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  1. Pm Sent Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. It appears there are two different styles the ones in pictures 2 and 5 do not appear to have a release mechanism and work like the tiny Big Jon disks that you would fight the disk and the fish. Might be a bit difficult with a 5" disk.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion that looks like a great spread and would give me a good range and versatility and a good use of the reels capacities. I really appreciate your help. Being newer to the weighted line thing I just don’t want to do things over and over if guys have go to set ups that I should incorporate into my spread. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Legacy and Fishnut Thanks for the recommendations looks like a great choice Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Yankee thanks for the recommendation I may get a pair of the 9’ for my Saltist rods with copper and thanks for the promo code too!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Thanks for the recommendation Nautitroller are you using MH on your short cores or long cores and copper? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Well with winter coming up and some time on my hands I am looking to optimize my rod and reel presentation. Already looking at new rods and am now choosing which lengths of LC and Copper to spool up based on the reels I already own. I recently picked up a few that don't have line and I have some already spooled that I wouldn't mind changing to optimize the use of the reels capacity, drag, and retrieval rate. Here is what I have and if it is spooled up what it is set up with. 1 Okuma Magda Pro DX 45 Line counter with upgraded drag and copper levelwind from convector as a 5 color LC 1 Okuma Magda Pro DX 45 Line counter with upgraded drag and copper levelwind from convector as a 7 color LC 2 Okuma Clarion 453 high speed not spooled 2 Daiwa Saltist 50 high speed spooled up with 300' 45# copper (mono backing, which needs to be changed to braid) 1 Okuma Clarion 553 high speed not spooled 1 Penn 340 not spooled I am looking for recommendations, I am thinking of doing the following and not sure if it is the best use of reel and best representation of the "strike zone" Both Magda 45's 5 color Both Clarion 453's 7 color Penn 340 200 Copper or 10 color due to the slow retrieve rate 1st Daiwa 50 Saltist 200 copper 2nd Daiwa 50 Saltist 250 copper Okuma Clarion 553 300 copper If these were your reels how would you spool them up? I am not sure if it makes sense to have two each 5 color and 7 color rods, or if I would be better served Making the 453's a couple 200 coppers, and the Saltist a couple 250 coppers and the Penn and 553 a couple 300 coppers. I appreciate your insight and feedback as trolling LC and Copper is something I just added this year. Thanks Terry
  8. Looking for a little advice as I can't seem to physically put my hands on a rod that I like yet. I fish Lake Ontario and use a single mast with large boards and have no interest in small boards at this time. I know that a lot of the LC rods are built stout to pull the small boards and while using a large board system the rods are not as critical but it is time upgrade as it drives me crazy fishing with all different rods of length and action. I have a bunch of Shimano Triton 200 reels loaded up with 2,3,4 color and a couple Okuma 45 for my 5 & 7. Right now they are on various rods I have collected over 30+ years of fishing and while they work they just aren't ideal. I am looking at the Shimano TDR 86MC2C lead core rods but only online and have not held one. I was wondering if any of you guys with real life experience with this rod can chime in on how you like it. Are these a pool stick and no fun for spring browns? I currently own two 300 copper set ups and use the Okuma Copper/LC rod and love it for that but thinking it would be a bit much for the short core reels. I would be happy to hear other suggestions of rods that have large eyes that LC passes through easily as this is one of the things I am trying to "upgrade" from as well as satisfy my OCD of all things matching. Thanks Terry
  9. Sent you a pm Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Fisherdaze, Those 2 reels appear to be Shimano tritons in the 200 series. These are great reals indestructible and all parts are readily available and the reels are still in production. Before the Tekota these were on several charter boats. I have 8 of them with carbon fiber drags set up for short leadcore. These fetch more money on E-Bay all the time. Someone should buy these up pretty fast. Terry
  11. Great seller, shipped the reels fast and they were better than described condition!! Thanks again!
  12. I am looking for at least one Shimano Charter 2000 reel and would consider buying 3 if the price was right. Please let me know what you have. (I saw that I just missed out on 4 that Hookmeup sold). Thank you Terry
  13. Steeliesteve, TunaToms reel repair told me the same exact thing they told him, they said they used to offer carbon fiber but they did not think the surface area was sufficient and that they only offer OEM drag washers. I bought enough to rebuild my six reels. I also performed the Penn carbon fiber drag rebuild that I posted a link to and have been happy with the results. Other options I have researched but do not have experience with are: Smooth drags sells an Extreme Smoothie for a 50H which from my research is the same drag pack. I am not affiliated with any of these mfg's in any way.
  14. Thanks Legacy, That was a great write up and I have read it several times. I continue to reference great articles like this to pick something new up every time. Terry
  15. Thanks guys for the recommendation of weighted steel. You recommended 350' is that a 300' spool of weighted line 50' of 19 strand and braid backer to fill spool? I see torpedo only has 200 and 300' spools. Terry
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