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  1. This statement is absolutely 100% true. They are a bunch of morons who think they own the lake.
  2. This is his second time being caught. This time he was caught while being on probation for the first time he was caught.
  3. Maybe they should write a letter to the judge, asking why Bill got such good treatment. It sure makes a mockery of our judicial system.
  4. I don't believe he ever stopped doing the crime, and never will stop.
  5. The average Jane or John Citizen would be in federal prison, and paying much more than $20,000 in fines. https://www.nny360.com/news/jeffersoncounty/henderson-hunting-guide-bill-saiff-again-sentenced-to-probation-for-illegal-hunts/article_11e3d8ed-f285-578b-ada0-56010e85ca49.html
  6. Thanks for posting this. I have that ducer, but I've never heard of that happening before. Contact Lowrance and see what they have to say about it.
  7. We liked our 2160 a lot, but I wanted an aluminum boat with an outboard. I found a 22ft Crestliner Sabre, which fits us better as a fishing boat.
  8. Welcome to the forum! I hope you can fix it without spending too much money on the repair.
  9. Yep, sold it 4 years ago. The green colored "for sale" ads should be changed by the seller to a red "sold/closed" ad, which mine should show up as a red "sold/closed" ad. It's in the thread or topic title line.
  10. I use two 25 watt solar panels on my hardtop and a charge controller from Harbor Freight. It keeps my batteries charged up while my boat sits in the driveway. I disconnect the solar panels while I'm on the water. You might be able to keep one battery charging while you are using the other battery, and switch between the batteries throughout the day. That is, IF one isn't a cranking battery. I use 2 deep cycle batteries on my boat.
  11. I always put the two size 24 batteries in my boat every spring, charge them with my two 25 watt solar panels that I mounted on my hardtop, then remove the batteries in the fall. I never realized that I didn't use heat shrink on my battery cables at the copper connectors. So today, I finally used heat shrink tubing on my four battery connectors. The absolute best heat shrink I have found is the Grote brand from Napa. This stuff has the best shrinkage and the most glue I've ever seen in heat shrink tubing and heat shrink connectors. Look at all the glue that is seeping out on the right side of the tubing, and the amount of shrinkage between the connector and the insulation
  12. I'll see if I still have a copy of it on my laptop when I get home tonight. I can't upload a PDF into this forum, so send me your email in a PM.
  13. I finished installing the wiring for the nav lights today. They are hooked up to the far right rocker switch I mounted the all around pole light on the front of the rear seat for storage I used some scrap aluminum diamond plate to make a side cover for the stainless steel box that I made to mount the pole light on I put the batteries in the boat, without the battery boxes, so I could test the electronics. Everything works as it should. I haven't installed the white and red LED lights yet. That might wait another month or so
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