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Todd in NY

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  1. Todd in NY

    Sea Nymph GLS 220

    I hope that any issues you find are easy to fix and don't cost you an arm and a leg. Best of luck!
  2. Todd in NY

    X4 probe warning

    Just make sure the lube is compatible with the rubber O-ring.
  3. Todd in NY

    X4 probe warning

    I'm sure it applies to ALL brands of probes since they are all subjected to the same pressures. I'll have to check for that warning in my Sub-Troll manual. I don't recall seeing that mentioned when I read the manual.
  4. Todd in NY

    X4 probe warning

    I don't own a Fish Hawk, but that's good information. Is it mentioned in their owners manual?
  5. Todd in NY

    Dead Steelhead at Burt Dam

    This kind of behavior sucks! But asking for more laws against it is as bad as asking for more gun & ammunition laws. No new laws will stop any crime from taking place, because ALL laws ONLY affect law abiding citizens. Cuomo is already convinced that more new laws will stop crime, so let's not give any more power to the NY Czar than he already has.
  6. These are nice boats. I wish they made more of these with outboards. Good luck with the sale!
  7. Todd in NY

    Wanted: Internship For Environmental Science

    Thanks! I'll have him check the course number with ESF. He either has to do an approved internship, or some very extensive research project. I'm not 100 percent sure what the details are.
  8. Todd in NY

    Wanted: Internship For Environmental Science

    Thanks for the feedback! Bandrus1, we'll check with ESF to see if that will qualify for graduation credit. He's registered on the DEC website, and checks the website weekly. I'll pass on the info about TILT.
  9. My son is a junior at SUNY ESF (Environmental Science & Forestry) and he is looking for an internship for this summer. He lives in Syracuse and has no real preference for any particular field, as long as it is in Environmental Science. The only requirement is that the internship has to be accepted by SUNY ESF to count toward his major in Environmental Science. Please contact me if you know of any available internships that he can apply for. Thanks in advance!
  10. Todd in NY

    Spring's first signs

    Wait... is that grass? Haven't seen that in a looooong time
  11. Todd in NY

    Spring's first signs

    My boat doesn't make a good ice breaker. I'll wait for walleye season
  12. Todd in NY

    Spring's first signs

    So much for Spring in Jefferson County. Dealing with another 12"+ of new snow. It's snowing and blowing so hard that the plows haven't been on the roads since last night around 8pm. Gotta use 4 wheel drive to get to work again this morning.
  13. Todd in NY

    Picked up this pretty cheap

    Thanks! Wasn't sure if it was a Sylvan or a Blue Fin
  14. Todd in NY

    removeing cuddy milldew

    I like Simple Green.
  15. Todd in NY

    Picked up this pretty cheap

    Nice find, congrats! What's the make, model, length & beam?