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  1. Lydia doesn't come in this deal, does she ???????
  2. Will this still be going on ????? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. I think that LOU junkies like me owe a great deal of kudos to Sk8man who is always willing to educate and share his vast knowledge with everyone who needs it. I learn something every time I read his posts. Thanx
  4. Waiting for Pay Pal info. I have trolled these many times for browns. Silver blue and gold/orange have been deadly.......
  5. Been fishing nearly every weekend for the past 5 years with a large group of friends out of Sodus, and I seem to remember two Walleyes caught by the entire group. This move by LOC cannot increase entries. IMO bad move.
  6. Are you referring to "Twinkie"rigs ??? If so, an easy fix is to put a bead before the fly and keep it fixed by jamming a toothpick against the leader and breaking it off.
  7. Why would anyone want to buy "crappie" lures ???
  8. Find a thread in the classifieds for duo lock fixed cheaters from Greg (Troubles). They are inexpensive and work great. Greg is also a pleasure to deal with. Caught bunches of fish this year on these fixed cheaters.
  9. SK8MAN.... I don't know why your head doesn't explode, storing all this Finger Lake and Lake O knowledge. You are truly a wealth of knowledge, and someone I always look to for info. Thanx for all you do !!!
  10. John, I'm interested in the reasoning of filling the reel backwards..... Would it be to see if the lengths of line would fit ??? Thanx
  11. Was stopped twice last weekend coming out of Sodus Point. On the way out, the sheriff stopped me cause there is a no wake, and 5 mph within 1000 feet of land. Seems like I was not quite 1000 ft from one shore. I wasn't on plane, only doing about 8 MPH. Not being a hunter I have trouble estimating distances. They were very courteous, and explained the damage being done to the properties around the bay, and gave me a warning. The same trip, on the way back in I thought I was well within the letter of the law, while doing 5 MPH, and the USCG blue lights appeared. They stated that even though they agreed that I was only doing 5 MPH my single engine 24 footer was still causing a wake. Again, they ere friendly, courteous and were only there to issue info. The sheriff explains that there is only a very narrow strip where you have 1000 feet on either side, so unless you have a rangefinder, you might as well keep the no wake from the dock to the lake. My two incidents made me feel that law enforcement is not trying to bust balls, or generate fine income, but only assist the folks around the bay that are being tortured by the high water.
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