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  1. Ok, no problem. You need as much information as possible so you get the right parts the first time.
  2. I get out to Rochester at least 4 times a year. Tomorrow I'll measure my kicker from front to rear. It is pointed on the back just like yours is.
  3. It looks like my bracket will fit your kicker
  4. Keep in mind this bracket fits all or most motors that are not listed on the EZ Steer web site. The bracket can be bent somewhat to make it fit. How far from Watertown, NY do you live?
  5. Not sure, but if you measure around the kicker where the bracket will go, I will measure how big these hose clamps open up. These hose clamps go around my Evinrude kicker almost two times. They are very long. I'll measure the hose clamps tomorrow and post the length on here. If you post a pic of the back of your kicker, that also determines what bracket you need (flat/rounded back or pointed back of kicker).
  6. Yes, it can be cut down to fit. You just have to be sure you cut an equal amount off each rod (inner and outer). Cut the minimum distance that will make it fit. On my Bayliner, this rod was only extended one notch when both motors were down in running position.
  7. Sold to the first "I'll take it". Thanks for all the interest!
  8. I bought a rail similar to this for my Ruger Mini-30. I never mounted the rail because it was for the night vision scope. I'd have to try to find it tomorrow, but I have no idea where it's at.
  9. Magnification is 2.5. Sorry for the slow reply. It's been a long day. Got up for work at 2:00 this morning, worked all day, came home and did chicken and pet chores, then went to a local pro hockey game. I'm ready for bed.