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  1. 2018 NYS Winter Classic

    Yeah, unfortunately next week looks like we may need to start getting the bullhead gear ready! But this tourney accounts for warm-ups and mild winters in that you can fish via any legal means: ice, open water, shore & stream, etc.
  2. 2018 NYS Winter Classic

    There are currently 740 anglers in the 2018 Winter Classic event, just shy of the next bump in the payout. There are still 2 weeks left in the event including another round of door prizes to be drawn this Friday, and additional prizes to be won at the Dinner Awards Ceremony and Season Celebration Party on March 24th at the Bonnie Castle Resort in Alexandria Bay, NY. If you are planning to attend the event (where there will be all Top 3 fish on display, raffles, door prize drawings, prime rib dinner, vendors/dealers, entertainment, and more), you must register by March 4th at: Any questions, feel free to ask! I'll be posting all the door prizes to be won on the website soon! Anglers can still register and get in on the action - just make sure to register before 7am on the first day you wish to start entering fish.
  3. Sodus Help

    Best area right now is off of Third Creek. Lots of parking there, but can fill up so the earlier you can get there the better. If you have transport, you can also access through the state launch just north of Arney's Marina on Rt. 14.
  4. **SAVE THE DATE** For those that have heard about and seen the new Koyote Ugly Spoons Inc flashers, the first retail store to have them in stock in NY will be Field & Stream in Henrietta on March 17th. They are hosting a Guide/Charter Day and unveiling the new line-up of Koyote Ugly flashers and spoons to the market. Simulator tested and designed, painted like no other flasher on the market, these flashers are going to produce! Here is just a sample of some of the available designs (14 of the 27 designs) under normal light, then under UV light... Yeah, they're sha-weet! More to come - stay tuned!! If you are a charter captain/guide and would like to gain not only some great exposure, but would also like to make some great connections and network at the event, please contact me via PM or call the Field & Stream store and ask for Kyle Jenner.
  5. 2018 NYS Winter Classic

    The event is now up to 667 anglers (with the Lunker Pool up to $3,600) and still growing - lots of tourney action still left and anglers can still sign up! Just make sure to get in before 7am on the first day you wish to start entering fish! Another huge door prize drawing will be done in early February - make sure to get in before then to have a shot!! Follow all the daily catches on Facebook: Tourney information and registration can be found at:
  6. Expo in Niagra

    I will be there manning the NYS Classic Tournaments booth and taking registrations, where we will also have our Dockside Dealer gear for sale (limited quantities): *Fillet Away Fish Mats *Koyote Ugly Products *Deep Freeze Products (1-shot skimmers, Blue Tipz signal devices) *Nautic Sport power packs *Celox Products (first aide pads, granules) *Custom Painted Shark Weights I will also be conducting several seminars on Ice Safety, Electronics for the Ice, Rigging and running Cut Bait, and assisting Frank Campbell using the Fillet Away Fish Mats. If you haven't seen the mats yet, definitely a fantastic item to make sure to see that weekend! We will also have them for sale at show-only pricing! This show is fantastic and i highly recommend coming to check it out!! Get all the details of the show at:
  7. I have the suit and while it will be stiff at first, it will loosen up the longer you wear it. It is very warm (does not breathe due to the foam material) so if you are gong to be doing any amount of walking and dragging gear you will heat up fast! The jacket does pass as a PFD, so wearing the jacket does take the place for a life jacket in a boat in the cold months.
  8. 2018 NYS Winter Classic

    This event is really blowing up now that the ice has set in!! Over 300 anglers in already and a constant flow of registrations daily now! Get in NY State's largest winter fishing tournament and join in the fun and excitement of going after over $70,000 in cash and prizes!! Are you in yet?? Register at:
  9. Ice fishing tournaments

    Thank you for stopping by - it was great to meet you! Saw a video of guys out on 3-4" in the Adirondacks today! We'll be out soon!! Freeze, baby freeze!! Hope to see you out there!
  10. Ice fishing tournaments

    Hoping for Sodus, otherwise I may look to put it on another location. The Invitational is a more orchestrated event than a regular IPA Team Event (like last year) and requires a location for the dinner awards and a secluded area where the fishing takes place.
  11. Ice fishing tournaments The NYS IPA Invitational is also scheduled for March 10-11 pending safe ice conditions. Most other events are holding off announcing dates until we see what the ice season holds for safe ice conditions...
  12. There are 3 events coming up in NY State: Dec. 9 - Field & Stream Ice Event (Henrietta Store)(10am - 5pm) - Company Reps/Pro-Staff, giveaways, special deals, registration for the NYS Winter Classic Dec. 16 - Fish307 Open House Ice Event (Lake George)(8am - 5pm) - Company Reps/Pro-Staff, seminars, demos, giveaways, special deals, registration for the NYS Winter Classic Jan. 19-21 - Greater Niagara Fishing & Outdoor Expo (Niagara Falls) - Lots of great seminars, demos, specials, Salmon School, registration for the NYS Winter Classic
  13. 2018 NYS Winter Classic

    If you're not following the event on Facebook (look up NYS Winter Classic) here are the sponsors announced so far and what they have sponsored the event with: Frabill - 54 shelters and a pile of gear. Plano - Tackle boxes Humminbird - (2) Ice Helix-7 G2 units with Lake Master cards, Ice-55 Flasher, $500 cash towards the Grand Prize, sweatshirts and beanie hats for all 1st place winners. Aqua-Vu - (1) HD 10i Pro camera system, (1) Revolution 5.0 camera system, (1) Mopod Fillet Away Fish Mats - 60 mats (one in every weekly awards package) Clam - (100) spools Frost Ice Line, buckets, towels, and new Makiplastic baits. 25 more days of sponsor announcements to come as we announce all that is included in the this year's $60,000+ giveaway!! Only $25 to get in on this year's largest winter event! You can fish the ice, open water, tribs, etc. for this event targeting 7 categories of fish and over 60 weigh-in locations (all with a shelter or other high-end item being raffled away - get entrees simply by registering there or stopping in throughout the season). Stay Tuned for more!!
  14. 2018 NYS Winter Classic

    This year's event is going to be nothing short of amazing! The prize structure is unreal and packed with hubs and shanties, electronics, new gear, etc. Be the first angler to sign-up at any shop and score a free ice combo, anglers 2-? will also receive a bonus gear item! With shelters (or other large ticket item) raffles at every weigh-in location (60+ locations), anglers can score entries from the following: 1) enter at the shop 2) stop in during the event (gain an entry every day you stop in) 3) Fulfill the in-store promotions (inquire at the shops) **General rule: one entry per angler per location per day, plus additional entrees per day based on store promotions. Anglers that register online will be entered into two drawings: 1) The first 100 anglers go into a drawing for a shelter. 2) All online entrants go into a drawing for a power auger. The full prize structure will be released around December 1st as we introduce a sponsor per day and their sponsorship! Stay tuned!!