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  1. 4 rod holders for sale $40 each. All have rod caps that have not been glued and set thumb knob set screw. A little boat rash on a couple very minor. These are in very good shape. The mast holes are 2” ID the rod holder section is like 1 3/4” just like most rod holders and they are approximately 11 1/2” long/deep. Located in Webster NY willing to ship Terry Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Have been fishing on this boat with Mike for years. This little motor just runs never an issue. Mike takes very good care of all of his equipment. This would be a great kicker or small boat motor. Terry Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I have a complete Moor sub-troll unit with some extras What is included: Working Display unit with both gimbal mount and in dash mounting ring and power cable with inline fuse holder with original box. Working probe (not pictured still on boat in great shape) Brand new antenna originally $35 still in package New spool of 200' of coated cable originally $40 Good used rca cable from antenna to head unit Moor clincher kit for downrigger cable needs ring lug to terminate coated cable Extras also included: Good used spare antenna Spare used rca cable from antenna to head unit Spare used spool of coated downrigger cable about 150' Display power cable Extra display unit with gimbal mount that needs repair. I called the service rep in Buffalo last year and told him that the decimal on the display only comes on for about 10 seconds and then goes out. He said it is most likely a capacitor and he could repair it. My plan was to send it in for repair and keep it as a spare but have not sent it in. Extra probe is included this DOES NOT work I do not know what is wrong with it but intended to have it repaired with the head unit. For those of you that don't know the technician that worked for Moor in Buffalo has continued to service these units. His business is Big Blue Enterprises. He is very helpful he has a listing on E-bay for repairs. I am in no way affiliated or endorsed by him just passing on info if the buyer chooses to repair the extras. The only thing that you would need to complete the set up is a safety cable between the probe and downrigger weight. These are listed on E-bay right now for around $11 I am located in Webster NY pick up is ok and can ship if needed at owners actual expense. $250 I have been a member here Since July 2015 and bought several things from forum members over the years with good transactions and you can expect the same from me. Terry
  4. Would also consider 959 or 859 DI units Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Looking for a 1159 DI head unit or complete set up. My unit died last night. Would consider 959 or 859 DI units. Looking to plug the head unit in to existing transducers on boat. Let me know if you have one and how much you want Thanks Terry Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Fat Trout thanks for the input. Well some would describe the wakes in Irondequoit bay as "crazy conditions" when boat traffic is heavy. Traxstech says it is ok for drift bags which I would think would put a constant strain vs an anchor which should see some slack and bouncing. i have reached out to Traxstech and haven't got an answer yet. Hoping to get some real world experience here.
  7. Anybody using a traxstech cleat to anchor their boat while hanging out in the bays swimming or just floating? I recently installed a bow mount TM and lost the space for my cleat. I have a 24" track on the bow with a backing plate that my planer mast goes in so I confident the track should be ok but concerned about the cleat possibly pulling out of the base plate. I would not use in rough conditions or emergency situations I have other cleats on the boat. The TM has spot lock so not going to see a lot of use while fishing just when the family is out and I don't want the spot lock running while we are swimming around it. The boat is a 20' aluminum open bow. It is a minimal investment like $30 just trying to avoid wasting a day on the water or worse hurting someone if I get out there and it breaks right away. Thanks Terry
  8. X2 especially the black and silver Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. PM sent Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Bump Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. I know it’s a long shot. Looking for at least one 6” or longer gold anodized Pursuit or Traxstech track. Would consider Berts and cannon. Thanks Terry Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Hey Krawler I just saw this post, I have a bunch of the tritons myself. I saw a video of a guy that is putting shimano calcutta 400 power handles on them. He was buying them from the factory when they were/are available. Most of the sellers on ebay want $30 for the handle which if you have a couple reels and really want to make the change could work. I have 8 reels so that is not a option for me at this time as they are used for my junk lines (lead core) and see limited use. Ebay does have some other power handles from over seas that may work but they are a 5x8 hole and will require an adapter which can also be found on ebay. The price is better but who knows about quality, not keen on the idea of buying directly from an over seas distributor. Hope this helps Terry
  13. Les, You are absolutely right!! I saw a response on this page somewhere that they can fit 150yds of 50lb braid behind 300 copper on their 50 Saltists and didn't question it. I just knew the mono backer I have is not enough. I have a great excel chart that lets me play with reel capacity and line size. Here is what I found today when I played with the excel chart Based on the the reel capacity of 30lb mono 350yds thickness of 0.022" Here is what will fit on the Daiwa Saltist 50s that I have 300' of blood run copper at 0.033" diameter 35' of 30lb leader at 0.022" For backing it says I can get 750' of 50lb power pro at 0.014" and the reel will be at 96.6% full and at 825' of 50 lb power pro it will then be 99.5% full You also need to account for any mono backer you use to start the wraps on the reel as I don't tape my reels up or tie braid straight to the spool. With that said 700' of braid should fit nicely. I usually shoot for ~98% full on my reels That is a lot better, I have found the chart to be very accurate when filling my lead core rods and needing to know backing lengths. Les thanks for the kick in the pants to do my homework and not just rely on something I saw. People make typos or use lines of different diameters, say feet when they mean yards, or sometimes I just misread things! I continue to say this is the best site ever where guys are always helping each other. Tight lines Terry
  14. You don’t have to worry about it Jack and I will fight em, they were also responsible for our biggest fish! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. I have read the stickies on this subject which are great and many other posts but have a question still. I bought a few used Daiwa Saltist 50s last year already spooled up with 300 copper and they have mono backing. Had a few fish run taking me farther down the spool then I am comfortable and cranked up the drag to stop them. I want to change the mono backing out to 50# power pro braid to get about 450’ of backing. My question is when running a mast and large boards like otter etc... what clips should I use to attach to the braid? I have also read guys splice mono between the copper and braid, is this the preferred method for my set up. I have the large red offshore releases already and used them with no issues on the copper with mono but not sure if the will hold the braid. Terry Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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