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  1. sammygee

    Sold / Closed Sold. Dipsy Diver Lot

    you have a PM
  2. Looking for a couple of these older Okuma's. Must have strong clickers and smooth drags. Thanx
  3. sammygee

    fire works flasher

    X2 for contacting Mad River in Verona Beach. I have dealt with Carl on many occasions, and he has always been very informative, and went out of his way to please. He carries most tapes as well as die cuts for spinnies and pro trolls. Great web site
  4. sammygee

    Caddy shack lure tape?

    Contact Carl at Mad River. He has all your tapes as well as Mylar, and heads for tying flies. I have dealt with him on many occasions, and he has always been informative, and gone out of his way to please.
  5. sammygee

    Swim platform. Free

    I believe this was once mine. I sold it 2 yrs ago, and it came off a Thompson 240 Fisherman
  6. We have had best success for browns and kings with the Stinger sizes.
  7. Are these Stratamaster reels ???

  8. sammygee

    Brewerton show?

    Usually last Saturday in March
  9. sammygee

    2018 Oswego Brown Trout Season Re-Cap

    Really enjoyed the video. Boat's been out of the water for only about 3 weeks, and I am already suffering from major withdrawal. Thanx for sharing
  10. does he have a web site ??? Both google searches have phone # that is disconnected.
  11. Looking for a few Okuma Stratamaster reels 30 size
  12. Let me know if you have any to sell. Thanx Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app