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  1. Thank you very much for your detailed reports all season. While fish swim and are here and gone every day, it's nice to have a starting point for a trip, especially when the Big O isn't my home water.
  2. I too am very impressed with the facilities there. I have fished out of a dozen ports on Lake Erie and Ontario and it is hands down the best.
  3. I run similar to sloooo motion, except I run my inside dipsy at 1.5.
  4. If you will ship them, I will take them at asking plus actual shipping.
  5. Had 1 more hit on a 10 color and spoon. We pulled the plug around 10. Last trip to the big O til next year. Thanks for your reports. Brian
  6. One skipper tonight. Back at it in the morning.
  7. That's a big sheeper. Having fun is all that matters.
  8. In from the morning. 4/7. Big king, 2 smaller ones, and a steelie about 6 pounds. All on spoons. 5 out of 6 on green off dipsies....
  9. Anyone know if the launch fee is good for the day or each launch?
  10. We are 2 for 5. 4 on dipsies. 1 on rigger. One nice king about 20 pounds.
  11. 1 small king 300 fow off the power plant. Heading deeper. 46* down 81.
  12. The steelies we have caught out of PA and Ohio have all been on plugs on leadcore and riggers. Usually however dipsies and riggers with spoons are most productive. 2.5 to 3.0 seems to be the best speeds for us.
  13. Cool. I have a black Crestliner Raptor. Say hi and have a beer.
  14. Thanks for the report. Let us know how you make out. My crew will be staying at the lighthouse for the weekend....
  15. I have caught quite a few kings on 30 lb braid dipsies. I have since moved to 40 and 50 pound. I like mono for riggers. Berkley big game is cheap. Just wind the braid onto another reel til you are done. I have had good luck with the same spoons that work for walleye. In my limited experience, I have had better luck with meat rigs than flies.
  16. They stuck tight to 30# big game last week at the oak.
  17. Due to covid, the week long trip turned into 3 days.... but at least the weather was nice.... Wednesday evening headed out to about 400 and fished into about 250. Caught 2 coho, then headed in to 55-60 to look for browns with no luck. Thursday morning went to about 250 a bit west and trolled with the wind on a big one way. 250-280 had lots of fish willing to bite. Unfortunately, few that were willing to stay hooked up. We ended up with 4 steelhead, a coho and a king about 5 pounds out of at least 20 bites. We were running spoons on riggers between 77 and 95 down. Wire dipsies with spoons 150-200 back on 1.5, a 300 copper with a meat rig, and a mag spoon on a 10 color. All produced plenty of action. Friday we ran the same program and once again we had trouble keeping them pinned and broke off 2. We ended up with 3 steelhead and 3 decent kings out of 15 plus bites by 10am and headed in. Top lures were a Moonshine standard size in Carbon 14 (little to no luck on the mag) and a black NK 28 in black with white belly. All in all, it was a fun few days to spend with the wife without kids. We enjoyed our stay at Captain's Cove. The boat ride to the lake is a little long, but a good value and a clean room. Thanks to the members here for suggestions on lodging and providing fishing reports.
  18. I stopped by the one at the park yesterday after lunch. It was closed. The hours were 4 to 8. We drove by around 6 and the gate was open.
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