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  1. The Southern Tier Outdoor Show is this weekend (Sat 9-5, Sun 10-4). Get all the info at: http://www.southerntieroutdoorshow.com/ I'll have the new Plano Edge stowaway boxes on display to check out, Aqua-Vu cameras in the youth fishing pond, registrations for the 2020 NYS Winter Classic Fishing Tournament, free literature from my sponsors, and will be giving some seminars on fall fishing techniques for perch and walleye and offering demos of the Fillet Away Fish Mats! Stop on down and check it all out - youth anglers can score a free entry into the Winter Classic if they are one of the first 5 to catch a perch in the youth pond! STORE-Poster.pdf
  2. The 2020 NYS Winter Classic Tournament is ramping up as we approach the winter season! We're currently finalizing the sponsor line-up and special awards categories for the event this year - stay tuned for all the details and updates! Register early to get in on the early bird registration door prize drawings to score some new gear before the season starts: www.NYSwinterclassic.com
  3. So awesome to see the youth anglers getting involved - always one of the highlights for the Classic events! Final checks will be hitting the mail in the next couple days. Congrats to all the winners in this year's event including the five $2,000 Grand Prize winners!! Next year's event will feature a few changes that are sure to spark some interest and we'll have more cash on the line - stay tuned later this winter for all the details!
  4. The Summer Classic is underway! Get entered today to get in on the action alongside the LOC and other Lake Ontario events! Lots of cash to be given away this year thanks to our many sponsors for this summer's event!! Follow the event on Facebook for all the latest information and updates: https://www.facebook.com/NYSSummerClassic/ To register simply visit: www.NYSsumemrclassic.com Anglers can also register at most weigh-in locations. Keep in mind, if the lake is rough you can always hit the bay for some of the other species!! You can also enter the C&R Event for double the fun! Stay tuned for more announcements and updates throughout the summer!!
  5. New Cash Awards added (in addition to the general payout schedule) for the following: Main Event: $100 Cash Award - Largest Salmon Each Week (8 total)(Sponsored by Plano/Frabill) $500 Bonus Cash Award - 1st Place Salmon (Sponsored by Plano/Frabill) $400 Bonus Cash Award - 2nd Place Salmon (Sponsored by Plano/Frabill) $300 Bonus Cash Award - 3rd Place Salmon (Sponsored by Plano/Frabill) $100 Bonus Cash Award - 1st Place Walleye (Sponsored by Fillet Away) $100 Bonus Cash Award - 1st Place Yellow Perch (Sponsored by Fillet Away) $100 Bonus Cash Award - 1st Place Crappie (Sponsored by Fillet Away) $200 Bonus Cash Award - Largest fish caught on a Koyote Ugly Product (Sponsored by Koyote Ugly) Catch & Release Event: $250 Bonus Cash Award - 1st Place Largemouth Bass (Sponsored by Plano/Frabill) $250 Bonus Cash Award - 1st Place Smallmouth Bass (Sponsored by Plano/Frabill) $500 Cash Award - Overall Longest Muskey (w/ 250+ C&R anglers) PLUS Additional Prize Awards: (must be present at the awards ceremony Sept. 21st to win) (2) Frabill Power Catch Salmon Nets - Random draw from 4-10th place Salmon (2) Frabill Fish Weigh Bags w/ Mesh Inserts - 2nd Place Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass In an effort to boost payouts and make the event more attractive to current salmon and bass tournament anglers, we have packed the new sponsored funding into the prize structure as listed above. These along with the $10,000 Cash Grand Prize are all guaranteed to be awarded this year! Additional weigh-in stations are being added this year. More to come - stay tuned!!
  6. Well done and great report! Congrats on the big fish - best we could do was 18's. Looking forward to seeing you guys doing the doubles and triples - what a great few days of fishing!! We'll see you down at the east end - good luck the rest of the season!!
  7. Thank you Matt, that is all I was looking for. Thank you and we'll see you at Niagara!
  8. There's no belly aching here Vince, and I also think a lakewide cup should include both east and west end events. However, I would like to know how the cup is scored if my team (and many others who have wondered) are going to enter into the race. So I am asking, what is the scoring system by which this coveted cup is scored by? I also feel Matt does a great job orchestrating the Sodus Pro-Am, however with regards to the cup, I know of no other event whereby the players aren't privy 100% to how the competition is scored before they enter, and since registration is this Thu I am asking now...
  9. Dex - The Great Lakes Special Events Cups are scored on a similar system with extra points generated for larger fields and placing in the top-3. However they have it all laid out so there are no questions. The current Lake Ontario Challenge Cup scoring system is not. It would also be nice to see the point spreads before and after each event, as well as the full scoring system.
  10. Speaking with several teams in it last year (and some who were not), the "unique scoring system" was questioned without much resolve other than being told "it is a complicated scoring system based on number of variables", but it was never shared. I think this needs to be clarified, or better yet changed to a more simple scoring system like most other series events. I'm usually not one to complain and love to compete against the best on the lake, but it needs to be fair and clearly laid out for the competing teams. Last year we all thought we knew who the contenders were going into the Sodus event and then out of the blue another team (that didn't even weigh-in for one of the days in the Niagara Pro-Am and placed near last in that event) took the award leaving many unanswered questions and a sour taste for some teams since the scoring system was not disclosed from the start nor once questioned at the end. Based on the results last year I believe the weighting of some of the variables are unbalanced/incorrectly weighed and should be reviewed, otherwise go to a straight scoring system that is easy for everyone to understand and doesn't leave room for questionable results.
  11. As stated above, entrees in tourneys for the most part have seen a decline over the last few years, and not only trout and salmon either, it's across the board. To answer why that is for the Lake Ontario events I think involves many factors - many previous teams have broken up, cost of living has gone up, cost of this sport has gone up, the high water isn't helping matters this year, etc. - I know if I had a larger boat like a lot of the teams and had to travel across the lake to an event I would be very hesitant this year with the amount of large debris in the water. However, I think economics is the largest driving factor. While I agree with Rick that the amazing fishing we have seen the last few years may make anglers lazy (I wouldn't say dumb) you still have to pay attention to the details and adjust your strategy to target the larger fish or else end up in the middle of the pack. Plus there is always that element of luck whereby you happen upon a larger school of kings and get them to go. Consistency is what highlights skill in the tourney realm - those who consistently place in the Top-10 from season to season. The best way to become a better angler is to learn from your own and others mistakes, pay attention to details (no matter how small), and keep records to refer back to and to look over in preparation. Most of us have had a crushfest day while other struggled to get bit (or vice versa) even though your running the same stuff side by side - the difference is often in minute details like type or test of line, leader length, size of spoon, treble hooks versus single hooks, clip size, etc. etc. etc. Ask those that do well in an event what gave them the edge - most anglers realize that each day is different and will give you an honest answer. This past weekend we succeeded in waters where others struggled and it came down to several key details that we had dialed in the day before: spoon color and size (Carbon-14 & Defender, mags and Stingrays), rigger depth and separation (65 and 85), presentation (12 ft leads off the balls with fixed free sliders 12 ft above), down speed (2.4 early, 2.2 later), tracking of the bait/fish (progressed east), and most importantly the willingness to adjust these as the fish and water conditions changed based on previous experience (when the wind and waves picked up we lengthened the leads off the riggers to 25 ft).
  12. Heading to Oneida for the season opener there! Can't wait to rip some raps and sonars!!
  13. This sounds great Vince! It's awesome to see new energies being put into the east end events - looking forward to a fantastic season ahead!!
  14. **Attention to those just starting to fish the big lake and those who would like to learn a few new tricks of the trade** On June 8th the Finders Keepers Sportfishing Team will be at the Rochester Field & Stream store with our tournament boat on-site (weather pending) to offer insights on how to rig-up boats (tracks, rod holders, electronics, etc.), run various techniques (planer boards, downriggers, multiple wires on a side, run stackers, sliders, fixed sliders, etc.), and answer any questions you may have about trolling in Lake Ontario. We will have the latest gear on display from Okuma, Cannon, Humminbird, Plano, Frabill, and Aqua-Vu, plus sign-ups for the 2019 NYS Summer Classic Tournament. With the ability to do on-demand seminars tailored to your questions and inquiries, this will be a great opportunity to take advantage of! While not confirmed yet, we are also hoping to have additional boats and professionals on-site to answer questions and inquiries regarding other fishing realms such as bass fishing, walleye fishing, and those who target the Finger Lakes. I'll post updates as the event comes together - if there is anything you would like to see in particular, drop a comment on this thread!
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