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  1. I would think trolling speeds and water clarity has a lot to do with line size. Problem is what works on one lake will not always work on another. by "YOUP 50 post Wisconsin is really planting BT in Lake Michigan " I have no idea what Lake Michigan waters look like compared to Big O or Cresent lake Oregon I will almost bet all responses so far are all from Big O ? Heck our local lake one can not see 2' down into the water, I sometimes will run 18 Lb to 20Lb test line, when I fish Oregon I drop way down to 8 Lb , If we are Ocean fishing no lighter then 35 Lb
  2. Matt Trinidad Tackle and Optimizer Lures will donate to the Captains packs for you
  3. Mark
  4. Mark Think I will just stay up here in the mountains,I have a clear field of fire. I for one am sick and tired of left wing politics , I am sure I would not pass the vetting I hate it when people ask me what I think about this or that they get that dumb look on their face when I tell them. Hey you guys keep plugging away on this thread , Please let me know what the out come is. By the way went out fishing yesterday and Shasta Lake Rainbow love the Optimizer Lures ( friend Dave ) it was 33 degrees when we started fishing Sunday morning . Trolling off boards at 4.5 mph, The Optimizer is half the size of the Rainbow
  5. One thing we will never have to worry about is the Liberals taking up arms against the other side. Heck California has gone totally nuts now saying they want there own country..Have there own web site now news says they want it up for 2018 election
  6. I have spend the last three days relining reels with all new line, 12 reels with mono 2 Stainlees steel reels 4 Copper Reels , plus repairing my Planer Board mast that took out 1,200 of telephone line last spring ,Charged up the video camera new batteries for the camera all for this Sunday 1/29 our first trip of 2017..Have already taken the other rods and Optimizer Lures too the boat.
  7. Mike Did you look at Obama;'s 20 year history with Rev Jim Wright a few other choice people that still want to destroy this country ? If you did , now did he ever get in office? Because to many people vote party line . Clinton foundation is now closed because the money dried up according to B Clinton
  8. Hank I remember 2016 like it was yesterday
  10. Bit of Trivia , Vintage display card made for 'BOW BUSTER'S Received boxes from New York ,Found 3 old cards with poly bags of 6 egg cluster's stapled to the cards, sold at $ 0.98 each back then. Trinidad Tackle will be packaging 12 clusters per bag.
  11. Another trip around the sun completed , Hank remember getting old is a privilege
  12. Trinidad Tackle has acquired BOW BUSTERS established 1990 Webster, New York, The finest in clusters of artificial Rainbow Eggs.Trinidad Tackle's BOW BUSTERS will be out by Sept 28, 2016 We will continue the same great quality that has given Bow Busters their reputation as a top artificial egg producer over the last 26 years on the East coast & North West for Steelhead & Salmon
  13. Dave S and myself hit Shasta Lake this morning pulling Trinidad Tackle new Bee's. Great day on the water lost 5 that came unbuttoned picked up speed started hooking up good solid Rainbows. 1st Picture is Dave letting out a 500' Copper line Rod. Our fish all hooked up on # 11600 & 11573 Had Full Moon & Pressure change today making fishing a bit rough , All fish hooked up at 2.5 mph at 85'
  14. Mark I sure hope these guys in Alaska,Canada,Washington, California and Oregon take to them the big water can be tricky out west at times. The bigger question is California & Washington hurt this year from lack of fish during the season. But we will be getting hold of retailers out your way as well. Out west they will have to be Barbless hooks you guys like Trebles we will adapt to everyone's needs..
  15. Trinidad Tackle of California has acquired OPTIMIZER trolling spoon established 1983 out of Webster New York. This spoon alone will run with most popular Salmon Plugs, Optimizer excellent for trolling at high speeds when searching for Kings. With wide speed range allows for effective rough water trolling.We will adapt the Optimizer with some West Coast King and Coho colors for the 2017 Pacific Ocean season.