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  1. Thanx Chris     186 Elmcrest Dr  Dallas 



  2. Offers quality products... At very fair prices...Ships quickly......Knows his stuff !!!!!!!

  3. Know several fishermen who did just that, attached with a c clamp, and it worked fine till they were able to pull the boat and install properly
  4. Was in Sodus last weekend. There was a bass tournament Saturday morning and there was not one trailer in the public launch parking lot near Margarita Rd. All the boats launched from the Sodus Marina.
  5. Lakers are finally getting some respect !!!!
  6. Right Mikey Browns have been scarce.... Seems like the whole fleet is fishing for lakers... Good news for Gambler !!!
  7. Want to buy some Peanuts. Who supplies them ?? Can't find them on line. Thanx
  8. I live on a lake in NE Pa and had the perfect fishing boat, equipped just right, with two riggers and all the rod holders needed . Then my bride and daughter turned up their noses at my "FISHING" boat and wanted a plush skiing, tubing,zoom around the lake boat. I sold my boat and bought an 18 ft Monterrey. I have the luxury of having one of my closest friends being a machinist and he fabricated around 15" pedestals that we secured to the swim platform and mounted the riggers outside of the confines of the boat. Runabouts like mine have two back corner seats and this gave quick access to the riggers. I know that Cannon offers these pedestals at reasonable prices. I was able to mount flush mount Cannon rod holders on the gunnel and now I have a boat that satisfies everyone. My fishing equipment is not taking up any cruising space in the boat, and everyone is happy as long as I clean up the blood and guts following a fishing trip. Good Luck
  9. Merry Christmas Sk8man... And all other LOU junkies !!!!
  10. I have this same one on my boat. You won't be dissatisfied with this purchase
  11. What are the most popular;lar destinations in the Southeast. Thanx
  12. Had an Alaskan Trip booked for July 2020 to the Kenai Riverbend Resort but due to Covid and Salmon fishing restrictions we had to cancel. We are planning to go June 2021. The trip we missed included two guided boat trips on the Kenei for Kings, two ocean trips for Halibut, a flight trip into an interior lake for Ling and Rainbows, and a flight trip to view and photograph Grizzles. Last year the entire Kenai Area was shut down for Salmon Fishing cause the run was delayed and I don't want to take that chance. Have any LOU folks had a good experience that they can share with me. I am looking, of course, to catch a 40lb King, a Halibut about the size of my garage door, sleep in a clean bed and have access to good food. Looking forward to some good recommendations
  13. Welcome. You could learn pretty much all you need to know here. Just add water !!!
  14. Looking for a fast reel which can hold 500-600 ft copper. Suggestions ???
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