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Todd in NY

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  1. Todd in NY

    The green boat revived!!!

    Looks great, congrats on a fantastic restoration!
  2. Todd in NY

    3 D gun printing

    Laws only AFFECT law abiding citizens. If more laws were the answer we wouldn't have illegal drugs on our streets. Gun grabbing politicians and their supporters don't need any more leverage against law abiding gun owners than they already have. No amount or degree of laws will never disarm the criminals.
  3. Todd in NY

    Downrigger wiring

    And use heat shrink connectors.
  4. Todd in NY

    Downrigger wiring

    12ga should work, but if you feel the need to use 10ga wire, I bought my 10ga wire at Tractor Supply in Watertown for my Cannon Mag 5ST's.
  5. It's located SSW of the Stoney lighthouse, south of the trench. It's a pretty big feature that shows on most map software/cards.
  6. Todd in NY

    Looking to take military vets fishing

    I plan on going out Saturday, but I work every Sunday.
  7. Todd in NY

    Looking to take military vets fishing

    I've only seen that model in pictures but they look like nice boats.
  8. Todd in NY

    Looking to take military vets fishing

    I feel the same way about taking people fishing. What kind of boat do you have?
  9. Todd in NY

    Sewage spill

    2 inches of rain doesn't seem like enough rain to cause that kind of spill. Maybe the rain is being blamed to ease tensions in the area...?
  10. Todd in NY

    Looking to take military vets fishing

    You might get somewhere by making a visit to the Vet Center in Watertown. Nice looking fish!
  11. Todd in NY

    Going to pick up the new rig tonight

    Congrats on a nice rig!
  12. Yep, my down speed and temp kept changing Saturday too. Thanks.
  13. What temperatures were you finding between 75 & 90 ft on your probe?
  14. I like to switch my HDS from the Insight maps to the Navionics card when I'm fishing a steep wall or other structure, and the Navionics card shows the depth in numbers, but not contours. Switch back to the Insight maps and my depth contours show up again. I'm only referring to the Navionics Regions card, maybe the higher end Platinum card shows depth contours better, but I've never used any other Navionics card. I'll also add that I'm talking about deeper water (over 70ft), not shallow water.
  15. Todd in NY

    Henderson Bay for the new guy

    I don't fish for Pike, so I can't help you there. Henchens marina in Henderson Harbor has a big selection of bait. It's the only bait shop I've used between Henderson and Sackets, but there are probably more that I'm not aware of.