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  1. Is the breaker tripped? Do you have power getting to the unit? Sorry don't know any service centers.
  2. All I can find is the newer b series. Looking for reasonable condition. Need 1, but would consider more. Thanks. Brian
  3. 8 boards 6 flags (not tattle style) Extra releases One of the boards has a broken keel and missing pin $100 firm pick up in Erie, PA area $115 shipped Cash or PayPal Thanks for looking Brian
  4. Tried out the Ulterra Monday and yesterday. OMG....I think my wife likes it more than I do. Then again I've been having her pull up the Terrova for the last 4 years in preparation for this purchase.
  5. When the waves are 2-3 feet I generally only troll with the waves or maybe 45 degrees either direction. I'm not much for trolling into waves that size with any method. The main issue is the prop coming out of the water if it's too short. I have a Crestliner Raptor 1850 and use a 60" 80lb and don't have any problems. Not familiar with your particular boat, but if it's exceptionally deep, you will want a longer shaft.
  6. Yes. Do it now. Nothing since the chart plotter has influenced my fishing more. I had a Terrova on my last boat and my new (used) boat came with one. I just replaced it with an Ulterra. I set my kicker straight ahead slightly slower than i want to go and set the electric to about 40% . I set the auto pilot, then make all steering changes with the remote. If you are buying used, Minnkota changed the model in 2018 I believe to a Bluetooth model. While the Bluetooth feature is nice (Anyone on the boat with the ap can control the boat with their phone) they are also more accurate and easier to stow and deploy. The only time I have had any trouble with the system is when trolling for musky over 4 mph, the motor cant keep up. Good luck. Brian
  7. Wow. Great deal. Please put me next in line if it falls through. Thanks. Brian
  8. Are these grey in color? Where are you located.
  9. After over a decade, I'm looking to upgrade my Okuma Convector 20s to something different. These will be spooled with 12 lb. Big game and be primarily used for browns and walleye. Thinking of... Tekota 400 Abu Garcia 6500 LC Send my connvectors in for reconditioning...
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