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  1. If it seems too good to be true.... Here is their address.... 20 Changi South Lane #07-01, Singapore 486162 I wouldn't risk it.
  2. Well... funny story...fishmaster196 contacted me and bought some reels.... I contacted you about reels, and you never even replied to my pm.....
  3. Includes Rattlin Raps, Rattle Spots and Rattle Traps. $60 plis shipping or pick up near Erie, PA.
  4. All in good to like new condition. $75 plus shipping or pick up near Erie, PA.
  5. Hi. This is a pic the OP sent me. I'm looking for a different style, or else i would have bought them.
  6. https://www.fox43.com/article/news/pfbc-votes-to-end-requirement-that-pa-anglers-display-their-fishing-licenses-on-outer-garments/521-44030698-1f9f-4480-b4cf-661ceb60f528
  7. Its a new thing. I don't think it made the book.
  8. In PA you dont have to display fishing license any longer.
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