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  1. Fisherdaze, Those 2 reels appear to be Shimano tritons in the 200 series. These are great reals indestructible and all parts are readily available and the reels are still in production. Before the Tekota these were on several charter boats. I have 8 of them with carbon fiber drags set up for short leadcore. These fetch more money on E-Bay all the time. Someone should buy these up pretty fast. Terry
  2. Great seller, shipped the reels fast and they were better than described condition!! Thanks again!
  3. I am looking for at least one Shimano Charter 2000 reel and would consider buying 3 if the price was right. Please let me know what you have. (I saw that I just missed out on 4 that Hookmeup sold). Thank you Terry
  4. Steeliesteve, TunaToms reel repair told me the same exact thing they told him, they said they used to offer carbon fiber but they did not think the surface area was sufficient and that they only offer OEM drag washers. I bought enough to rebuild my six reels. I also performed the Penn carbon fiber drag rebuild that I posted a link to and have been happy with the results. Other options I have researched but do not have experience with are: Smooth drags sells an Extreme Smoothie for a 50H which from my research is the same drag pack. I am not affiliated with any of these mfg's in any way.
  5. Thanks Legacy, That was a great write up and I have read it several times. I continue to reference great articles like this to pick something new up every time. Terry
  6. Thanks guys for the recommendation of weighted steel. You recommended 350' is that a 300' spool of weighted line 50' of 19 strand and braid backer to fill spool? I see torpedo only has 200 and 300' spools. Terry
  7. The Diawa 50H is also the same drag pack as the 47LC one more place to look.Here is one of the links, there are a few. http://alantani.com/index.php?topic=13748.0
  8. You should google Alan Tani he rebuilds reels and his website has step by step pictures on how to do it. I too received the same answer from Tuna Tom and found this site which uses Penn drag washers they improved my reels significantly. They even have the part numbers listed Terry Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Hey guys I have been holding off adding copper to the mix for the past three years getting the dipsy diver program dialed in. I have been running large boards for years mainly top linies for browns and added lead core about three years ago. I now have a few general and more specific questions and would appreciate any help. I picked up a Penn 340 reel recently and will be spooling it up with copper. I figured I should use 45# but I see that 32# has about the same curve. Is the 45# the one I want? One additional factor, I have 2 Okuma 45's set up with LC and may change over to 32# Copper if I like running copper. Should I stick to one # rating on the boat or is it ok to run some runs 32# and other 45# because of the similar depth curves? Also I see different mfg I hear good things about several but hear/read mostly about Blood Run. Is Blood run a good choice for a first time copper user? I do not plan on running this out of the chute because of the layout of my boat so it will be dedicated to large board use (Super Ski's). I was thinking of 400' putting me at 65-95' depending on speed, current, bait etc. Will I have problems pulling 400' with the super ski's? Also is 400 a good 1st rod or should I look at 300 for the first (Not able to run out of chute so will always be fully deployed) If anyone knows of a backing/copper/leader length for the reel I would appreciate suggestions there too. Thanks Terry
  10. Hung, This is Terry (Robs buddy) I have a very similar boat. I would suggest thinking about a good layout for your boat before buying some tracks. You want to have an idea of how your set up is going to work best for your boat and what your plans are to fish with it. It is better to have more track then you think you will need because you may find yourself adding things later without the added cost of more track. It also gives you the ability to move things around a bit to adjust your spread. I currently have three sections of track along each side of the boat for a total of 66" on each side. First a 36" track along each side of the boat towards the back the rigger is all the way back then weight holders then three ratcheting rod holders easily. Next I have an 18" section midship for three planer board rod holders on each side. Finally I have a 12" section on each side for net holders and cup holders, etc. If you wanted to stop by to check it out let me know. Your boat looks great, you will love the Lund.
  11. Thanks Superhawk, emailed Cisco they said 10.5" like Traxstech and Berts
  12. Great price!! Wish I saw this three days ago, I bought the exact net for $125. Good luck
  13. Thanks Shawn, how are they holding up? It seems like the net material is a little lighter duty than the poly net would be.
  14. Ok so I just ordered two new Ranger nets for the boat one for salmon 34X30 and one for trout 25X25. I made sure they were hook free nets when I ordered them. I did not realize they were flat bottom. After doing some reading they are supposed to support the fish better and keep it "calm". Does anyone have these bags on your nets or do you run the more traditional net with a coating? Below is Rangers description. Ranger Flat Bottom Replacement Net #2525FB 25" x 25" Hoop size 30" Depth (measurements are taken before attaching to hoop) 24" deep after it's put on hoop Hook free, knotless Rubber coated nylon - lighter weight Flat bottom replacement net Directions on how to change net is on the package 5/8" Black mesh Made for walleye & salmon Very popular flat bottom This is the replacement net for Ranger's #491, 978 or 9788 hoop UPC 080785004202 #2525FB
  15. Thanks guys great ideas! Scotty makes the one in the pic
  16. Found it! It is called the net minder.
  17. Looking for some help finding a product that I know I have found before but can't seem to use the right search words to find it again. I am looking for a strap or clip that attaches to the handle of the net and holds the net so it doesn't float into the fish while netting but then releases the net under the weight of the fish. I can't remember who makes them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Terry
  18. Thanks John, I was hoping someone would say they liked them. I do see used ones go up for sale a lot and it concerned me that people don't like them. I found pretty good prices on a couple of new Cisco net holders same design, and I can get them in gold like my tracks. I sent them an e-mail to see if they are as tall as the Traxstech and Berts ones. I know Cisco makes nice rod holders. Terry
  19. Is anyone using the track mounted net holders? I think this may be the way to go while trolling putting one on each side near the windshield of the boat for both nets. The nets are large salmon and trout nets with 8' octagon extension handles. Do you like them? At 15" deep how well do they support the net handle? Do you remove the nets while underway? $120 for a couple net holders is kind of pricey to find out I don't like them. I like to keep the nets extended while fishing, don't mind breaking them down to move.
  20. I went with the 34x30 and the 25x25 with coated nets. Thanks for the suggestion!
  21. Pap, I have 4 electric Invader downriggers that I bought used back in the early 90's and they just keep going. Every once in a while I think about buying some Cannon or Big Jon but can't justify doing it until these give up. Hope that you get as many years out of yours! Terry
  22. I am looking for opinions on net sizes. I have an old cumings salmon net with the 6' handle that slides into the yoke for storage but its just not long enough to effectively boat fish while trolling in my newer boat. It worked "ok" in the old small boat with an outboard but with the new boat having an I/O when one guy is standing on one side of the doghouse fighting a fish the net man needs to be on the other side of the doghouse and with the riggers and dipsy rods in the water getting the fish close to the boat can be fun to say the least. My current hoop on the cumings is 30X27 and the hoop size for salmon feels pretty good but way overkill for trout with the 4 foot deep net. The other small net I have is seen better days and has a makeshift extension . I am looking at the Ranger 34X30 with the 8' extension handle for salmon and either the 25X25 or the 28X30 with 8' handle for trout. The boat is a 20' Lund so I don't have a ton of room on board and one of the crew usually gets hit with the net handle at least a couple times a year lol. Below is Ranger's net sizes I appreciate your guys pro's con's and suggestions. Terry
  23. Thanks BigB, These are 8mm X 5MM the same as the power handles Tuna Tom sells that states these will not work, the 47LC is 9mm X 7mm. I may have to go this route and do some modification. I did find in my search that some of the Penn power handles are 8mm X 7mm and need less modification.` Thanks Again Terry
  24. Thanks Les, I may have to give that a shot. Terry
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