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  1. Got one..... Came off a Thompson 240 Fisherman. Had to come off to mount a kicker. Fiberglass, in great condition. Call 570 262 0716 or send me a PM. I live in NE PA but spend weekends in Sodus. Thanx Sammygee
  2. i've found the best way to mark your copper or steel in 50 or 100 ft intervals is with shrink tubing. Put 6 pieces about an inch or so on the copper or steel. Measure your 50 foot intervals, slide the shrink tubing, apply heat and the tubing will not slip.
  3. Usually last Sunday in March
  4. Wanted

    Nick, There is one on ebay 30.00 7.00 shipping. Hope all is well with you and Theresa.
  5. Final verdict.... Just loaded 200yds 30 lb power pro and 525 ft 30 lb copper and about 10 yds leader on the new Magda 45. Filled to the brim....
  6. Don't think the new Magda's are made in a 55 any longer.
  7. Can I fit 500 ft 30 lb copper and 300 yds 30 lb braid backing on a okuma magda pro 45 ??? Thanx
  8. Wifi....Broadband......Bandwith.....Network......Wireless.??????? Sorry I wasn't more help, except for moral support, but I just mastered the downrigger a few weeks ago..... I was glad to see the finished product....SWEET !!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanx for the input. I went with the Seagate 60. Put about 500 ft of Power Pro 50 lb as backing, and I was able to fit exactly 400 ft of 45 lb blood run copper. Used it yesterday. Great reel
  10. Looking to set up a 500 Copper this weekend. Been looking into higher speed reels. Okuma Clarion and Daiwa Saltist both have 6.1 to 1 ratios. Anyone have experience with the line capacity and performance. Thanx
  11. I have two 5 ft Cannon Booms that I just replaced. Can be picked up in Sodus Point or NE Pa. Pm me if you are interested
  12. Nick I'll take an XL. Thanx Sammygee
  13. IMO..... Would seem to me that both the dipsy and the board are designed for the same purpose, mainly to get the bait off the side, and away from your prop wash and riggers. Don't see the need for both to be used together.