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  1. The discharge is 3 miles out in 100 fow according to the article. I wonder if that creates a dead zone or a feeding zone from the discharge and so far down current. It might be good to know the location to keep clear of it if you are keeping fish.
  2. It is the weekend after bass opener.
  3. Membership meetings for the remainder of the year will be the 3rd Mon of every other month, 7pm at the Moose Lodge in Henrietta, NY. So they will be in Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept. and Nov. Non-members are welcome to attend. The Lodge kitchen has a great beef on weck sandwich on Monday, so you may want to come a little early for that.
  4. That was discussed and decided upon at the Jan meeting. I was not there. A couple other people have questioned that as well. So it is something that will have to be discussed further at Monday's meeting. Also, Jim and I thought that there should be a discussion about an all or none (on the boat) rule for the big fish pool.
  5. He is only one man. He only has so much influence. The Presidency only has so much influence no matter who occupies the office. It is the super wealthy that really control Washington. If we had campaign finance and lobbying reform, it might help. Also, in case you haven't noticed, Trump changes what he says and what he does to fit the situation. That is politics 101 and he isn't the first to do that. A politician is just a different kind of salesman. The most important thing to a salesman is to make the sale.
  6. Both parties have serious faults. They both keep moving further from the center. If the tug of war continues, the not so rich and the poor will continue to loose.
  7. Progress Toward Resuming Musky Stocking in Lamoka Lake At the State of Lake Ontario Meeting we talked to Web Pearsall From DEC Region 8 and he told us that the DEC will be setting 3 seining nets in Lamoka lake this spring. If it is determined that there are muskies in the lake, it will be easier to make a case for stocking them in the lake again. I asked him if there is anything we can do to help the cause and he told me it would be a great help to have more anglers participating the diary study. I told him I would keep trying to encourage more participation. So I am asking you again, if you fish Waneta and/or Lamoka lakes and you would like to see muskies stocked in Lamoka Lake again, please help to contribute by doing the diary study. The information from the diaries is very helpful to the DEC in managing the fishery and justifying their work and future plans with our legislature in Albany. The more diaries they have, the more useful and accurate the information becomes. Also, if we can show that muskies are being caught in Lamoka lake and show substantial interest in resuming musky stocking in Lamoka, it will make it easier for them to justify stocking them in the lake again.
  8. Very informative meeting. A lot of good research being done to support the lake. Very interesting report on the kings returning to tribs they were stocked in. Also good to hear that there is a very good amount of natural reproduction of kings.
  9. Here are a couple things I found. There are commercial processors that are exporting asian carp to China and other asian countries. And they are marketing it in the states. This one place is calling it Kentucky Blue Snapper. And the state is subsidizing the rate paid to commercial fisherman. But if the price goes up, maybe they won't have to subsidize. Here is an article about restoring native alligator gar to control them. Also they get huge and could be a new trophy fish growing to over 100#. The record is over 8 feet and over 300#. Just don't let your dog or small child swim where they swim.
  10. Jim an I are going over a bunch of things including events, banquet and awards. I am planning on sending out an email to membership soon. Will also post events schedule on our website. Here are some dates. *Next membership meeting Mon March 20th. Will have vote for Outstanding Member of the Year. Discuss and vote on going to team format for tourneys. Other important topics. *Banquet Sat March 25th, at Keenans, details to come *Otisco Tiger Tournament Sat May 20th *Chautauqua Tournament Sat June 10th *Waneta Fall Tournamet Sat Nov 4th Chapter 69 is still growing. We are now at over 70 members including family members and youth memberships.
  11. Yes, they should read different under those conditions. That is why you calibrate it at a location where you know there is no current. Pick a calm bay or cove that is likely to have no current. If you calibrate it so they both read the same going east. Then you switch direction and go west through the same area. If they both still read the same, then you have verified that there is no current and the unit should be calibrated. Also this is only to calibrate for surface speed. It isn't necessarily any indication of lure speed as you well know. But having an accurate water surface speed will help to make judgements. Obviously you have to use other means to judge your lure speed and action depending on the type of trolling, lures you are running, depths you are working and your location.
  12. The paddle is only going to give you surface speed. Most, if not all units have a function to calibrate the speed sensor (paddle wheel). You can calibrate it to a GPS but you must be in waters that you know to not have surface current in flat calm conditions. You should check calibration in several directions to be sure there is no current. You also must make sure the transducer or paddle wheel is mounted properly. I have a Raytheon w/o GPS but I have a small GPS (handheld type with a dash mount). The surface speed (paddle wheel) on the fish finder has never been accurate. I don't know if it has anything to do with where it is mounted. I calibrated it so it reads close to the GPS at trolling speeds but at 30 mph GPS it reads over 40mph on fish finder and the Raytheon has no provision to calibrate high and low speed. I don't know how accurate the paddle wheel is on other units or if they have provisions to calibrate them at high and low speeds but GPS is accurate in regards to earth surface speed. It does help to have accurate water surface speed when you are dealing with currents but of course, currents below can be much different than on the surface.
  13. Someone may say that there would be a problem with killing desirable carp or that it could mutate and be dangerous to other species. The problem is finding a solution that is practical and agreeable to everyone. And even then, unfortunately, there will have to be a study for any biological solution. To me, a barrier still makes the most sense. They just have to find a way to deal with the shipping issue. In the process, there will be jobs created. If the carp get into the system, it could be more devastating than the shipping disruption a barrier would cause.
  14. A physical barrier is the only way. Including making sure flood conditions will not allow a breach. They just have to come up with a good way to move cargo across the barrier from one ship to another. Even with that, it is not 100% sure.
  15. What do you mean by "all over the place"? Are numbers changing multiple times per second? OR Is it while trolling or cruising (average estimated speed) and by how much (in tenths or mph) and how often is it varying? There will always be some variations depending on conditions and other factors.