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  1. Have you had much luck with Finn Spoons? The 300 series have a different shape. Considering ordering a few to try. Always looking for something different
  2. The fish scale pattern, was that a custom??
  3. Past 2 seasons drags on these reels have been very sticky. They either creep when you tighten them down or when loose they are still too tight. Has anyone experienced this issue and has a drag washer replacement fixed the problem enough that you were finally happy with their performance? If no fix, I'm ready to throw in the towel on these reels. Thanks
  4. Putting together some light action combos since I can’t find My preferred reel of choice Tek500’s I’ll be going with Tr200’s but I’d like to upgrade the reel handles and knobs to something bigger. Has anyone done this before? Can you help point in the right direction for which handles would be ideal and knobs? Also I’m assuming a washer upgrade would be in order, my reels are about 20 years old. Haven’t used them in years. thanks
  5. Looking for these reels but the old style( metallic grey) If you have or know of a store that may have them please let me know. Must be able to ship must not have like counter but will consider with. thank you.
  6. Where can i buy Anchovies Looking to buy a large supply rather than the usual 20 pack. . Each case usually runs between $13-20, hoping to save a few bucks and always have a supply of them. I prefer using them over herring strips. Any leads would be great. Thanks
  7. I guess I should start a new post and call it Trolling with ipilot for salmon. thanks for hijacking.
  8. Considering kicker motors for my new boat. the boat is 18' so either 8 or 9.9hp and I want it rigged with the works if I decide to get a kicker motor. I want a motor with power trim and tilt, electric start, long shaft, controls at the helm, trolling arm to main motor and maybe autopilot BUT I want the motor to have a tiller so I can take it off and mount it on my 12' for other fishing applications. Other than the Pro Kicker are there any other makes and models that have everything I mentioned but have the tiller as well. thanks
  9. Thanks for the suggestion but pretty set on tube style rod holder and a Salty rod holder. where i fish we are limited to one rod per person. I hope to fish for a multitude of species of fish eventually.
  10. Just picked up a new Crestliner Commander 1850, comes with a 150 Merc. I'd like to rig this boat for salmon trolling. Since we have a few months before we really start using downriggers in my neck of the woods i'd like to start the rigging process with a kicker motor setup BUT i've been hearing guys talk about using their bow mount trolling motor more so than their kicker motor. This is pretty new to me as I have always trolled with just a main motor. Are guys really using their Minn Kota ipilot to troll for salmon with downriggers and dipsys? if so I have a few questions. thanks
  11. Thanks for the advice. I think ill rig a separate mounting plate for the rod holders only.
  12. Is it possible to install a Salty rod holder on a Scotty downrigger without interfering with the downrigger? This would eliminate the need for new tracks and rod holders. I don't have the Scottys yet so I don't have much experience with the way they look or function. I will use the Saltys for dipsys. thanks
  13. Buddies and I got together bought a bigger boat and are ready to run 8+ rods at once. We all have small boat syndrome, none of us have ever ran more than 4 rods at once, always 2 riggers and 2 wire dipseys. We now have 3 riggers maybe adding a 4th and have dipsy rods in braid and wire and lead core setups. Our goal is to avoid TANGLES!!! Where do we start our deployment? I think riggers will go out first, running a combination of meat, spoons or plugs. If we have 4 riggers on the back which should be the deepest? center or starboard/port? next i would say is dipseys. Size 1 dipsy wire on the inside, shorter rod 1.5 setting to be deployed first. Braid on the outside same size dipsey, longer rod #3 setting more line out, to be deployed second. We would use this set up on either side of the boat. Once all dipseys and riggers are set we move on to leadcore on boards. 3-6 color depending on the time of year, etc. So how does this sound? Any tips, pointers, whatever. We just want to avoid the dreaded tangle while we deploy. I know turning and landing fish is another factor but right now we are all nervous about deployment. Thanks for your help.
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