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  1. Let's hope mother nature cooperates this year! Can'wait for this event - always a highlight of the season!!
  2. The 2017 event is off to a great start with over 440 anglers competing and some nice fish already weighed-in. Follow the event on Facebook for the latest in tourney news, updates, and new leaders. If you're not in the event yet, it's only $25 and registration will remain open through the event - you must register by 7am on the first day you wish to start entering fish. Night time fishing has been included this year and there are 58 weigh-in locations for this year's event! Still over 6 weeks of tourney action - register today and join in the fun!!
  3. The 2017 event is off to a great start! Some monster fish have already hit the scales including a 21.51 lb northern and 2.25 lb crappie! There's over 6 weeks left in the event and lots of tourney action to be had - weekly prize packages are shipping out each week, monthly awards given out at the end of the month, and 60 shanties to be given away at the conclusion of the event along with a ton of cash! Keep in mind, you can fish the open water as well as the ice for this event, so if the warm-up over the next week opens things up, anglers will be taking to their boats and hitting the tribs! Registration remains open so anglers can register at any time, but the rule is you must register before 7am on the first day you wish to start entering fish. The sooner you get in the sooner you can start accruing shanty entries at your local weigh-in locations - there are 58 total this year!
  4. Pickerel that big could take the NYS Winter Classic Tournament - should get in if you're not already!! Winner last year was only 6.40 lbs...
  5. Looking good, keep it up!!
  6. The 2017 Winter Classic is underway with over 300 anglers competing and growing fast! The payouts have already increased in value and will increase again to Top 5 once we reach 500 anglers. The Lunker Pool is now over $1700 providing the first place anglers in the Lunker Pool with checks over $200 at this point, plus the 1 in 7 shot at the Clam Outdoors $2,500 Grand Prize Cash Award. The Weekly Prize Packages continue to grow in value as we acquire more items and gift certificates to pack into them! More sponsors are also coming forward as our exposure on Facebook alone has grown to monstrous levels (reaching over 16,000 people with over 1,650 engaged in the posts)!! Many nice fish have hit the scales already as we have seen movement on the live leaderboards daily. Stay up with all the latest announcements and tourney news by following the event on Facebook. Some of our anglers will be guest speakers on the Let's Catch Fish radio show over he next few weeks, including Scott Brauer from Makiplastic and Rob Goffredo from Bartel Rd. Bait & Tackle this Sat. Registration runs throughout the event - anglers must register by 7am on the first day they wish to start entering fish. Online registrants ( get entered into a Power auger Raffle, and those who enter at a shop get entered into that shop's Shanty Raffle. Remember, every day you are out fishing stop in to any of the weigh-in stations with a fish (whether it places or not) and gain an entries into the shanty raffles (one entry per person per day per station). Get registered today and join in the fun!!
  7. We are now up to 58 weigh-in locations, all of which will have a shanty to give away! We will also be running a raffle for a power auger for those who register off the website online. If you come to the Fish307 event this Sat and register, you will get a shot at some extra gear (potentially 2 ice combos, 2 manual augers, and a power auger pending the number of registrants) with the first 25 to register getting a bonus! Anglers have started to hit the ice and we expect the flood of registrations to start - get in on this year's largest event and register today!
  8. I appeared on the Outdoor Beat show last week discussing many of the details of this year's event, the prize structure, and many of the new products being given away! Have a listen and learn why this event will be one of the largest tournament events in the NE this year!
  9. I appeared on the Outdoor Beat show last week discussing many of the details of this year's event, the prize structure, and many of the new products being given away! Have a listen and learn why this event will be one of the largest tournament events in the NE this year!
  10. Thanks for the input Shane! When it comes to the larger prizes, politics come into play along with the negotiations for the sponsorships that drive those prizes. It was discussed whether the Grand Prize would be a lump sum or split up and it was decided to be a lump sum this year. It was also negociated with Clam for the Case Canoe to go to the overall largest fish. My hope is that we can build enough revenue to carry a large sum over to the next year and then ramp up the 1st placements. This won't be possible for a few years yet though, as I have a substantial debt to eliminate first, but it is in the plans for the future of the event. As for the Case Canoe, it will likely go to either the pike or trout category winner. There are many waterways around the state with 20+ lb pike and any of the tribs for Lake Ontario can hold large trout as well, so while they aren't as prolific as panfish, there are still a ton of waterways available for anglers to go for the largest fish - this may enlighten many anglers to the true diversity and health of the fishery in our state as we see big fish coming from areas they didn't think big fish existed. Like the 20+ lb pike my brother in law put on the ice in Honeoye Lake last year! Each year will be different as far as sponsorships go and what I have to work with, but hopefully I'll be able to gain enough of a following that these will add to the prize structure and not determine it. This year our prize structure is simply amazing and I am expecting a sizable vent this year!
  11. They were a station for us but this year they said that they didn't need or want the extra business our event would bring them. I guess they are doing quite well on their own...
  12. At this point we have 54 weigh-in locations, each with a shanty to give away! Most weigh-in locations still have some gear to give away - stop in to your local weigh-in and register to score some free gear and gain an entry into their shanty raffle! Follow the event on Facebook for daily updates, promos, and tournament information!
  13. All the info can be found on their website at: Seminar schedule and updated vendor listing should be coming out soon!
  14. The event now has over $75k in sponsored cash & prizes, including 54 shanties to give away! New weigh-in locations have been added to the map as the event continues to grow ( - registration is only $25 and available at most weigh-in locations as well as online off of the website. Stay tuned for more updates!
  15. It's going to be a great show this year - Clam will have a huge spread there this year, Thorne Bros is coming, the NYS Winter Classic will be there with the new Case Canoe (being given away in this year's event) for anglers to check out, and there are always a ton of great seminars given by a host of Pro Anglers, charter captains, and company reps. Just to score some discounted gear from Tom Allen at the Atommik booth makes it worthwhile!!