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  1. I too bought a boat January 2020 and bought it after running it on a hose. No regrets.
  2. Looking to add a couple fish shaped flashers to my collection of paddles and Spindoctors mostly when running meat. What brand,size and colors are preferred on lake O? Thanks. Brian
  3. I had the same issue. I bought the more current model from Fish307. The hole is round with flat sides. Using a dremel, I was able to create the proper shape. Worked for a couple of years until I sold the boat and riggers. No reason to believe that they are not still working.
  4. The ones I received seem easy to release out of the package. They are adjustable like any other disk style diver however.
  5. I have some divers coming for the spring season. I intend to try them for central basin walleye as well...m
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