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  1. I use a combination of large and small paddles to see what they want - this year it seemed every day was something different! Typically for me meat can be placed behind any flasher, flies typically behind the 8" spin docs and echips. With so many variables when running meat, often you have to "play" and find what works best - color/pattern/size/shape of attractor and meat head, twinkie rig or clean meat head, type of meat head, "tuning" Rhys heads, leader lengths, leads off the ball or dipsy, down speed, etc. all can play a roll in being successful.
  2. Really depends on the day, we've caught fish running meat rigs as slow as 1.6 and as fast as 4.6. The type of head makes a bigger difference - Rhys head vs. Kings head. Make sure to "tune" Rhys heads before sending them or they won't roll correctly. Kings heads are good right out of the package.
  3. The 2020 NYS Summer Classic Fishing Tournament got off to a great start this past weekend with many nice fish already verified! Anglers already entered are stating how easy the new format is and how much they like the benefits of this new style event! Anglers can still get registered through the end of the month and join in the fun! Here are the current leaders: Species Divisions: Largemouth Bass: Sean Sims - 19.00" Smallmouth Bass: David Muir - 20.75" Catfish: Doug Barlow - 25.25" Salmon: Victor Rowcliffe - 36.50" Crappie: Andy Cozzolino Jr. - 12.00" Sheepshead: Peter Montante - 26.00" Dogfish: Doug Barlow - 22.50" Lake Trout: TBD Brown Trout: TBD Rainbow/Steelhead: TBD Pike/Tiger Musky: TBD Musky: TBD Walleye: TBD Pickerel: TBD Carp: TBD Yellow Perch: TBD Rock Bass: TBD Panfish: TBD Round Goby: TBD All-in-One Event Leaders: Carp: Erik Williams - 32.00" Crappie: Andy Cozzolino Jr. - 12.00" Largemouth Bass: Jose Vuittonet - 18.25" Smallmouth Bass: David Muir - 20.75" Panfish: Andy Cozzolino Jr. - 8.75" Yellow Perch: Andy Cozzolino Jr. - 9.75" Rock Bass: TBD Lake Ontario Boat Events: Salmon: TBD Trout: TBD For LOTSA members, you can go after an extra $250 for the largest salmon (salmon species division only) - make sure to include a card with "LOTSA" written on it in your submitted pictures within the Fish Donkey App. Best of luck to everyone fishing this week!! www.NYSsummerclassic.com
  4. You're out of luck, have to make it to the weigh-ins before they close. Check their hours as they differ from one to another.
  5. Decent screens in 120-140 fow today but not many wanted to play. Mainly spoons with a couple fly bites for us with others doing some on meat. 210-230 fow was another area that produced some bites for others, but very scattered. No derby fish for us today, but two tank steelhead in the mix pushing 10+ lbs that put on a great aerial show!
  6. I have since learned quite a bit about polygraph tests, how they are administered, and what they can and cannot be used for. I have also at the same time invested years into research and testing tournament designs that have led me to this year's Summer Classic and GLSS event designs. Trial and error, observation of other event flaws, listening to both the supporters and participants as well as the nay sayers of all the various events (open and hard water), have all been taken into account.
  7. It'll be interesting to see what the nay-sayers come up with for ways to cheat in this format. I have not disclosed all of the checks and balances that go on behind the scenes and within the App to verify fish entrees in an effort to catch those who wish to engage in foul play. Poly tests are not permissible in court and more of a deterrent. If there is a need for legal action we can take it, but in 9 years of running events, I have yet to have a need to issue any.
  8. New website has been created: glssevents.com It's time for a new class of events where there is no room for foul play due to a solid tourney design, and no corruption. Just straight out fun, competitive fishing - by yourself, with a team, or with different clients every day, all fish caught on a registered boat is eligible no matter who catches it!! Let's turn these crazy times into crazy fun fishing! Any questions? Drop me a PM and I'll be more than happy to answer them. Registration for these events will close on August 1st.
  9. Slow fishing. Clear cold water on the inside made the brown trout bite tough, you can get a few but it's real hit or miss and a total grind. Offshore the bite is a little more reliable, Top 50 ft, small spoons, mix of lakers, small kings, and coho, with an occasional 2-yr old king thrown in. Did 10 fish sat am, 8 sun am, 4 sun pm. Tried a bunch of FF combos but no takers, all on spoons: Carbon-14, various small red spoons, Koyote Ugly Dead Zombie II, and a few others took shots, no real pattern. Best screen was 240-260 fow.
  10. Got totally filled in with this last blow we had. Quite a bit of rock to remove.
  11. Presented this year, a brand new concept for salmon fishing tournaments where fish do not have to be kept and aligns with charters to capitalize on every fish caught by every angler aboard your vessel. Introducing the Great Lakes Salmon Showdown that not only covers Canadian and USA open waters of Lake Ontario, but all of the Great Lakes in one robust tournament event. Here is the breakdown: When: May 1st through October 31st, 24 hours a day Where: All open waters of the Great Lakes Who: 2 Divisions of Entry: Pro Division ($250/boat) for charters/guides, any anglers with fishing related sponsors, and anyone else looking to compete on a higher level. Am Division ($125/boat) for weekend anglers looking to add some fun competition to their season this year. When you register the boat, anyone fishing on that vessel is automatically included whereby any fish caught during any trip by anyone on board can be entered - this includes all of your clients during charters (no longer do you have to get them all entered in order to compete), and anglers fishing solo. What: Your 5 longest salmon (any species) will go towards your team's/boat's total score. Fish are entered via the Fish Donkey App using a bump board for length measurement. 4 pictures are required per entry (app automatically uploads them, adds them to your score, and updates the leaderboard in real time). Fish can then be kept or released. Up-size all season long, only your top-5 longest salmon will automatically be included in your score and rank. Close-up pictures of both the head and tail of each fish are required to prevent multiple entries with the same fish. How: Regster via the Fish Donkey App or online at FishDonkey.com. Payout: 85% cash payout based on number of teams entered in each Division, may be higher based on sponsor backing (15% goes to cover admin and tourney costs). Additional sponsor-based awards (TBA). Sponsors: Already secured: Okuma, Plano, Frabill, Koyote Ugly Spoons. Full details, rules & regs, and registration can be found at: Pro Division: https://tourney.fishdonkey.com/#/tournament/2287/details Am Division: https://tourney.fishdonkey.com/#/tournament/2564/details The Fish Donkey platform is a solid, tested tourney platform that many events are moving onto. While we realize many areas have different regulations currently governing fishing, this event will have open registration through July 31st so that once the restrictions are lifted and anglers can fish to their capacity (charters in particular), you can get registered and compete (boat/team must be entered the day before your fish can be entered). If other team events are allowed to occur this year, there is a special "Other Tourney" protocol in place so that no-communication rules can be adhered to and fish caught during these events can be entered. No longer do you need to stop fishing to run a fish in before the weigh-in stations close, no longer do you need to keep fish that you otherwise would not, no longer do you need to ask and get everyone on board entered. Better for the anglers, better for the fishery. Follow the event on Facebook for updates and announcements. This year we'll see what lake can produce the best Top-5 salmon scores!
  12. Just a reminder that I will be holding a special seminar tomorrow at 6pm at the Greater Niagara Fishing Expo to discuss and present the new tournament format/design specifically for Lake Ontario Charters and Tourney Boats. I'll go over the particulars and how it addresses the current problems faced, and then open up a discussion for captains and anglers to ask questions and probe the event for any shortfalls we may have missed. We will also be drawing for a free entry into the event from those in attendance valued around $250 pending input at the meeting. I hope to see many of you at the seminar and at the show this weekend!!
  13. The new Aqua-Vu Revolution-5 units are very good and compact. The reel on the back for the camera line is fantastic for deployment and fast retrieval versus the other units that you have to hand wind. However, the new cameras on the larger HD units are phenomenal with super clear images, but they cost more and are bulkier. Really depends on your budget and mode of fishing.
  14. If you missed out on your chance at a power auger or shelter in the early bird drawing, you can still get in for the 15 Days of Christmas Giveaway going on now through December 15th! Simply register for the Main Event or one of the new Online Classic Fish Donkey Events and you'll be entered - one entry per event entered. This year's event features several new sponsors, increased payouts, and the new online events that are species specific and done via cell phone app with the option for anglers to keep or release the fish! Check out all the details at: www.NYSwinterclassic.com
  15. The 2020 NYS Summer Classic Tournament will have a whole new feel with an additional event designed specifically for the Lake Ontario charter fleet and tourney boats in mind. Taking into consideration comments and suggestions from many charter captains and tourney teams last year, this new format will eliminate many of the gripes that have been expressed. The new format will allow for every fish taken aboard your boat to be eligible for entry regardless of who caught it - this means every charter you take out next summer from July 1st through August 31st could land you the winning catch! There will be no need for you to haggle your customers into entering - they will already be included and you can score some extra cash as a result too. This new format will also allow for catch and release - the fish do not have to be kept! The only snag right now is for those teams fishing in a non-communication event (pro-am's, open's and invitationals) as cell phones will be utilized for the 2020 SC Event, but we will be working on a fix for that this winter. How is this possible and is it a solid tourney platform? YES! Get all the details and join in the discussion for the event at the 2020 Greater Niagara Fishing & Outdoor Expo Saturday Evening January 18th at 6pm where we will unveil the tournament design, open the floor to inquiries, suggestions, general discussion about the event, what you would like to see for Grand Prize options and additional prizes, what to offer for entry options and what to set the entry fee(s) at - those in attendance will help set the stakes. If you are sponsored by companies not already involved with the Classic Events and would like to offer them additional exposure via sponsorship and/or via your participation - join the discussion and see what is possible through these events! Want a free entry? We will also be drawing from those in attendance for a free entry into the event (likely worth $250) - must be present to win! This is an invite for both charter captains and tourney teams to attend. Re-cap for the 2020 Summer Classic Event: *All customers on your charter are included: you are included, your mate is included, and anyone else fishing on your boat is included - it won't matter who catches the fish! *Runs from July 1st through August 31st, 24 hours every day - there's no cut-off times every day. *Ability for you to make some additional cash from your charters. *You can keep or release the fish. *Attend the tourney discussion seminar and have a voice in the final design of the event - one built by many anglers, for many anglers! I hope to see many of you at the seminar and throughout the rest of the Niagara Show!
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