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  1. Following... Those are great boats.
  2. Looking good so far. Can't wait to see it finished.
  3. Thanks, I need a short shaft with charging. I need a primary motor for my 1974 16ft row boat.
  4. Bump Closed, I bought a new Mercury 15HP.
  5. What model is the motor, and does it have a charging system? Short shaft or long shaft?
  6. The two companies that were recommended above are only hiring outside of NY state. My son is always checking the DEC and DOT sites for job openings. I'll have him check USAjobs. Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the CDM recommendation! He's more interested in field work, but I doubt he would pass up a lab position when he's just getting started.
  8. My son graduates from SUNY ESF this May with a major in Environmental Science. He did a summer internship in 2019 with the NY DOT in Watertown with their Environmental Science department. He is currently seeking employment in the Environmental Science field if you know anyone who is hiring this summer. You can PM me here for his contact information. He is living in Syracuse until he graduates in May. Thanks, Todd
  9. Does the motor have the OMC logo or the BRP logo on it? Also, what is the charging capacity of that motor? My 1989 150 Evinrude has a much lower charging capacity the the 1989 175. I know this because both motors are listed in the same owner's manual.
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