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  1. If the lake reaches 20" higher in 2020 than it was in 2019, I'm sure it will it will put most or all fuel docks under water, which could lead to fuel spills and possible leaks from waste pump out stations.
  2. With all this warm weather expected this weekend I couldn't help but think about taking my boat out. But, it looks like the upper eastern shore of Lake Ontario is in for some wet and windy weather all weekend, which actually started Thursday night. The small craft advisory ends today (Friday) at 3pm, which was due to 30 knot winds and 5-8ft waves. The gale watch is from Sunday morning thru Sunday afternoon with 35 knot winds and 9-12ft waves near shore from Mexico Bay to the St Lawrence River. https://weather.com/weather/alerts/localalerts/l/e852dd71d1f63c688e6de0569d3ed09c8813d38d97f6be5fc0c72d25c4fda000?phenomena=SC&significance=Y&areaid=LOZ045&office=KBUF&etn=0004
  3. Every bit of news coverage I see that talks about outflows from the Moses Saunders dam NEVER mentions the water levels on Lake St Lawrence, or the affects of higher outflows on Lake St Lawrence. It's like their only giving us part of the story, or the part they think people want to hear. https://www.wwnytv.com/2020/01/08/water-outflows-unprecedented-rates-regulators-say/
  4. Thanks. I might be replacing my 44" rough cut mower, but I need another rough cut.
  5. The article says the creek is 6ft deep and very muddy. Might have gotten stuck in mud, lost his footing and went under with his feet stuck in the mud. But no telling what actually happened.
  6. I had no clue of the scale of the seaway either. I haven't ventured down river from Alexandria Bay NY, and I don't fish the river.
  7. This all happened before my time, so I was looking for videos that showed the river before they built the locks and dams that created Lake St Lawrence.
  8. At about the 5:20 mark it starts to get into the making of Lake St. Lawrence and the locks & dams that we know today. Pretty neat video, enjoy...
  9. Some people try to turn it into rocket science. There are several gadgets on the market now, so I was curious if any of them are as good as they claim to be.
  10. I love running both the Lowrance & Humminbird side by side. The Lowrance HDS Gen 3 and newer units are more user friendly than the older units. With the Gen 3 and newer units, I just plug in the all in one ducer and that's it, just like Humminbird.
  11. I've heard about the high speed ducer, but I also run a Lowrance HDS9 Gen3 unit a TotalScan ducer, so both units do SI, DI, GPS. My Helix 10 is the Mega + SI, DI, GPS G3N.
  12. Check out this link, he shows you how to record Autochart Live directly onto your Zero Lines card
  13. I've only used it once or twice at the end if the 2019 season, but you can see the contours on your fish finder as you are fishing.
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