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  1. Nov. MI 69 MEETING

    Members interested in a position will have to be nominated by a current member and seconded by another current member. This can be done on the group email and/or contact a chapter officer to throw your hat in the ring. All positions are open. We will be sending out a group email in the near future with more information including a list of positions. Any questions regarding the responsibilities of the positions can be directed to the executive committee. Nomination will occour between now and the next meeting. Any positions that require a vote will be voted on at the January, 16th meeting. There will also be an opportunity to vote for those who live too far away to come to the meeting, probably through email. This should not be done on this public forum.
  2. Phantom Hex

    Now the cat is out of the bag!!
  3. Phantom Hex

    It looks like a twitching bait with that horizontal attachment ring. Or is it also for cranking or trolling?
  4. Phantom Hex

    What is that behind the front hook hanger? Does it allow for weight adjustment?

    The tournament is on. If someone has an opening on their boat, let me know.
  6. Mark Troy Musky Tournament

    Lousy, 1 fish for every 5.7 anglers.
  7. Mark Troy Musky Tournament

    It looks like it will seem more like summer than fall. Shorts may be in order. May be some rain in AM but temps may be in the 80s in the afternoon. I remember one year there was heavy frost on the docks in the morning. Hopefully, the morning fog won't be as bad as it was this past Sunday.
  8. DEC license rant

    I have been going online for several years for my NY license and I have never received a vinyl one in the mail.
  9. Muskies ca gananoque outing results

    Nice fish. Nobody can tell where you caught it
  10. Muskies ca gananoque outing results

    Just curious. How did casting do in comparison to trolling?
  11. Mark Troy Musky Tournament

    I don't know about any bass tournament. Jim told me that Mike F. reserved the cottage on the west side that we had last year which will sleep 8 comfortably. It is reserved for Fri and Sat nights and I believe there is a few spots left. Check with Jim if you are interested in staying there. You wouldn't have to worry about the launch that way. The tournament hours are 7 am to 4pm and registration will start at about 6am. Awards ceremony and cookout will be at the cottage after the tournament.
  12. Chautauqua 50" Musky

    I'm sure going out with Dr. Dave didn't hurt. Congrats. Nice catch!!!
  13. Mark Troy Musky Tournament

    It is always the first Sat in Oct. This year it will be on Oct 7th.
  14. Try to avoid slack in the line. Stop line from going out just before or just as the lure hits the water. Keep the slack out of the line as it is sinking to avoid having the bait helicopter on the way down. If you want it to stay just below the surface, you need to start cranking just as it hits the water. Many spinnerbaits are designed to be retrieved just below the surface or just above the weeds. Some heavier ones are designed to work deeper but you have to keep the slack out of the line as it is sinking. Sometimes you may even need to reel very slowly as it is sinking to keep it from tangling and then speed up when it is at the desirable depth. You can even give them a yo-yo action by varying retrieval speed (stop or slow way down to let it sink and then speed back up but keep slack out of line as it is sinking). Casting into the wind can cause more tangling, especially because of using a leader. Some leaders may cause more problems than others. I generally like to use them just above weeds that are 6" to 3 or 4 feet below the surface or through patchy weed and along weed edges. With the single hooks pointing up, they can go through some weeds without snagging on them and sometimes bumping weeds will trigger a strike. A heavier head will be able to go deeper and/or can be retrieved faster. The type and size of the blade will also affect how deep it will go. Colorado blades will generally go deeper and give more vibration. Willow blades will stay higher for working just under the surface and provide more flash. What the hook(s) is dressed with can also affect the depth and ability to cast in wind. And then there are trailer hooks and various plastic trailers such as grubs. You can play around with all these things to get the attributes you want for the water you are fishing.
  15. The BEST Hull Cleaner I've ever used

    I have a painted (white/blue) aluminum boat that I trailer. Captain John's Boat Brite works good for me. It takes just a little rubbing and it removes the scum line and other stains. Makes the white look white again. Then I give it a coat of wax. It is not cheep ($35/bottle but good for about 5 uses) but works well for me. I don't know how it would work for thick scum from seasonal docking. It is made in Rochester and West Marine has it.