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  1. I like mono for panfish as well. I've never found a fluorocarbon that handles as well as mono. 4-6 lb. Trilene xl
  2. I have an entire setup with hundreds of materials and thousands of books. Plenty of tools to do anything you want. $300 plus shipping.
  3. 1 23” steelie in 200 fow. Trolling toward the skinny water now.
  4. 71.8 in 230 fow. I don't have a down temp.....
  5. How deep are you fishing? We set up in 250 of the plant . Nothing yet.
  6. Looking specifically for a port side with the lead weight. Would take a pair of multiples if the price is right. Thanks. Brian
  7. We are East in 2-250. 5 for 7 all on spoons off dipsies. Riggers haven't moved.
  8. I'm just west of Erie, PA and spend most of my time pestering the local walleyes, but occasionally make it to Wilson or Olcott. Been lurking for a while, and just decided to join in
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