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  1. Same with us a little further west near p-ville. Got a late start but don't think it made any difference. Lakers in shallow but basically just a blank screen. A beautiful day on the lake.
  2. John - The floor is all original carpet however when trolling for trout/salmon I remove the rear seats and put a rubber mat down to catch the mess. The boat is available and located in Palmyra NY. apb - 1.7 - 1.8 mph ground speed is about the slowest it will troll on flat water; faster trolling with a wind and slower when trolling into a wind.
  3. Thanks Stein22. Made a lot of memories with this boat.
  4. Have had requests for more photos...here you go.
  5. I fished Chaumont last week and the launch in Three Mile Bay is in good shape. It's a floating system with a good ramp. Problem there is very limited parking. Like Wallychaser said, you need waders to use the launch in Chaumont.
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