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  1. I read an article many years wherein the behavior was viewed as a display of dominance. I've even seen pickerel stick their head out and slap the water before submerging.
  2. Hey All, I was wondering if the Long Point launch on Cayuga is iced up this time of year? Thanks
  3. Nah, I wish I did actually drive by Taughannock, though, checking to see how rough the lake might be but I couldn't get out today.
  4. Dean's Cove is still open though (not frozen)?
  5. The sad part is that the pike are likely native to our waters while the browns, the rainbows, and the salmon were all introduced. Depends upon what you call a nuisance.
  6. That was great. Thanks for sharing.
  7. @longspurs looks like a bunch of painted soft baits layin' on the ice
  8. Quite frankly, depends upon the season and the water temps. That said, I'd go slow sink glider or countdown bait because of the versatility if I literally only had one.
  9. @ Sk8man, beauty photo there
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