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  1. Wanted Special Mate 8" Box

    Yes, I just saw that, thanks! I'm watching a new one on e bay for $60.
  2. ISO 8" Special Mate box for stick Bates. Hoping to find one at the Brewerton show so I can save on shipping.
  3. Wanted Special Mate 8" Box

    Can't wait for the show
  4. SOL Question

    I have never seen a fish cleaning station at any of the boat launches I use in Jefferson County.
  5. Pap, Ilion is east of Utica on I-90
  6. The View Out My Window...

    Snow, snow and more new snow, and maybe another 12-15" this week. It snowed all night last night, and it's still snowing. This winter can't end soon enough.
  7. When was the last time these riggers were used? Do they have auto stop?
  8. The View Out My Window...

    I don't mind winter, but by May I will have burned this years firewood AND next years too. Not to mention I'm ready to hit the water for some trolling action. We stopped using our furnace 6 years ago, and I'm finally buying a new furnace this summer.
  9. The View Out My Window...

    I feel your pain, on the northern edge of the Tug Hill. In my 50 years of life, I've never hated winter as much as I hate winter right now.
  10. The View Out My Window...

    That sucks! What city are you in?
  11. ELOSTA Tackle sale and Updated Seminar Schedule

    Yep, that weather report changes daily. I saw the same forecast that Pap saw, but that was a few days ago. The next 10 day forecast shows lows down to 7* and highs only in the upper 30's. Talking about Carthage NY, an hour north of Brewerton.
  12. Wanted Special Mate 8" Box

    Thanks for the info.
  13. I have a "new in package" Small Outboard Bracket, part #50010 that I will sell for $50 firm. The hose clamps for this bracket are twice as long as they need to be to fit my 1980 Evinrude 7.5hp outboard. This bracket fits all or most motors that are not listed on the EZ Steer web site. I live in Carthage NY. Buyer pays actual shipping cost in a USPS flat rate box.
  14. I can't complain, I'm semi-retired, so I only work 2 days a week. Gotta put my son through college and pay for my fishing addiction
  15. The View Out My Window...

    I've used my snowblower more this winter than I did the previous 3 winters combined. I've also burned trice as much firewood this winter than the previous winters (not combined).
  16. The View Out My Window...

    Up to 18 inches of snow for Tug Hill this week... Not a happy camper, at all!
  17. Dang, I'm working on the 25th. Oh well, at least I'll make it to the Brewerton show.
  18. March 17th is the ELOTSA show in Brewerton.
  19. EZ Steer rod sold. Bracket still available.
  20. Lake level news.

    We have a lot of snow on the ground up here, and could get another 12-15 inches this week. It snowed all night last night and is supposed to continue snowing until Thursday. Winter is still in full swing in northern NY.
  21. Worm Harness Poll

    Feel free to give reasons for why you do or don't use worm harnesses for Lake Ontario Walleye. Thanks!
  22. Worm Harness Poll

    Thanks for the continued feedback everyone!