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  1. The Native Americans out West here are saying it's going to be a real bad winter, White man is stocking lots of firewood. There was a documentary on history channel last week talking about a new Ice age in the making....Weather is like politics Fact is the planet is a living breathing pile of dirt , rock and water, more volcanoes have erupted around the world in the last two years than any time I can remember. That has to have something to do with the weather according to my third grade teacher.
  2. Like the idea of the Blacks, but what do you do after say the second one inline is tripped..Looks as you can only fish with 3 releases at that point
  3. Like the idea of the Blacks, but what do you do after say the second one inline is tripped..Looks as you can only fish with 3 releases at that point
  4. Guess in my 2 year absent it seems Daiwa Heartland Trolling Rods are no longer manufactured...some how I am missing 3 of my heartland rods..What have you been replacing them with ?
  5. Jason sorry I left you off the list....AT & T got here half our ago re-hooking up the phone line...Dang I tore it lose on both ends...I going to have to order in new lower half of the mast for the planer boards it has a heck of a bend in it. ... here is an idea if you have any pull in the place you work at...Get all convicted NFL players in one prison for a heck of a game against the guards.
  6. Phone company says they will be here between 8am and 6pm Saturday. No way I can repair it. I tore out over 150' of phone line, thank God my brother is gone for a week or I would never hear the end of it.............My Granddad always said woman drink Beer and Men drink Scotch there is plenty here. Beside she has one of those little phones in her purse the one she got me 5 years ago is in over 500' water six months after she gave it to me. There is no one I need to talk to until I get home.....Nice cool day here today only hit 105 degrees.. Guys are picking up a lot of 18 to 24 lbers right now. Bite has been late afternoon to dark.
  7. Nope Driver this was a first......Just was not thinking.......When I took my boat down to have it sold I took all rods , reels, tackle, planer boards you name it it was there....Three of my Kokanee rods stolen and some tackle...
  8. Sup Mark. Picked up my boat for got to take down the 7' mast for the planer boards. Pulled into the drive way and tore out the phone line...Now I would like to blame it on old age or maybe ever excited to get her home after being away for the last year sitting in a boat lot with a number of other lonely boats.......Nope just did not think.....or is it Here is your sign ?
  9. I decided to hang around a while longer to screw my kids out of some money...For two years they were sitting on the fence like Vultures waiting for the old man to kick....
  10. Yep saw your note....Picking up my boat Friday ..can't believe it did not sell, I lowered it all the way down $15,000.00 . It booked out at $ 24,500.00 plus I was tossing all rods tackle, lures with the deal....She is just to much boat for these California fisherman I guess. Went out yesterday with two old friends that are both Fishing Guides out here....The Tug is the Drug for sure, hooking up 7 myself and landing 5 made me feel like I was 50 again....Back of the arms are a bit sore today but what a good feeling. How you doing on the Browns this year ?
  11. What happen to ????? Musky Bob Hank Vic Ray-the Irish man Nick Shawn Mark the skipper Matt
  12. I am looking for Speedy Shiner Fire Tiger 1/6oz with the silver cup side...only....... not the new one with the chartreuse cup.....little help please
  13. In matters of opinion, It's pointless to debate, there's no account for taste
  14. It's not the DNA but scale sample they use to tell the age of a King, Coho,
  15. Sorry missed your phone call, was down behind the house looking at the river for Kings...Told the wife I feel like I have a six pack now, she said all I need is that plastic thing that holds it all together..... Going to have change all the line on 19 reels that I have not used in the last 2 years....The backing on copper reels should be ok, but leaders will have to be changed out.... Mark what make of reel you have 400' copper on ? Love to find a reel big enough to hold 600' of copper...Many times I have hooked up the 300' to a downrigger that has been one of the most productive rods on the boat but ONLY 1 or you have a mess 3 monkeys could not untangle ..25' Copper rod set up sitting 50' to 60' off port or starboard side from big boards has been deadly as well when surface water temp come down.
  16. Took it down due to lack of interest. Gave up fishing myself...I was I sicker than a dog and to hard headed to go see a Doctor, then one day wife hauled me to the hospital...They found out I was 2 quarts low on blood.......put two new ones in and thank God my boat did not sell....Going down get a fishing license this week...be just in time for Fall and Winter fishing that is almost here. The lake lice will be gone after this weekend.....Heck might even start back at running after young woman again....Yep the Chartreuse Moose is back..............
  17. Man do I love running COPPER lines................... have rods with 25' to 300' ...think the Liberals would outlaw the stuff..............
  18. Man do I love running COPPER lines................... have rods with 25' to 300' ...think the Liberals would outlaw the stuff..............
  19. Mark the Sacramento River, Klamath river & Rouge river have had plenty of BIG Kings the last two years with reports of another banner year for the three rivers up North here.
  20. Even tho I am only 65 miles from Oregon I have never fished the Columbia . Best place for that information would be IFish out of Oregon
  21. Ocean opened up for the 2015 salmon season April 4th. season started off slow from reports with fish being caught from 30' down 220' many anglers coming back to dock with empty boxes....
  22. stan

    for sale : usa 2005 Crestliner 19.5 Sportfish

    Well I guess I have caught all the fish that I want to...Lost all interest in fishing about year and half ago...She has been just sitting collecting dust...I start her up once a month on the trailer and that has been it.
  23. stan

    for sale : usa 2005 Crestliner 19.5 Sportfish

    Just to much boat for the left coast guys Bob,none of them seem to be able to understand what 90% of the gear is used for...
  24. stan

    for sale : usa 2005 Crestliner 19.5 Sportfish

    This boat is fully loaded 19 1/2', Honda 150 main engine with a yama 8hr kicker and Panther steering. Complete Bert's track system that hold 2 Big Jon's Capt pack down riggers 2 trees, 8 rod holders, 7' mast. Furno 585 tm260 transducer, Hummingbird nav, Humminbird ship to shore radio, 2 probes 1 fishwak port side & other Depth Raider starboard. Rods reels and all tackle 4 Church Walleye boards , 2 big boards for mast set up, Full canvas for raining day fishing... all for $19,000.00 This boat is ready for fishing, you won't need a thing but gas. Boat has only been in fresh water location Northern Calif.
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