Also, you must have Advanced Life Support (ALS) training to legally use one on a person. AEDs, on the other hand, will only shock when the person (or patient simulator) it is connected to is producing a "shockable" heart rhythm. A shockable rhythm is an abnormal heart rhythm that defibrillators are known to be effective at converting back to a normal heart rhythm. Even though they show it in the movies all the time, a flat line on a heart monitor is not shockable.
  4. muskiedreams

    Wind Turbines on Lake Ontario!

    Whenever there is big money involved, they try to keep the environmental concerns to a minimum. And if the environment suffers later, taxpayers are the losers. They will end up footing the bill to fix the problem and/or suffer the consequences. The businessmen will walk away with fat pockets and happy lawyers and the politicians will end up with big campaign contributions and fat offshore accounts. Although burning natural gas is considered less damaging to the environment, fracking can be very damaging to the environment if done irresponsibly. Responsibility tends to go out the window when big money, political power and corruption and govt. incentives are involved. Fracking has already shown that it does cause serious environmental issues, including ground and surface water pollution and air pollution. Also there is no transparency and likely not enough environmental monitoring. Chemicals that are used are kept secret and some remains in the environment. Who knows what all the health and environmental risks are? The footprint on the surface may be small but the underground impact is largely unknown. There has been reports of ground water and surface water contamination as well as multiple small (so far) earthquakes in some locations where extensive fracking is being done. So landowners, for the most part, who don't have mineral rights, have no control over what happens under their property. Natural gas may be a good alternative to coal but sources other than fracking should be used. Meanwhile we must continue to research other energy sources as well as continuing to reduce usage.
  5. These medical devices can only be sold through certified medical device dealers. It must be inspected and certified once per year and besides non-expired batteries and therapy pads, must have up to date software. I know because I used to service these devices. Also, someone on the boat should be CPR certified and trained in the use of the device. Some older versions of this model are obsolete and cannot be updated with current software which includes the most recent American Heart Association CPR protocol.
  6. muskiedreams

    Update on my starweld

    If you have it insured with Boat US they will go to bat for you. I have heard that once Boat US gets involved, things get done. Or maybe if you are just a Boat US member. I don't know if other insurance companies will do that. Boat US insurance is through Geico now.
  7. muskiedreams

    Can we get a fact check ?

    There is no indication of what the alleged length of that fish is. Pictures can be deceiving. He is holding his arms straight out as far as he can. My guess is, it is in the mid 30s. With no pic of measurement, it is hard to say.
  8. Here is the first news I have heard since the hearing date has passed. It looks like it has been delayed by motions. One by the Town of Ellery, asking for the venue to be changed from Erie County to Chautauqua County. There may be considerable influence in their favor that way. The article also mentions a motion from the CLP (Chautauqua Lake Partnership) but they give no detail about that motion. Also I don't think the CLP is named as a party in the article 78 so I wonder if a motion from them can even be considered. It says something about the e arguments in the case being pushed back to Nov. 14th but I am not sure what that means. The article is mostly a political article giving the viewpoints of two local rival candidates for the state assembly. So those of you who will be voting in that election might want to let the candidates know how you want them to address the issue. It sounds like they are both catering to their biggest campaign contributors and think that the problem can be fixed quick by throwing a lot of state taxpayer money at it. It would be interesting to find out how much money Solitude Lake Management (the company that will profit from using the herbicides) has contributed to State political candidates campaign funds. http://www.observertoday.com/news/page-one/2018/10/assembly-candidates-agree-on-need-to-eradicate-invasive-weeds-algae-blooms/
  9. No. That is a cottage that some of us will be staying at, which is off the road that follows the west side, about one 3rd of the way down the lake. Wixon Rd. is an access rd. that loops down to some of the cottages on the lake. The cottage is at the north end of that road which has a north and south entrance off the main rd. There is a boat storage place at the south entrance. The check in is at the state launch on the canal that connects Waneta and Lamoka Lakes.
  10. muskiedreams

    Who was watching ahead?

    Saw this in a Boat US article. Nobody was hurt. The name of the sailboat is Levitation. It happened on the Chesapeake Bay.
  11. Just another note. Waterwolf Charters is known for their underwater camera video and he will have some of his best and most impressive underwater video of big muskies chasing and attacking lures.
  12. On the contrary old man. At the time that map came out they may have been doing some treatment, but the last time before 2017 that herbicides were use in the lake was 15 years earlier in 2002 (70 acres in Burtis Bay). Before that, in 1992 there was some herbicides used but I don't know how much or what chemical. I also am not sure but there may have been some done in 1991 and1990 after the 1990 SEIS was completed by the DEC. I saw some references without detail that the DEC used herbicides between 1955 and 1959. And that the Chautauqua Lake Association used herbicides between 1960 and 1992 with no details of what years, what chemicals and how much. I do remember reading somewhere that copper sulfate was used in the early years. That chemical was later determined to be very bad for the environment and it caused problems with the lake's environment. I also don't think those time periods above meant that treatments were done every year.
  13. Without the public resistance and their inability last year to raise enough funds for all of the treatment areas that were approved, there would have been more widespread areas treated. They are working toward treating more in the future and the company that does the treatment (and is also advising the CLP and the towns) will work to increase treatment acreage as much as possible. They are not as much interested the health of the lake as they are in the health of their bottom line. We can't be complacent about this issue.
  14. I have heard this same thing said about Waneta Lake. But one or two years here or there is not an good indication of what the future of a fishery will be after many years of killing weeds. The reduction of weeds forced more of the muskies to roam open water in search of food and maybe for other reasons as well, making them easier prey for anglers. It would also force the forage and other game fish species to do the same. Since muskies are the apex predator, they would be able to survive longer, and maybe even thrive better with the easy prey they will have available, including stocked muskie fingerlings that will have no place to hide. Muskies would be the last species to crash after all the other species. Weeds are needed to support the natural food chain. Using herbicides will not remove the nutrients from the lake and likely will cause more algae blooms. And it will only get rid of the weeds temporarily, including the good weeds.