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  1. That's some good eatin' right there That's a big laker!
  2. Every time I go fishing early in the morning, when the fog is really thick, I get some heavy condensation or fog on the inside of my windshield. I put a fan in my previous boat, and it helped a lot. So I finally picked up a fan for this boat. It's a 6" oscillating fan, and I didn't want to block my vision, so I mounted it behind my Helix 10 I chose to not hardwire this fan, and left the 12v adapter plug on it.
  3. Today I installed an LED flood light on my bow rail. It's only 5" wide, but it puts out an advertised 26,400 lumens of 6000k cool white light. It comes as a two pack, but I only used one light. They are water proof (IP68), dust proof and shock proof. I also bought a separate rail mount for it. Here it is before I trimmed the zip ties. I wanted it mounted just forward of the rail so that there is no glare or reflection from the light on the rail I wired it into my rocker switch panel with 16 ga wire and heat shrink connectors And now for the brightness test. There is a utility light on behind the boat with a sort of orange glow Now with the flood light on This light will be useful when I'm docking at night. It shines the light in a 200 degree beam. It was well worth the $35.88 for the pair of lights.
  4. I would check the antenna connection on the back of the radio. You might fix the problem by removing 6" off the end of the coax cable and putting a new connector on it. Start with the least expensive option first.
  5. I looked at new radios a few years ago. I realized how difficult it would be to sort through the many features and the different brands. I ended up keeping my "old" radio, which is a 2003 year model. I upgraded the antenna instead.
  6. I have a Cobra handheld that I use as a backup radio in my Crestliner Sabre. It's also used as my only radio on my small 16ft boat. As mentioned above, I think the mounted radios put out roughly 5 times the power of a handheld.
  7. l wonder how long it will take the IJC to drop the lake 5 cm.
  8. Don't worry, next year the lake will be 4ft higher. They'll show us...
  9. The IJC won't let that new water level go to waste by keeping the lake level up, even if it's just an inch or two. They see it as an opportunity to increase outflows. We've all come to expect nothing else from the IJC.
  10. Thank you. It won't happen this year because I've been putting money into my row boat. I'll need to buy a new steering cable to go along with the autopilot as well. Lowrance recommends a new steering cable, but NOT one of the "No Feedback Steering" cables.
  11. They did a few years ago when I looked into getting one.
  12. I forgot to mention that my steering is cable steer, not hydraulic.
  13. Thanks for the info! I didn't know Simrad made an autopilot similar to the Lowrance.
  14. What is the Precision 9 Simrad?
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