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  1. Here is a quote from someone on another forum that was just posted. He was just out on the Niagara R the night of 6/21 - 6/22. Before hanging up with the can pass people I asked the woman if I had to report in anymore. I was told that until the new rule is actually put onto the books calling in is still expected. She said it will probably be around two weeks before we can discontinue.
  2. From a PC or laptop, you can drag files (or pictures) to where the paper clip is for attachments or you can click "choose files" and then choose your picture(s) from your files, then click on open. If you want to put it in the post, click on the + sign on the picture in the uploaded images.
  3. From what I saw on Lake Erie United, The first place team who also won the Big Fish pool had a 48.5", 43" and 40" fish. I think they may have all been casting fish. Does anyone know? Zach or solgrande, do you have info on what 2nd and 3rd teams caught?
  4. Now he knows why it is worth going for hours or days without a rip.
  5. How about living in a house that straddles the border. Would you have to check in with customs before you go to bed or do the three S's.
  6. I just remembered and added one more item to the rules that was previously decided on. Under "General Regulations and Responsibilities", added under item c), ii) There is a limit of 6 rods per boat (team) but no limit of team members on the boat.
  7. I have just posted the revised tournament rules for the team format on the Chapter 69 website for those of you who would like to read them ahead of time or download them. This is revised a little over the rules that will be handed out just to clarify a few things. 1) added "Teams Format" to heading. 2) Under "General Regulations and Responsibilities" in item c) "A team consists of all contestants aboard a participating boat" was added. 3) And also, for big fish pool the following was added: Under "Prizes, Scoring and Measurement of the Release", item "f) If there is a big fish pool, all team members on a boat must be in it to participate" was added. Here is a link to the rules. Also, just to be sure everyone is aware, winners for the Chautauqua Tournament will be determined using the three longest fish caught by each team.
  8. The can't open accidentally (stay lock) and they are strong.
  9. Zach, Someone who is planning on fishing the south basin was asking if there was any other registration options. Is Mike Sperry going to be doing sign up or are you planning on doing sign up at his store on Fri night? Or is anyone else doing sign up at another launch location? If so, What hours? Also Jim and I may be there but we haven't decided for sure and/or what days yet.
  10. Mmm

    Must be a pocket post
  11. I just got my Waneta and Lamoka Lakes angler diary and results from 2016 back from Region 8 DEC. I want to thank those of you who participated in the angler diary study last year and for that matter, all who have participated in angler diary studies across the state. We all need to do what we can to help keep our NY fisheries healthy. The information is valuable to the DEC biologists in many ways. The diary study is easy to do and the feedback you will get on the results is reward enough for the little bit of time it takes to fill out the diary. For those of you who fish Waneta and Lamoka and have not yet participated, I urge you to do so, even if you only fish there one or two days of the year. See below for info to order a diary. The more data there is in the study, the better. The program is in danger of being terminated if participation doesn't increase. The diaries also support the Region 8 case for continuing stocking in Waneta. Also, since the trap net survey the DEC conducted this May that included Lamoka Lake, did not turn up any muskies in Lamoka Lake, any documented proof of muskies there will help with their current evaluation in consideration of a possible new stocking program in Lamoka. The preliminary trap netting results for Waneta Lake was good. And even though the diary study only returned 6 angler results, the catch rates and size results were better than the previous two years of the program. TO ORDER A DIARY FOR WANETA and LAMOKA LAKES, CONESUS LAKE or OTHER REGION 8 WATERS WITH DIARY STUDIES CALL 585-226-2466 Please consider joining the Diary Club. I know there are a lot more of you who fish these waters. Good luck this weekend and this year and, of course, please handle your muskies carefully. THANKS
  12. Yes the state limit is 36" to keep a fish. The tournament is "catch and release" and for that, the minimum to enter in the points system is 30" which is worth 4 points. For every inch above that, another point is added (33" is 7 pts. and 35" is 9 pts. and so on). Since they are being released, fish under 36" (down to 30") are accepted and it is legal because they are released. If we used the legal size limit, the likelihood of no fish entered would be high. The same could be true at the Chautauqua tournament. Since the legal size for purebred muskies is 40", it is possible that there would be no, or very few, fish large enough to enter if we used the 40" state limit for the minimum size to enter. These size limits for the tournaments are for the purpose of the "catch and release only" tournament and not to be confused with the state size limit for harvest. We understand that there is some confusion, especially in regard to Otisco Lake, since the size limit there is higher than other tiger musky waters in the state. There are exceptions for some waters that have both tigers and purebred muskies so you should check those regions for exceptions. We are currently working on trying to get signs installed in key locations on Otisco lake to inform anglers of the special size regulation as well as proper release practices.
  13. Hopefully, we will not have any heavy widespread regional rains for the next few weeks.
  14. No they can't. There is no dam above the falls. There is a dam on the US side of the river that diverts water through the power generating station and around the falls. So they can only divert water around the falls. You can take a boat from Lake Erie down the river to where the power plant is. The Welland River, slightly further down on the Canadian side, is about as far as boats are allowed. Past there it becomes rapids and rocks. You don't want to lose motor power there.