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  1. They were cliff diving, and last seen just off shore, going under water. Waves were 4-5ft and turbulent at the time.
  2. Two Teens Missing On Lake Ontario I just saw this news story this morning. They went missing yesterday, June 25th in the Henderson Harbor area, NY. I'll post a link or two. Prayers going out to the families involved. This is the main news page that reported the story. The center column is local to Watertown/Syracuse...
  3. It looks like he keeps updating the new asking price in the original post, which appears to have been reduced a bunch since he first posted it. I've never heard a bad review of these Sea Ray Amberjacks.
  4. It was real calm this morning, but around 8AM it really started to blow. I managed to add a new window in my chicken coop and do yard work too. Started out by cleaning a pike my son and I caught yesterday, so we had pike for dinner. Maybe I can go fishing Wednesday since the rest of the week is looking a little rainy.
  5. Congrats on a great and successful trip!
  6. You are correct Landshark, there are different versions of dramamine out there. And the best time to take it is the night before. The best dramine product I saw when I was a deck hand in Texas was those dramamine patches that are placed behind the ear the night before a fishing trip. In my 300+ trips on the Gulf of Mexico I never saw a customer get sick if they put that patch on the night before and still had it on when they showed up at the boat. When my son was real young he would get car sick, so my wife bought him chewable dramamine that was safe for kids. A few years later he was prescribed benadryl for seasonal allergies. That's when she compared the active ingredient in the dramamine to the benedryl and found it to be the same. I didn't believe it until she showed me. He grew out of being car sick, and never got sea sick. I keep an empty tube of dramamine on my boat too, and I grab that one first if someone thinks they might need one. Then I play "dumb" and tell them it's empty, then hand them the benadryl and have them compare the active ingredient so they can see it's the same thing. Taking either one too late might be a thing of "mind over matter". In the Army that translates to "if you don't mind, it don't matter"
  7. Save yourself money (for those who get sea sick) and buy Benadryl or a store brand equivalent. The active ingredient in benadryl and dramamine is Diphenhydramine HCI 25mg. I keep a bottle of the walmart brand on my boat for those who "might" get sick.
  8. I avoid rough water by either staying at home or taking my small boat out on a small lake. Today I chose my small boat. Tomorrow is a stay-at-home day for me.
  9. I guess he doesn't want the Ski Doo either
  10. Hi Todd limit is 2 per day with a 3 day season just changed to 3 days a week until labor day we need to run 70 miles one way to get to them.


    1. Todd in NY

      Todd in NY

      Wow, that's crazy! You might get lucky and catch some amberjack, lane snapper, or grouper, but that's a long way to go for 2 snapper. You could always hope to find a floating weed line and hook into some kings and dorado.

  11. Welcome to the forum! Just curious, what is the daily limit on red snapper there. Back in the early 90's it was 7 in Texas. Now I think it's only 2 red snapper.
  12. It's looking fishable as of this morning.
  13. Leave it to NOAA, they changed their forecast already. This morning they were calling for 3-5 on Saturday with occasional 6ft. Then 3-5 on Sunday. Don't worry, it'll change again several times before Saturday morning.