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  1. Thank you very much for your detailed reports all season. While fish swim and are here and gone every day, it's nice to have a starting point for a trip, especially when the Big O isn't my home water.
  2. I too am very impressed with the facilities there. I have fished out of a dozen ports on Lake Erie and Ontario and it is hands down the best.
  3. I run similar to sloooo motion, except I run my inside dipsy at 1.5.
  4. If you will ship them, I will take them at asking plus actual shipping.
  5. Had 1 more hit on a 10 color and spoon. We pulled the plug around 10. Last trip to the big O til next year. Thanks for your reports. Brian
  6. One skipper tonight. Back at it in the morning.
  7. That's a big sheeper. Having fun is all that matters.
  8. In from the morning. 4/7. Big king, 2 smaller ones, and a steelie about 6 pounds. All on spoons. 5 out of 6 on green off dipsies....
  9. Anyone know if the launch fee is good for the day or each launch?
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