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  1. I bought this Navionics+ Regions East map card last summer. I never use it because I prefer my Lakemaster card. It works as it should, and maybe my old Gen 2 HDS8 is the reason it doesn't show the detail that my Lakemaster card shows. So, I'm looking to trade my Navionics Map card for a Lakemaster Northeast card. My Navionics card is a mini SD card inside a standard SD card adapter. It comes in the original hard case with a Navionics thumb drive. I've never used the thumb drive so I don't know what is on it. I last updated the card in June. I'm located in the Watertown, NY area and I prefer a face to face trade.
  2. I haven't seen mine read in fathoms. Havent had any issues with my + Regions card at all. I bought it to run side by side with my Lakemaster chip for comparison purpises, but my personal preference is that Lakemaster fits me better.
  3. Thanks. My laptop has an SD card slot that I used for the updates, by inserting the card directly into the laptop. It might just be my HDS 8 unit's lack of features, but I never noticed anything useful after the updates. I got the card to show me bottom contours, hazards, and navigational aids. It showed all that stuff just fine, and it seemed like none of that information changed after the updates. I think the newer Lowrance units can squeeze more information from this card than my old HDS.
  4. I'll have to check other web sites like eBay and see what a used card is worth. I'm not talking about those price gouging sellers with unrealistic prices, but something reasonable.
  5. I'd consider selling it for the right price.
  6. Todd in NY

    $2,000 limit graph

    I'd pick the Helix 12 Mega.
  7. Has anyone used these digital map cards in their fish finder units? I run a Humminbird 1198 with the Lake Master card, and an HDS8 with a Navionics + Regions East card in my boat. I find myself never using the Navionics card because I prefer the Lake Master card. Just looking for feedback on the Fishing Hotspots digital map card for the Great Lakes, if anyone on LOU has any experience with them.
  8. Todd in NY

    Best map chip

    Thanks, that's what I was thinking. I was told that the map card had to be from 2005 or older.
  9. Todd in NY

    Best map chip

    Before you buy a Navionics+ Regions East card, try one in your unit first. I have one in my HDS8 that you are welcome to try. I'll PM you my cell number.
  10. Todd in NY

    Sold / Closed Sold

    Sounds good, hope you have a great week!
  11. Todd in NY

    Sold / Closed Sold

    No problem, I just wanted to make the offer.
  12. Todd in NY

    Sold / Closed Sold

    If you want to fish in my boat next Friday or Saturday let me know. I'm off both days, but I work Sunday.
  13. Todd in NY

    Sold / Closed Crestliner Sabre 216SST

    Congrats to you and the new owner!
  14. Todd in NY

    Boat Re-wired & Other Repairs, Before & After

    I just wanted to revisit this thread to see if I need to add any updates I added a 25 watt solar panel kit from harbor freight. I mounted it on my hardtop, with a full size piece of 1/4" thick rubber stall mat under it. It works great and keeps my batteries charged while it's in the slip. I'll add another 25 watt panel on the other side of the hardtop next spring. I also added a long shaft 1991 Evinrude 15hp 2 stroke kicker with electric start, pull start, and charging system. It's a tiller steer without controls, but I added a throttle friction lock that keeps me at the speed I set it at. My fish finder/GPS units are a Humminbird 1198c SI/DI/GPS and a Lowrance HDS8 GEN 2 Non-Touch unit. Everything works and functions perfectly!
  15. First of all, I'm not an electrician or a mechanic. My "new to me" boat need some major electrical work and other new equipment, so this is my journey. EDITED to add: This is not a boat restoration. But the boat and trailer needed some new parts. I cleaned up, re-route, repaired, replaced and removed wiring throughout the boat to make everything work. I added 2 new fuse blocks, a new 6 circuit switch panel, a new LED light in the cuddy, a new LED "dome" light under the hardtop, and a new LED light in the gunwale. I also added 2 new Exide size 24 marine batteries (not pictured) and an inline 60 amp fuse at the battery switch. This is my first attempt at re-wiring a boat, and this boat had major electrical problems. I'm happy to say that everything works as it should. Thanks to all who shared their knowledge, experience, and feedback! BEFORE; wires hanging down, many of them not connected to anything. This 6 circuit switch didn't work. The radio mount was wider than the radio, so the radio was only attached on the right side. The radio didn't work either. Back side of the lower panel and 6 circuit switch Note the VHF antenna wire coiled up on the floor, and other loose wires Check out this wire splice job on the radio. No, it didn't work... This only shows a portion of the mess at the helm. This fuse block was too corroded to work. Most of those blue connectors are ground wires spliced together. AFTER; new helm fuse block and 6 circuit switch panel I left these wires long enough to be able to remove this board and rest it on a bucket, to have easier access to the wires and fuses. I zip tied what I could, but I wasn't trying for that "show boat" wiring with no extra wire for future repairs. Most of the wires on the right are for the various factory installed instruments, gauges, and rocker switches on the helm, so I zip tied them and their slack where I could Not going to win any awards for this wiring job, but everything WORKS, to include the old VHF radio, so that's my reward The finished assembled helm, and with the correct VHF mounting bracket.
  16. Todd in NY

    DEC Announces Record Breaking Fishing

    Yep, the south shore and the northeast shore (US side) are two completely different fisheries. This summer proved that beyond a doubt. I'm glad you guys on the south shore had a great year.
  17. Todd in NY

    Mud bay?

    Mud Bay is a long boat ride from salmon territory.
  18. Todd in NY

    DEC Announces Record Breaking Fishing

    Oh wait... maybe the worst walleye fishing in many years...
  19. Todd in NY

    DEC Announces Record Breaking Fishing

    That's great news, but it didn't seem like a record breaking season for those of us fishing out of the Henderson area.
  20. Todd in NY

    Sold / Closed Sold

    Thanks! I wasn't expecting it to be that deep the first time I stepped down inside it. It's very comfortable to fish out of. Shoot me a PM if you're at Hidden Harbor and want to do some fishing.
  21. Even with all the rain we've had this month, the top of my gunwale is almost level with the top of my dock. It looks like the lake dropped 4" just in the month of August. The water in my Creek hasn't flowed in nearly 3 months. There is very little standing water in the deepest parts. And another heat advisory yesterday and today (Jefferson County, among other counties). We need rain...
  22. Todd in NY

    Sold / Closed Sold

    This boat is a walleye magnet (it helps that Greg knows a thing or two about walleye fishing). This boat is clean and well maintained. Good luck with the sale. And no, my Crestliner is not for sale
  23. Todd in NY

    Lake O Water Level Keeps Dropping

    Yep, that stuff is too much for me to keep up with.