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  1. My friend, who is having trouble logging in, recently sold his charter boat and has a great deal of tackle for sale. If you need it he probably has it. Some items include: NIB Fish Hawk 4xd 1000 OBO NIB Magnum Metals Downrigger Cannon mount swivel base Several dozen rods and reels Okuma, Shimano Penn, Mono, lead core and copper Spoons and stick baits galore including many bay rats nib Inline Planers all size NIB porta Potty Be best to contact owner directly. All equipment is in Sodus Point Call Lester Zimmerman Zip And Zim Sportfishing 570 878 5268
  2. Greg I can help. I have to go through Scranton on my way to the show. PM me or call 570 262 0716. Hope all is well
  3. Fished out of this boat for 10 years before I bought my own..... Meticulously maintained, All equipment for sale will serve you well. Buy with confidence
  4. Buy a good bottle of wine and drink it. Then take the cork and make a slit half way thru it and place it over the rigger wire. Will take the hum away and the rigger will still operate
  5. I have an illness shared by many LOU members. I own hundreds of spoons and use 12. I just went through them and seperated 300 spoons, many well known and many not, many taped in what I thought was the perfect color. I know they will never see water. I hope you members can find a non profit that may give kids a chance to learn to love fishing Lake O like we all do. I would be willing to donate them for this purpose.. Golf has the 'First Tee" that introduces kids to golf. Hoping we can find something similar. PM me if you know if anything like this exists. Thanx Sammygee
  6. Look back on the classified for Fixed Cheater Snaps sold by Troubles (Greg). These are easy to use and I have been very successful using them about 10-15 feet above my main line. Greg is great to deal with and has quality product. Come in Salmon size and Brown Trout size at a reasonable price. No need for a rubber band
  7. Contact Greg, screen name "troubles" on the LOU site. You can order his fixed cheater locks for half the price. It's all I use and you won't be sorry. Just search "fixed cheater in the search bar. Sammygee
  8. Quick cure..... Buy a good bottle of wine, not a box wine and save the cork. cut a slit down the middle, and place it on your rigger wire. It will stop the singing. You can also enjoy the wine.....Let us know how it works. Tight Lines !!!!!!!
  9. i try ....... Chris is a pleasure to fish with
  10. Thanx Chris     186 Elmcrest Dr  Dallas 



  11. Offers quality products... At very fair prices...Ships quickly......Knows his stuff !!!!!!!

  12. Know several fishermen who did just that, attached with a c clamp, and it worked fine till they were able to pull the boat and install properly
  13. Was in Sodus last weekend. There was a bass tournament Saturday morning and there was not one trailer in the public launch parking lot near Margarita Rd. All the boats launched from the Sodus Marina.
  14. Lakers are finally getting some respect !!!!
  15. Right Mikey Browns have been scarce.... Seems like the whole fleet is fishing for lakers... Good news for Gambler !!!
  16. Want to buy some Peanuts. Who supplies them ?? Can't find them on line. Thanx
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