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  1. Hey man give me a call when you have a chance. I am a dealer for traxstech. I live in Williamson ny but can have stuff drop shipped to your address. If you have any pics of the boat you can send them to [email protected] for possible recommendations for your set up. My number is 585-261-4929. Looking forward to talking with you
  2. I will be going through the buffalo area really early Friday morning on I 90 prolly 5 or 6 am
  3. In the Pultneyville, Sodus and Bear Creek area you have the Pultneyville fire and rescue boat to call on for a tow and I dont believe they charge and they will tow you to the nearest safe harbor. The easiest way to get ahold of them is to call 911 and request through dispatch. They do quite a few calls every year. Not sure when they go in the water but they are in right now.
  4. If you or anyone has any questions about the Traxstech Products or want to buy anything feel free to contact me as I am a dealer for them in Williamson (near Sodus)
  5. Williamson ny just west of Pville on lake road
  6. Brand new in the box never been opened. 2 drakes and 4 hens. Was going to try duck hunting but it never materialized 70.00
  7. Box of 4 hens and 2 drakes never been used and box has not even been opened. Was gonna try to get into duck hunting but it didnt happen 70.00
  8. Mast was used for one year only twice. Has dual reels and 4 holders and was designed for a small boat that doesn't have room for rod holders in the back of boat. Comes with a removable mounting base and a backing plate for mounting on the boat. With the plate mounted the mast can be removed for traveling. Also in the package are 2 Riviera fold up planer boards. Asking 300 OBO. Sale pending!!
  9. I run both engines going into the wind on rough conditions so that I have better speed control and boat control. Many times when it is rough one engine running on auto pilot tends to walk back and forth.
  10. yes the track is 3.5 inches wide and the mounting holes are 1.5 inches apart center to center
  11. If you like you can check out the Traxstech site and look at what we have to offer. Once you look at it you could give me a call and we could put a price together for you or if you have Any questions you could call also.
  12. I have my pontoon boat in Hughes Marina about 7 miles west of Sodus. If anyone is out and gets into trouble and I am around fell free to give me a call. I live 3 miles from Hughes and can assist if available!!! 585-261-4929. Another option in our area is the Pultneyville Fire company has a rescue boat available if you call them. They will also tow you in at no charge to the nearest port I believe. And you always have the option of calling the Coast Guard.
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