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  1. horrible day today. Set up in 515 fow. Never moved a rod all the way into 350. Re set farther east and north to about the 30 line. Horrible screen all day. 1 for 3 all on deep meat 99 on the riggers. Thats it. Other 2 boats with us did about the same. Talk around the marina was also horrible. What gives? Anyone do well today
  2. Olcott weekend Fished Friday and Sunday. 3 boats made the trip over from Ohio. All our boats crushed fish each day. Off shore 450 to 500 was best. Targeting 50 to 90 down as the temp moved slightly each day. Flasher fly bite all around with white on white, white 2 face, and chrome green dot flashers with stud fly or live lime mirage fly best. What a great fishery. Big steelhead, big cohos, matures and other year class salmon all playing each day. Will be back soon! Just a few pics of our boats action.
  3. No snubber, tight release, semi tight drag. About all you can do other than good sharp hooks Sent from my SM-G530P using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Thank you. Appreciate it very much!Sent from my SM-G530P using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Good read . Seen all these mods in action thus past weekend. They work very well Sent from my SM-G530P using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. http://bloodruntackle.com/inline-planer-board-modifications/ Sent from my SM-G530P using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. upgrade the back plastic pin to the steel one. Then give the line a few twists before putting the loop you just created into/on the pin. like some folks do a rigger release. Then attach the front. It will not slide. Just like it will not from a rigger
  8. We fished Thur threw Sunday. Brought 4 boats. 3 guys per boat. Ran off shore right away. 460 to 480. I would say each boat took about 30 rips a 7 hr or so trip out. Mostly steelhead, a few very nice coho's, with mature and younger salmon coming in spurts or just at random. I would say our boat had our hooks into maybe 8 or 9 matures in 3 days. 50 to 85 down. Higher early and dropping as the day went. Spoons and FF all did well really. Flasher fly was better for most the big fish. We waited till 1030 this morning and made the run back out to the same numbers we had all circled for the past 3 days. Was able to do 14 to 18 mph most the ride. It had settled down a lot from 5 am. Yesterday we all had a very fun ride in when that lake blew up .Very fun. Anyway, we only fished 3 hours and went 3 for 5 with 1 lost screamer and rest steel. The temp went to hell on us however and it was tough. 54 still at 110 down. Best part of the entire trip was my Uncle Pete catching a 32 lb king about 2 hrs into our trip. I will try and post a picture. Fish was amazing . Thanks to all the guys that contribute on this site. I have learned a ton right here. Next weekend is already a possibility for some of us to come on back for more. Good luck out there. Oh and make sure those big in line boards don't slide down to your backing/ copper knot. A few screamers are dragging around a 300 and 400 copper . WOW. learned the proper way to connect them so they cant slide just a day or 2 late. I know that wont happen again! Huge Thank you to my buddy Mike for having me aboard
  9. Question is on how many rods and spread presentation. 4 guys on board. How many rods and what? I only have 2 downriggers. I know the wider beam boats run more. Lets say 2 riggers Seems like most locals I talk to don't run 2 lures off their riggers? aka slider/stacker Do most run 2 dipsys per side? Same size dipsys? Ive been running a mag down and a regular out on 3 setting? Should they be the same? Whats the standard dipsy settings? Thanks guys. Its been 4 years of trips over from ohio now. Well since I was a 8 year old kid coming with my dad and uncle a few times. Catching fish just want to take it to the next level of understanding. Wod ike to be that 10% that catches 90% of the fish like on erie. Not there yet. No way. Had a local tell me forget everything I know about walleye fishing 3 weeks ago at the dock when I was there last..lol
  10. 220 on what setting? A 3? and out 150 on what? a 1 setting?
  11. Don't most charters run 2 dipsys a side? Usually a 1 setting and a 3 setting? What is everyone's thought? Hell I want to run 3 a side just don't yet. Im a lake erie guy and first mate at times so running 12 , 14 rods is normal. With junk fish and worms, it can be non stop in and out. At least here Im not checking bait non stop. I have that mentality of 3 rods a guy is legal , 12 rods out with 4 guys or 9 with 3 of us for sure.? Im starting to think Its not quite the right train of thought here. Tell me what you guys think. 3 of us head out, my spread is 2 dipsys a side. 1 a mag dipsy on a 1 setting, and a normal lure Jensen #1 I believe on a 3 setting. Wire rods. 2 coppers out on tx44 in line boards,.. or 1 copper and 1 leadcore. think its a 10 color and got a 300 and a 400. Then 2 down riggers. And I always throw a slider/ stacker on. so that's 9 rods. If its 4 guys , I put two stackers on, or sliders, mostly fixed, with seperate rods. So thats 10 rods out including the 2 clipped onto the cable. If I could effectivly fish 2 more rods I probably would. lol. Im starting to seriously consider running my cheaters with only 1 rod/ 2 lures like Ive read on here. Makes a lot of sense. Less rods in the way same result. I have not had many troubles with tangles or landing fish yet. Anyway, reason Im asking is I just feel like I should be doing better. A little better. staring to feel my spread a little more. Feel like Im crowding it sometimes. Too many different lures swiming out there at one time. I notice a lot of these charters have only 3 maybe 4 different lures out working together. 2 of the same flasher and fly out. Often. I just think I need to start thinking maybe less lures and more about presentation.
  12. Don't you guys run 2 dipsys a side? I run a rigger and 2 dips a side. Charters don't?
  13. We fished out of Oak this weekend. Worst trip ever. Never boated a mature in the 3 boats we had fishing very hard every day. Few steel and shakers. Think 13lb was the big fish. 32 line to the peir head. 5 hrs from ohio and a whole lot of money. Im still sick over it all. Oh well . we fun anyway and its not all about the fish we know.....But they sure [email protected]%ing help!!!
  14. Also if the stackers are a wast of time I don't always run them. But .....have taken many fish on them and a few big kings. 2 years ago my wife's 27 lber came about 45 down on a stacker spoon. what a blast
  15. Thanks. Sounds good. I will run the copper out on the boards. core down the chute. We will be running 2 wire dipsey rods a side. 2 riggers with stackers, and the long lines. That's 11 total and most likely just 10 without the chute rod. 4 of us on board. I ran 10 rods the last few trips with very little problem. you say 400 will be to deep for inside? I figured the deepest it will run is 88 feet down more likely 80 ish at 2.5 to 3 mph no??? sounds just fine for say 100 to 120 fow . If that's where the temp and fish are I know. We have been doing well offshore and I know many many captains are still running out to the 30 line. I also know the inside is heating up. I hope we can find and stay on a productive bite inside but will run if needed maybe mid day. Thanks again
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