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  1. Two upcoming fishing “flea markets”. This Saturday in Brewerton NY. And the 25th in Watkins Glen. You can buy a boat load of level winds for a very good price. I will be at both shows to feed my addiction. If a dozen spoons are good, then 1000 are better !!!!!!!!!!
  2. Do we have the dates for the Brewerton and Watkins Glen shows this March. Hoping there is no conflict with the show in Ironiquit. Thanx
  3. I’ll take it. I’ll send a pm
  4. 2018 goals.

    15 lb brown 15lb steelie 25 lb laker 30 lb king 2 lb perch And of course "Peace on earth and good will to men"
  5. What knot or terminal tackle do you use to connect the two ?????
  6. My email is [email protected] Address is 186 Elmcrest Dr. Dallas Pa 18612. Please call me. I'm up the lake now and maybe we could meet and I will give you cash. 570 2620716. You can call now Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Yes  give me your email for PayPal and I'll send you bill, stupid shipping is $ 18 let me know to PM

  8. Where are u located ??? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. I'll take it. Please message me with payment instructions. I have pay pal Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Haven't received clips yet. Tracking # ????? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. What lures would you buy first?

    In late March there are two fishing "flea markets". One in Watkins Glen and the other near Cicero, can't recall the name of the town. These two shows are perfect for someone setting up a new boat. Lots of 1 and 2.00 spoons and sticks, rods reels , electronics and more. It is obscene the amount of equipment I OWN, BUT i always leave with a bag full. IT IS TRUELY A SICKNESS !!!!!
  12. Ill take a dozen if you will ship them to Pa. Thanx Sammygee
  13. Wanted Wtb spin n glos

    Speaking about buying local, I have stopped at the bait shop on Catherine's creek, just below Watkins Glen on Rt 14 four consecutive weekends, either on Thursday or Friday afternoon, and either Saturday or Sunday round 2:00 PM. The store has been closed in all occasions. They had a good supply of spoons I was interested in, but it is very frustrating that they don't ever seem to be open. Does anyone know whether they are still in business, or what their hours are ?? Thanx