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  1. Olcot

    Decoy Hound what was your program? We fished just inside of you 250-330 fow and saw many charters around us. We did ok Friday with just 5 kings. Biggest was about 12# and the others were 5-6#. That took us all day. Yesterday we did not move a rod until the afternoon and that was just for 3 shakers. Today we only fished a half a day and did not move a rod all a day. The ride back to Cleveland we ask ourselves what we did wrong. Changed down speeds at the ball from 1.9 to 3.0. Changed slide diver and diver depths from 30' to 70'. Ran riggers from 40' to 100'. Ran spoons and FF off everything. Ran 300 and 400 copper off boards. Ran 6" orange/crush SD off blue/gold peanut fly and 3/4oz keel sinker off in line board took 2 fish. Sutton 44 spoon took 1 fish off 50 rigger. My buddy loves his Sutton spoons. Another fish came off a 40 rigger with blue/white SD and fly. The last keeper fish came off a UV green frog spoon. The only thing I can think of is we didn't have a Firecracker spoon, Stud fly or Caddy Shack spoon like we heard all over the radio. Thanks for the great report. We were starting to think the lake was fished out. lol.
  2. UV 2 face E-chip

    What color is the UV tape? White? What are the size of the dots? What size flasher?
  3. Olcott- Fri-Sun

    Joe your boss says go to bed. I got my tackle packed. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. I am coming in from Cleveland Thurs. and was wondering if anyone had any reports for Olcott. I heard the lake rolled last week but was just wondering what the program was. Any advise or pointers to look out for, after the lake rolls would be appreciated. We fished there in the spring and did fairly well. I was hoping to come back for for some matures now in the fall.