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  1. Can you send me some pics please. I'll PM you my cell #
  2. I have to figure out what day I can drive out there to look at it. I'll be in touch with you.
  3. Does it also have a rope start? Can't tell from the pic. PM sent
  4. Thanks! It's what I'm looking for, for my 16ft row boat. I would need to buy a mini jacker plate though, because my transom is only 15". Where are you located?
  5. You might be right. I read the email and deleted it, so I can't go back and read it again. Edited to say, Garmin acquired Navionics, not Navico. That's what I get for not reading the email more carefully. Thanks to Shellback, I did some research on the merger.
  6. I'm keeping my boat in my driveway this year and launching at the Isthmus. Let me know when you'll be in the area and we'll plan a fishing trip.
  7. My Crestliner Sabre is 3ft deep from floor to gunwale. The cuddy cabin is great for storing all my fishing gear. Lots of room for fighting & landing fish. The Sabres with outboards feel like bigger boats than they are. Mine isn't for sale, but fishing with me one day might get you hooked on a Sabre
  8. FWIW, Garmin and Lowrance are now one company, according to the email I got today.
  9. Some people angle it backwards, or forward... I angle mine straight down, horizontal as the boat sits in the water. I use a fish finder to mark fish, bait and structure. It's personal preference, so no right or wrong way as long as you "see" what you want your fish finder to show you. A properly adjusted transducer can show some fantastic fish arches and bait, like this...
  10. The right half of your ducer should be slightly below the bottom edge of the transom. That would put the left half of your ducer slightly above the bottom edge of the hull. It looks like you have enough room on your metal bracket to lower the ducer a little bit.
  11. That's cool. I'm helping a friend of mine find a radio for his boat. He's in his 70's and needs a radio.
  12. Thanks, and I agree. Not looking for a cheap radio, but a good older radio that someone replaced with a new radio. The antenna is a Shakespeare.
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