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  1. Bucktails, Glide Baits, and large spinnerbaits. Chautaqua Reel Outdoors has a good selection of these.
  2. How much for the lowrance and where are you located?
  3. Fished out front 250-350. From 1pm until dark. Caught 5 kings to 16 lbs and a 10lb. steelie. Mixture of flies and spoons. One bite on meat. All other bites on divers. Probably last trip to lake o this year.
  4. Beagler

    Sold / Closed 2012 Crestliner 1850 Raptor

    I purchased this boat from the OP last January. It is not for sale at this time.
  5. I have the same exact unit. Last weekend I marked, and caught salmon at 120 feet over 200.
  6. I have a 2012 terrova. 60" shaft 80lb. Make me an offer...
  7. Any interest in selling just the tekotas?
  8. Not sure why anyone would run long coppers at the bar this time of year.
  9. I bet it's crowded today. We left Wilson at 440 and there was a line.
  10. Great report. Looking forward a 4 day weekend on the big O.
  11. Preferably a left and a right with Sam's releases. Open to other configurations. Shipped to 16411 or can pick up between Erie and Olcott. Thanks. Brian
  12. I run 30' leaders for salmon and walleye both. 15lb. for walleye 20lb. for spoons/salmon 30lb. for flashers/salmon
  13. Thanks once again for the great report. When you say you were fishing coho on one side, I assume boards, but what baits and depths for them. Brian
  14. I'm near Erie. How much for the 6 traxstech items? No shipping as I'll pick up. Thanks
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