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  1. I bought this HDS 7 earlier this year and never mounted it on my boat. I bought a new screen cover for it on eBay. I added 3ft of red and black wire to the power cord, and a new water proof fuse holder. I used heat shrink connectors (butt end and ring terminal) because I was going to hook it directly to the battery on my 16ft row boat. It is complete with a gimbal bracket, knobs, power cable, sceen cover, and an HST-WSBL transom mount transducer. It has a working internal GPS and a working SD card slot. It has the latest software update, which enables this unit to control the Lowrance Outboard Auto Pilot. The factory installed mapping software is the Lowrance Base Map, which does not show depth contours lines. I have the Navionics Plus Regions East map card, and it works great in this unit. BUT, I'm keeping the map card for my other Lowrance unit. I'm asking $400 for the complete unit so I can get back what I put into it, OBRO.
  2. Todd in NY

    How much thrust electric for 14 ft. aluminum?

    I use a 40# thrust motor on my 16ft aluminum utility boat. It's a light boat and has no floor. Sometimes I run my 25hp outboard, and sometimes I run my 3.3hp outboard. My boat has a size 24 battery for the trolling motor and a separate size 24 battery for my two Humminbird fish finders (859 DI & 959). The boat also has two manual Penn downrigger with 2ft booms. The 40# motor works fine on all but the windiest days, and it's a transom mount motor.
  3. SPF. I'll update this ad if the sale goes through. Thanks for looking.
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    Hummingbird helix 10 questions

    Make sure you have it set to advanced user settings. It will allow you full access to modify the unit to your liking. It should also allow you to turn on/off lat/lon lines without an additional map card.
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    Chip for Hummingbird

  6. Todd in NY

    Chip for Hummingbird

    Just for comparison purposes, I use a Navionics + Regions East card in my Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 and the Lake Master card shows more accurate depth and contours than my Navionics card. I have the HDS 8 and Humminbird 959 on the same boat, running at the same time over the same lake bottom, so I get a true real world comparison between the two cards. I haven't seen a map card yet that is 100 percent accurate.
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    Chip for Hummingbird

    I use the Humminbird Lake Master mapping cards in all of my Humminbirds, and they very accurately show the depth contours on Lake O and other inland lakes that I fish in northern NY.
  8. Nope, I don't have a clue. I've never owned a Honda.
  9. What might cause this (Humminbird 1198c)? It's not my fish finder, I'm asking for a friend.
  10. I don't see any info there. Is there a model # sticker or plate?
  11. Post a pic of the serial # and model # plate or sticker. One of those numbers should help identify what the shaft length is.
  12. I just found out yesterday that this T-shirt fundraiser is one of a few different fund raisers that will help OATH NY send a Vietnam veteran on a moose hunt in Maine this year. OATH Inc is all about sending vets and active duty service members on hunting and fishing trips, as well as other outdoor activities. If you can help out by purchasing an OATH shirt, it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Gary Romig of OATH NY has created an OATH NY t-shirt fundraiser. The OATH Inc shirts that I have purchased from this company in the past have all been very high quality t-shirts and polo shirts, as well as their hooded sweatshirts. With Chad''s permission I am posting a link for this t-shirt fundraiser. Anyone can purchase a t-shirt (or more than one). There is no requirement to be a veteran or OATH NY member to purchase a t-shirt. I wear an OATH NY shirt while I'm fishing on OATH NY fishing trips. Feel free to share this link with friends and family. If you choose to buy a t-shirt, thanks in advance for your support!!! OATH Inc stands for Outdoor Association for True Heroes, Incorporated and is a non-profit organization, and is free to join for Active Duty service members, Guard, Reserve, Coast Guard and Veterans.
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    Sold / Closed Baha 299 Fisherman

    Looks like a great fishing platform. It's too bad for most of us that bigger boats aren't more affordable to own and operate. I would own at 28ft or bigger if I could afford it, but my 22ft Crestliner Sabre serves me real well.
  15. Todd in NY

    Sold / Closed Baha 299 Fisherman

  16. Todd in NY

    Chamount bay walleye

    Thanks for the report! I've been marking bait and fish in and around the bay and points since the season opener but I haven't found a hungry walleye yet. I've even gone out twice in the middle of the week when there's little to no boat traffic. I'm trying to go out tomorrow if I can find a fishing partner.
  17. I'm posting this with Chad's permission. Thank you Chad! There is a fairly new and legitimate veteran organization called OATH, Inc, which stands for Outdoor Association for True Heroes. It is free to join, and there are no membership dues. Membership is open to all veterans and active duty/reserve/NG military members. OATH, Inc is a not for profit 501c3 organization that offers free hunting and fishing trips to it members, as well as other outdoors activities. These trips are donated to OATH, Inc by various charter captains, as well as fishing & hunting guide services. Two of our members went on a fully funded moose hunt last year in Maine. All our members had to provide was their own transportation to the hunting lodge. Once there, all food and lodging was paid for. Both members each shot a moose, and the meat processing was provided for free as well. There are deer hunts, maybe another moose hunt, and fishing trips planned for this year, as well as turkey hunts in May. There is an application that must be filled out and sent to the NY OATH, Inc general manager Gary Romig. I will post his information below. There's no reason to not join OATH, Inc. It costs you nothing, and it can bring outdoor adventures to you that you might not be able to do on your own. OATH, Inc web site OATH, Inc NY The application link (it is a little lengthy, but you can blame it on all the stolen valor out there) Gary Romig [email protected] Or [email protected] 315-408-7351 (cell) On Face book