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  1. It looks pretty simple to me.
  2. Cannon sells the body that you need. Look up this: frame, raw part # 377 2524, they cost $64.99. I've seen another Mag 5ST that was broken the exact same way as yours. How did yours break? How heavy are your DR weights? These riggers are rated for 20# weights, so maybe Cannon should address the quality control issues with these rigger bodies. Here is the other rigger I saw with a similar break. I don't know how it got broken.
  3. Thanks for the offer Signalman. Is it a tiller steer with a rope start and electric start?
  4. Looking for a 20" long shaft tiller steer kicker motor in the 10-15HP range. I need one that will charge my batteries. It needs to be a 2 stroke because it will be plumbed to my main fuel tank, which is pre-mixed 50:1 for my 2 stroke main motor (the VRO was removed by a previous owner). Electric start would be nice but not required. I'm not looking for a motor with power tilt/trim, or controls. I'm not looking for a 4 stroke because that would force me to have a portable fuel tank on my deck.
  5. Todd in NY

    for sale : usa Poultry Plucker

    Some pluckers go for $2,000. No thanks, I needed this for personal use, not a business.
  6. Todd in NY

    for sale : usa Poultry Plucker

    Only the kind with feathers
  7. Todd in NY

    for sale : usa Poultry Plucker

    Lol, that's how we started out and I quickly realized that it wasn't good for my carpal tunnel and tendonitis in my wrists.
  8. Selling my "Yard Bird" plucker that I bought new 2 years ago. I plucked 40-50 chickens with it and I'm done raising chickens now. I'm also including some other items that did not come with the plucker but are needed, such as insulated rubber gloves, a candy thermometer and a large (20qt?) Stainless pot with lid. The plucker works great and is in excellent condition. The motor is sealed so you can rinse the entire unit with a water hose. It's portable and has 2 wheels on it for moving around. It can handle 2 birds but I only plucked one at a time. It has a water hose attachment but I would only use it if you have a hot water hose to hook up to it. (I just slowly poured a bucket of hot tap water over the chicken in the plucker.) The bottom plate spins. It has rubber fingers on the bottom plate and all around the tub. Asking $375 for everything. I will not ship it. I'm located near Watertown NY.
  9. Todd in NY

    How much thrust electric for 14 ft. aluminum?

    I use a 40# thrust motor on my 16ft aluminum utility boat. It's a light boat and has no floor. Sometimes I run my 25hp outboard, and sometimes I run my 3.3hp outboard. My boat has a size 24 battery for the trolling motor and a separate size 24 battery for my two Humminbird fish finders (859 DI & 959). The boat also has two manual Penn downrigger with 2ft booms. The 40# motor works fine on all but the windiest days, and it's a transom mount motor.
  10. Still have hds  7

    1. Todd in NY

      Todd in NY

      Another member said he wanted it. If he changes his mind you are next in line, and I will update my sale ad. I told him I could mail it out Tuesday with a tracking number and he hasn't replied yet.

  11. SPF. I'll update this ad if the sale goes through. Thanks for looking.
  12. Todd in NY

    Hummingbird helix 10 questions

    Make sure you have it set to advanced user settings. It will allow you full access to modify the unit to your liking. It should also allow you to turn on/off lat/lon lines without an additional map card.