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  1. Conesus Ice Pike

    Released this one a few weeks ago. The big guys need to be put back in my opinion
  2. Shot out last night for a few hours had plenty of marks in 40-50 fow. Landed a small brown and right around 7:30 one of the diver rods fires and our best fish of the season is screaming line out. Held on for while and then the wire jammed on the reel and the fish broke off. The wire must have been loose at one point while fishing deep on an earlier trip because it had a wrap laying over another if that makes sense. It was nice being out there and not have to worry about the crazy boat traffic of combat fishing. Going out again Saturday morning and expect it to be a zoo. Terry
  3. Daiwa Great Lakes 47lc Drag washers

    I have the same reels and wanted to upgrade my reels as well. Here is the response I received when I reached out to Tuna Tom Hey Terry, Thanks for looking us up. We really appreciate the interest! Unfortunately, we're unable to manufacture carbon fiber drag washers for the older Great Lakes 47LC reel due to the lack of surface area on the drag washer for that reel. We've tried them in the past, and they just didn't have the drag pressure that was needed due to the lack of surface area. The good news is that the stock Daiwa drag washers perform quite well, especially after a 30 year old set in a reel like that has been replaced for the first time. If the stock drag washer would be something that you'd be interested in, here's a link to it on our web store for easy access: (3 needed per 1 reel) DAIWA 375-9905 DRAG WASHER A * $4.99 Thanks again for the interest! Happy fishing! -Andy Tuna's Reel Troubles Hope this helps. Terry
  4. Walker 124mm Deeper diver depth

    Thanks Les, Been kind of a frustrating year as I have not been able to dial in a diver program. Last year I had two braid rods and did nothing with them to speak of. This year I added 4 wire rods to the spread and have only landed a couple lakers and have had a couple releases but nothing there. I've done a couple kings on the riggers but nothing on the DD w/FF. I am starting to second guess the spread I am putting out. I have all 3 of the Keating books and reference them all the time. I typically run a V pattern with 2 DR's 4 Divers and two Lead cores out side. On a positive note I have not had too many issues deploying and running the 4 divers and wanted to thank you as you provided quite a bit of detail in a previous post. Terry
  5. Hi Guys I am looking for some direction on the depth my divers are reaching. I run a four diver spread all on wire and all 4 divers are 124mm walker deeper divers. I run two of them on #1 setting and two of them on a #3 setting. Should I be using a 2:1 ratio for the divers set on #1 so 200' line gets 100' down? Should I be using a 3:1 ratio for the divers set on #3 so 300' line gets 100' down? I have the "precision trolling big water edition" and follow the Dipsy diver charts but wanted to know if you are finding the Walker/Lurk divers are different. Thanks for the direction Terry
  6. Nice fish and great to hear about friends getting together. My friend of 30+ years and I grew up fishing out of Hughes and make a point to get out when life allows. I still have a great memories fishing out of there. Terry
  7. I just wanted thank everyone for their recommendations and experience. They have made my learning curve much shorter!! We have done a few fish on the wire divers and FF set ups but not like I had hoped. I have actually taken more fish on the DR's this year. I run 2 downriggers of the back and then 4 wire DD rigs (2 off each side all 4 are 124 Walker deeper divers on #1 and #3 settings) and then a 5 & 7 color off boards on each side. I have Walker 107mm divers and could put them on the outside but have not had any issues running all 124mm divers (could the large ones be too big?) Is there a standard depth separation for each DD like the general rule of thumb for downrigger of keeping a 10' vertical separation? I have read all three Keating books and still have not found my answer. I know dialing in each day is different but a starting point would be helpful. I typically spend my time inside of 200' of water. Lets say the 42-44 degree range is 125-115 my riggers would be deepest say 125 and 115 next the inside DD (124mm set @ #1) are set at 200'(with wire hoping to achieve 100' depth) and 180 (with wire hoping to achieve 90' depth). Next I set the outside 124mm DD on #3 settings also on wire at 160 and 150. I am looking to achieve a classic V pattern. Is the 150 and 160 setting too far away from the others? I have read conflicting things about the 124mm Walker divers set @#3 on wire I have read they still achieve a 2:1 ratio or half the depth to length ratio and I have read they reach 1/3 the depth. So where are my outside DD?? Again Thanks for all the tips my season is starting shape up and the crew really feels like we are becoming better trolling fisherman. Terry
  8. Thanks, Yeah it is better than a fat man with a young fish!!! lol
  9. Got out Sunday morning, with a late start didn't hit the water until 7am. We had issues getting the kicker motor started and ended up using the main engine all day despite that we had a great day. Started in 150 FOW and while sending down the second the D/R the first one fires and it was game on. The fish made a couple nice runs and then broke off. stayed in around 150' and found good water temps with suspended fish around. Around 9:30 the other rigger fires and its another king I boated this one. Ten minutes later the rigger fires again and its a nice king making a strong run and giving my buddies 11 year old son quite a run. Tem minutes into fighting the fish the other rigger fires and we have a double. Both the fish ended up getting off but I managed a nice father son double pic at the back of the boat first. Then for the next hour it was pretty good getting four more fish and losing a couple in the process. The wire diver fired a couple times and picked up a couple lakers as well. It has been a slow year this year for us only fishing once a week and this was our first king of the season so it felt good to get that monkey off of our back. The D/R fish all came on NK28's and NK mags in either green or that yellow/greenish color (spoons from the mid eighties) The wire divers were glow spin dr. with green spots and a wht/glow fly Back at the dock found the idle screw had backed out on the kicker motor and had it up and running in a few minutes of tuning.
  10. X2 on the tangles, Had a buddy insist that we needed more lines in the water and ran stackers on his boat with cowbells below, not only did we have a bad tangle on one side but lost the fish and cowbell set up on the other side. It was all of 30 minutes old as he had opened the brand new package and dropped it for the first and last time. Needless to say we/he never runs stackers or cheaters above cowbells. If the fish are active you will not need them, usually two rods will keep you plenty busy
  11. I know a lot goes into setting up a spread properly to be the most efficient so I will give a brief description of my current layout 20' boat 8' beam 2 riggers run off the back corners usually one rod each with a fixed/sliding cheater (shimano TLR's with Charter specials) 2 magnum divers run on a #1 setting wire (9.5' talora's/ Daiwa 47LC) 2 magnum divers run on a #3 braid (10.5' Daiwa Great Lakes Systems rod/Daiwa 47LC, soon to be replaced with wire 9' Great lakes rods/Daiwa 47LC) have been running 1 rod on a big board on each side of the boat either a 2/3/5 color depending on suspended fish depths 8 rods seems to work well with the team of three guys on the boat I feel confident fishing the current set up I have a few questions that I could use some advice on before I jump into fishing with copper. I currently have two 9' rods that have Daiwa 47LC 5.1:1 reels on them set up as 5 color lead core rods. I plan to repurpose the reels and use them as a second set of wire divers, as the braid divers are proving to be a PITA with the level of fleas I will keep them for early/late season fishing. I will use the rods for the copper set ups. They are older Daiwa SK-77 med 10-25 rods and have plenty of backbone. Based on removing the 5 color from my arsenal what length coppers should I be looking at. I have read a lot of the posts here and based on others set ups I was thinking a 300 and a 400 as a good start. I know that they will be deeper than a 5 color. I typically fish in 300' or less as I don't go offshore or haven't yet. I typically pick up used equipment when I can as $ is tight while my wife is in school and not working. So what lengths should I get as my first two copper rods? (likely my only two) These will run off of a mast with big boards. What reels should I look for? I prefer either Daiwa's or Shimano but willing to use any good quality reel. What is the life expectancy of copper line? Should I run 32 or 45#? I have been looking at the new Daiwa SLW50 and 60's they look to have great reel capacity and a fast retrieval rate with a good level of drag. Obviously these are too new to buy used but Thanks Terry
  12. Correcting Down Rigger weight tracking

    It turned out that the top eye was bent slightly I tested it in the port rigger same result as well as every depth direction and speed I could try. I corrected it so that it was parallel about 5 degree change and I had no issues with it the last two time out hope this helps
  13. Correcting Down Rigger weight tracking

    Great recommendations, I will try it on the port side to see how it tracks but what does not make sense is that with both riggers at the same depth starboard side had the 12# torpedo and the port had the 10# ball the ball tracked straight back and the torpedo was wide right. (facing the back of the boat). Tonight I put the torpedo in a jig making sure the bottom fin was 90 degrees with my angle finder and then checked the top loop and it is off 5 degrees. I will check it this weekend on the water before changing anything and see how it tracks on the port side. I ran with it four of the seven days last week during an annual trip to Sodus and direction, depth, and speed had no discernible effect on the way it tracked. I found turning the boom out to 45 degrees was the only thing that kept it directly off the back corner of the boat. I did not try the port side however as I bought the heavier weight to try to compensate for the blow back caused by the subtroll on the starboard rigger. I can't complain about additional time on the water to figure this out. Thanks again