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  1. Under normal use, one would snap it to your downrigger cable at the ball, not affecting anything
  2. Thanks Give it a try Sat
  3. Just a thought, I do have one and I thought about it. I think you would be way off the depth once you took off the TD would be different I would think? My Fishhawk on the dash would not help so I bought the TD couple months ago to get true blowback off the riggers at depth
  4. Gill I want to run off in-line boards or my mast and big boards 'During the Fall to Spring I will run 50', 100' Copper off the inline boards getting just below the surface But now that I am hooked on the Optimizer spoons and there higher speeds have been hooking up Larger fish
  5. So your thinking 6' to 7' per 100'
  6. Copper at 3.8 to 4 mph Anyone know what the sinking rate of Copper would be at higher speeds of 3.8 to 4 mph?
  7. I use the Mags have Bert's holders
  8. Fed X delivered 6 new rolls of 45Lb , going on this weekend .
  9. Nope , but a nice dream They are breaking off, letting them down, at about 20' to 25' snap
  10. It's the wire that keeps braking, I ordered new wire this morning in hopes the wire was too old. Have had it on the reels a good 5 years. Using Optimizer's lures seem to be getting out best fish between 3.8 to 4.2 mph at 100' to 110'
  11. .4.2 mph and Divers Keep snapping off Dipsy's at 4.2 mph hooked up to 30 Malin wire. Any suggestions?
  12. Buyer beware

    They don't carry any lures, spoons or line
  13. Taking pictures of Fisherman Ever wonder why Salmon fisherman always smile and Bass anglers don't?