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  1. What was the largest salmon weighed in by a member ?
  2. Obsevered during the Owsego Pro Am on this boat . Safe comfortable ride, and a fishing catching machine !! Will make someone a great ride.
  3. Big Dave

    Spooling 7 strand stainless wire

    Tie it to the spool, then I use stranded shipping tape and put length ways across the spool and put it on tight like others have said. The tape keeps it from slipping on the spool. The filiments help the wire to bind it all together.
  4. No, got plenty, but the are a good flasher don't pull as hard as a SD or a paddle.
  5. They work great with cutbait of the outside clip. and laker rigs off the center clip.
  6. Those cranks didn't work the best. were for a onetime wind it up. Hold the spool and loosen the knob and wind up by hand worked when mine had a bad connection.
  7. Big Dave

    ELOSTA fleamarket

  8. Big Dave

    Sea sick

    Read that a paper bag tucked in the waistband and under the shirt against the skin works.
  9. Big Dave

    Fish Doctor Blog

    Nice read Jeff !
  10. Big Dave

    ELOSTA fleamarket

    You too Jon
  11. should be a fun day
  12. Big Dave

    Florida school shooting

    Things have changed. I grew up in the 50s and 60s. Every pickup in the high school parking lot had a gun rack in the back window. The high school had rife ranges is the basements. Used to get on the bus with the 22 , had to keep the bolt in my pocket and keep the gun in my locker so I could ride with the coach to armory in the drivers ed. car. We had rifle club there because the range wasn't finished in my school. You would see the science teacher compairing shotguns with a couple on students in the parking lot because they had been grouse hunting before school. I don't think is the gun its the people.. God they use trucks to attack. Its how they are raised not the tools they use or the tv or games they watch. IMO.
  13. Big Dave

    Wanted Fish hawk

    Got an 840 with all the cables and triducer & probe. . Working when my friend took it off. $300 Sent from my E6782 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Big Dave

    Flea market

    March 17 Saturday. 9 to 1. Brewerton fire hall. RT 11 Sent from my E6782 using Lake Ontario United mobile app