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  1. They are out stock Gill was hoping someone had some extras to sell
  2. I am looking for a Couple of Fixed Alberta Clipper sliders
  3. In the future have the spoons Lacquered before painting, this will make paint stick to spoon. There are a ton of spoons on the market 2 or 3 hits and paint is gone .
  4. Matt The Optimizer comes in a 3 5/8" and 4 1/4" in the next 4 weeks we will have a 2 1/4" Optimizer. Ran it through field test last Wednesday it hooked up half our catch. It was just a plain Brass spoon will not have the Hex patter like the # 3 & # 4
  5. What spoons do you like for rough water?
  6. Any Graduates of University of Goi Island , Class of 1968-1969
  7. Out west (Calif) number 1 has been Optimizer # 4 by Trinidad Tackle all Black has been top choice
  8. 7/30/19 Lake Ontario Ny. Mark Schuman Running Trinidad Tackle 9" Stainless Steel Green Dodgers off 400' Copper "Stan, I was able to run the Trinidad Tackle 9 inch dodger on the 400 copper today and it produced 2 kings of the 7 we boated. We kept a 6 fish limit, nothing big, but it was fast fishing. We were done by 10am. I ran the dodger with a twinkie meat rig and familiar bite green label herring at 2.6 mph according to the probe rigger that was set at 80 feet down with a spoon. Lots of 2 year olds hanging in 120 feet of water this morning."
  9. Class A Sportfishing Yesterday at 12:54 PM · Fish were finicky as the morning went on... Some Diesel Brownies lately ... Nice box completed courtesy of Optimizer Lures.com... Browns were snapping at 3.2 on the Fish hawk.
  10. Using Trinidad Tackle 9" Stainless Steel Dodgers for these 8 Ocean run Wild King Salmon
  11. stan

    Ice Fishing

    Pap that sure does, I see all these posts on Facebook, Thought it was kind of funny to have a fishfinder on a hole. Now make sense in the way you described it Nope I don't way to ice fish Thanks.
  12. stan

    Ice Fishing

    I have never ice fished in my life. The questions is why do these guys use a fishfinder in the hole they have in the ice?
  13. I don't have flags, my boards are old, there was no chop to speak of maybe a couple inches at the most. I use these same boards for pulling 400' of Copper in the Spring
  14. Gentlemen, I am an old guy with no reason to fib to anyone. Yes, I am sure the board went back they always do. We have been fishing Shasta Lake Ca since the beginning of Nov for the Browns heading out of the lake to go spawn upriver, The surface temp has been in the high 40's yes this board was every bit above my head, then in less than a blink of an eye it was back under the water then surfaced on the opposite side of the boat, In all my years I have never had this happen before. .We never saw the fish all we have been hooking up have been Browns maybe one or two Rainbows, We have been trolling between 3.8 & 4.1 mph surface speed using Optimizer lures number 3's & 4's . here is a link to my facebook page with pictures of the Browns we have been catching. https://www.facebook.com/stan.kulak.7?ref=bookmarks yes are Browns are nothing compared to what you guys hook up, but for here there not bad.
  15. There was only two of us in the boat, otherwise, I would have had my mast up. Not much of a current. Browns are on the surface now.
  16. Last week we running a 4 board spread out the sides of the boat. Two Walleye boards on each side, one about 40' the other close to 20'. On the port side, the board that was at 40' came out of the water close to 6' and disappeared before I could get out of my seat. Once up we noticed the board pop up 20' on the starboard side,by the time I got the rod in my had there was no weight from any fish. We were fishing in over 200' of water so I know it was not bottom. Just wondering if anyone one has an idea of how big this fish might have been? We have been hooking up a lot of Browns in the 3 to 6 lb range over the last two months.
  17. Under normal use, one would snap it to your downrigger cable at the ball, not affecting anything
  18. Just a thought, I do have one and I thought about it. I think you would be way off the depth once you took off the TD would be different I would think? My Fishhawk on the dash would not help so I bought the TD couple months ago to get true blowback off the riggers at depth
  19. Gill I want to run off in-line boards or my mast and big boards 'During the Fall to Spring I will run 50', 100' Copper off the inline boards getting just below the surface But now that I am hooked on the Optimizer spoons and there higher speeds have been hooking up Larger fish
  20. Copper at 3.8 to 4 mph Anyone know what the sinking rate of Copper would be at higher speeds of 3.8 to 4 mph?
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