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  1. Due to covid, the week long trip turned into 3 days.... but at least the weather was nice.... Wednesday evening headed out to about 400 and fished into about 250. Caught 2 coho, then headed in to 55-60 to look for browns with no luck. Thursday morning went to about 250 a bit west and trolled with the wind on a big one way. 250-280 had lots of fish willing to bite. Unfortunately, few that were willing to stay hooked up. We ended up with 4 steelhead, a coho and a king about 5 pounds out of at least 20 bites. We were running spoons on riggers between 77 and 95 down. Wire dipsies with spoons 150-200 back on 1.5, a 300 copper with a meat rig, and a mag spoon on a 10 color. All produced plenty of action. Friday we ran the same program and once again we had trouble keeping them pinned and broke off 2. We ended up with 3 steelhead and 3 decent kings out of 15 plus bites by 10am and headed in. Top lures were a Moonshine standard size in Carbon 14 (little to no luck on the mag) and a black NK 28 in black with white belly. All in all, it was a fun few days to spend with the wife without kids. We enjoyed our stay at Captain's Cove. The boat ride to the lake is a little long, but a good value and a clean room. Thanks to the members here for suggestions on lodging and providing fishing reports.
  2. I stopped by the one at the park yesterday after lunch. It was closed. The hours were 4 to 8. We drove by around 6 and the gate was open.
  3. A station to do it myself or a shop that does it..... Thanks. Brian
  4. Thank you. Very helpful chart. I tried to use my navionics chart, but it wouldn't give me lat.....
  5. I would be interested in the trash can color if you have any....
  6. Thanks. How close to the bottom would you fish?
  7. My wife and I will be fishing out of the oak late next week. We would like to catch a few browns. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Brian
  8. Thats a nice one. Always enjoyed catching them.
  9. Where are you located? If you are near Erie PA, I have a 9.5' Wilderness I would give you.
  10. I have a pre bluetooth one I may consider letting go if the price is right.
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