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  1. sorry. i do not and will suspend that post!!! thanks for reminding me.
  2. are you interested further in the whole lot? we’d rather sell it all but will probably split the doubles from the Trax stuff
  3. this stuff was my best friend’s who recently and shockingly passed away. he never got to install them. we’re trying to untangle what these are. i think the track, cups and singles are trax? the two doubles i’m not sure. ill investigate further.
  4. I think we might but would rather sell and ship together in one fell swoop. The trays seem to work for the cup holders and two of the single rod holders. The two, double rod holders are outside the trays, I believe.
  5. SOLD Brand new, never used Traxstech GTLT 100 lift turn ratcheting rod holders with two cup holders. We had to sell the boat and have no use for this planned upgrade. Asking $700 but will entertain offers.
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