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  1. I may be interested in the 18" traxstech tracks if the price is right.
  2. I watched a walk through on Youtube of one. Search JOB Fishing.
  3. What is on them? Rust? If it can be cleaned, I'll take it.
  4. I can do $25 tyd. Thanks. Brian
  5. Get the 150 and a 9.9 or 15 kicker. The kicker will pay for itself over time on fuel and maintenance savings, plus you have backup in case the motor goes down. Speeds are easier to control as well. JMO.
  6. i use the ones fro amish outfitters. They are fairly inexpensive.
  7. I love my Traxstech. Pricy, but the best. IMO.
  8. It seems to me, and for the record I've never fished off one, that the outboard on a bracket moves the motors so far back that they get in the way of netting fish. Maybe I'm making more of an issue than it needs to be. My current boat has a rear casting deck about 2' wide and I really wish it wasn't there.
  9. I currently have a Crestliner Raptor 1850 multi species boat and I have been satisfied with it. I was aware of it's pros and cons when I bought it. Over the next few years I would like to get a larger boat for lakes Erie and Ontario. Because I like to fish both lakes and switch ports to stay on the fish, I do not want a boat that has to be slipped, but I may slip part time in Conneaut, OH as it is closest to me. Here is what I'm looking for: 3-10 years old 8.5' beam maximum Cuddy Fibergass Prefer a hardtop Open to I/O or outboard, but not on bracket. Tow with a half ton. Getting some ideas as to what to look at. Thanks. Brian
  10. I used zip ties to a convenient spot on a rail. I'm sure there are other more asthetically pleasing ways to mount it. I also use a retractable dog leash for a haul rope on my climbing tree stand.
  11. You beat us all. Good luck with it.
  12. I have just the flags for walleye boards. 6 for $20.
  13. I have this one. I would like $55 shipped for it.
  14. Wish I didn't have to work on Sunday.....
  15. 8” touch screen. Bought this on here last year. Unfortunately, It doesn't fit on my dash. Includes gimbal mount, cover, power cord and antenna cord. Does not include antenna. $225 OBO Will meet from Ashtabula to Dunkirk or ship on your dime. Thanks. Brian
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