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  1. This boat shouldn't take long to sell. Nice looking boat!
  2. Congrats on the "new" motor.
  3. Can't part the boat out until next year, and not as long as there is interest in it. I have a local guy wanting to see the boat before it gets winterized. I'd rather sell the boat whole, but I won't let it turn into a yard ornament or flower pot.
  4. Going in for winterization and shrink wrap this afternoon. Don't know how soon they'll get around to it though.
  5. The motor is a real strong 5.0L OMC, rebuilt around 5 years ago. It was replaced around 2012, 3 years before I bought the boat. I'm assuming they replaced it with a rebuilt motor.
  6. I can sell it whole or part the entire boat out. Who needs parts?
  7. Nice looking boat, good luck with the sale!
  8. I'm guessing these "escaped" salmon were being raised for restaurants.
  9. Getting winterized and wrapped next week.
  10. Thanks Lily! I got a 22ft Crestliner Sabre hardtop with a 150 Evinrude. This "new" aluminum boat weighs half as much as this Bayliner so my wife shouldn't have as much trouble launching, docking and loading it.
  11. Thanks for the feedback Darkwater! Is that swim ladder OEM or aftermarket?
  12. There are a bunch of these boats still in use today. With proper care and TLC there's no reason to worry about the safety of the Trophy boats. Mine is an 87 and have no doubts that it has many more years of fishing left in it, but I keep mine on a trailer. Make sure the thru-hull fittings are properly sealed. Make sure the bilge pumps work. Fill the bilge with a water hose to check for leaks while you have it on the trailer. Basically there's nothing more to taking care of these Bayliner Trophy boats that you don't have to do with other makes.
  13. The October forecast is looking frost-free through the 24th. She's going to Spicer's this week for winterization, shrink wrap and storage.