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  1. sammygee

    2018 Oswego Brown Trout Season Re-Cap

    Really enjoyed the video. Boat's been out of the water for only about 3 weeks, and I am already suffering from major withdrawal. Thanx for sharing
  2. does he have a web site ??? Both google searches have phone # that is disconnected.
  3. Looking for a few Okuma Stratamaster reels 30 size
  4. Let me know if you have any to sell. Thanx Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. sammygee

    Fish hawk 840

    Yes They are interchangeable.I used the plugs from an 840 on my X4D
  6. Bought two sets and have been using them for the last months. They are the best fixed cheater lines we have ever used. Caught several nice kings this weekend, using these snaps. Great product, great price !!!
  7. Greg I will take another set. I will send PayPal out now. Thanx
  8. sammygee

    WTB. Lowrance Transducer

    Did you ever find transducer and cord ?? I have both
  9. How large a boat. ???
  10. sammygee


    I agree with UNreel, that we were dealing more with cottonwood, than fleas. You can rid the fleas by "'sawing'"it off of the wire, but this weekend nothing worked other than picking it off. Twillie tips were getting completely clogged. Real PITA
  11. Nick.... Your best post ever !!!!! You are making stars out of Ellie and Theresa. Drone photos are awesome !!!!!!
  12. sammygee

    Wanted Fishhawk TD

    PM sent
  13. Sammygee is in for Friday and Saturday and dinner
  14. sammygee

    WTB. Lowrance Transducer

    Got one Pm me your number. We can discuss. Sammygee