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  1. I have a hard time believing any of the outflow numbers that the IJC reports.
  2. Is the dock still in place at the public boat launch in Chaumont?
  3. I think Berkley makes a clip-on line counter that is supposed to be more accurate than line counter reels.
  4. We don't know the depth, or the strength of the current, or the type of life jacket he was wearing, or if he suffered a head injury when he fell out of the boat. I'm just going by what little info was in the article I posted. I'm not trying to speculate any details.
  5. Both men were wearing life jackets, but one man was under water for several minutes. https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/fisherman-dies-after-falling-out-of-boat-into-oswego-river/
  6. Trolling, jigging, shallow, deep... I like having options
  7. Yep, same weather forecast I'm looking at too. Our first sunny day is supposed to be Tuesday, but I'm currently restoring 3 wood stoves from the 1978 era, and one of them I'm installing in my neighbors house this week. So I'm not sure when I'll fish again. Planning a trip to Oneida Lake for walleye & perch before I winterize my boat.
  8. Yep, I've been there before, if I go to bed early so I can get up earlier than normal, I end up taking longer to go to sleep. I installed my Helix 10 today. I have no idea when I'm going fishing, but it won't be soon enough.
  9. I'm retired Army infantry. Our "normal" schedule was early mornings till 5 or 6pm. But we did countless overnight missions that kicked my butt. I never got adjusted to being up all night, no matter how many times I worked 24-36 hours straight. Night fishing can be very productive, and sounds like fun every once in a while.
  10. That 71 StarCraft sounds like the kind of boat my 74 Sears is. I don't fish at night, I've never been a night owl. I'd fall asleep out there, Lol
  11. My 16' has a 3.3 Evinrude, manual Penn riggers, transom mount trolling motor, it's an old 1974 Sears semi-V. Cranberry Lake is in the Adirondacks. I've never fished the Finger Lakes, but want to some day.
  12. That 205 is a nice boat too, and great for trailering. I love my Sabre enough to say that it's my last boat. I fish lake Ontario, Oneida and Cranberry. I fish small lakes with my 16ft row boat.
  13. I run a Humminbird and a Lowrance HDS9 Gen3 on my helm. I have a 22ft aluminum Crestliner Sabre with a cuddy cabin, so I troll with a kicker motor. I fish for salmon, trout, walleye and bass.
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