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Todd in NY

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  1. Todd in NY

    Get the boats ready !

    Can't go wrong with the X4D
  2. Todd in NY

    Get the boats ready !

    Which Fish Hawk did you buy? I was looking at their new model because I could use it on both of my boats. But I'm still undecided.
  3. Todd in NY

    Get the boats ready !

    Haha, it'll just be buried again by more lake effect snow. That's life on the East end of Lake O.
  4. Todd in NY

    Get the boats ready !

    My boat is blocked by a wall of snow 3-4ft deep. All this snow might melt by May, just in time for the walleye opener.
  5. Todd in NY

    Easiest technique for keeping cimeter sharp?

    I love my 12" cimeter knife on big salmon. I'll look into a Kota Japan sharpening steel too.
  6. It's possible that they went into their post and deleted their information and pictures by using the EDIT option. I've never done that with my ads. I just mark them as SOLD/CLOSED and let them get buried behind all the new ads. Contact L&M or BlueEye and see if they can answer your question. They are moderators that have special access that the rest of us don't have. Sorry I can't be of any more assistance. Send them a private message and they will reply to you.
  7. Todd in NY

    Sportsman ? Not so much

    They slapped his left hand the first time in court. This time they'll slap his right hand.
  8. Todd in NY

    First Time Ever...

    You might be right about "wanting" more, but I have everything I "need" Does the wish list ever go away? Nope. If I buy something for the 2019 fishing season, I promise to post a pic of it here on this thread
  9. One of the mods will have to answer that one. I just mark them "SOLD/CLOSED" and leave them alone.
  10. Todd in NY

    First Time Ever...

    Most of my gear is second hand also, especially my old "outdated" electronics I went through 2 boats in 3 years before I found my Crestliner with a 1989 Evinrude 150. It's the perfect boat for me.
  11. Todd in NY

    First Time Ever...

    This is the first off-season that I'm not shopping for a "new" boat, or fishing gear, or boat gear. I'm completely satisfied with my 1988 Crestliner Sabre 220. I spent much of 2018 rewiring the boat, adding a Hummingbird 1198 SI/DI/GPS and a Lowrance HDS8, as well as a 15hp Evinrude kicker. I added a bunch of new fishing gear as well. I got some good fishing trips in last year and caught some nice fish. It feels good to have the right boat and all the gear I need for many years to come. I still like to follow "This Old Boat" section to see what kind of projects everyone is involved with.
  12. Todd in NY

    Sea Nymph GLS 220

    Good luck with your "new" boat. I almost bought a GLS 220 with a 4 cylinder, but I didn't want a stern drive. They are nice boats.
  13. Todd in NY

    cormorant feeding

    His stomach appears to be a bottom-less pit!
  14. Gag order translates to bad for the public, good for the government. They passed a 60% pay raise for themselves (as part time employees) and now they need to "create" the money to pay for their new salaries. A state, of the government, by the government, and FOR the government
  15. Are these made any more? How hard is it to find replacement parts?