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  1. My wife used a curved needle and some 50lb test braided fishing line, and did a solid repair job on my trolling bag today. Looking forward to seeing how long it holds up, but I've got some high expectations.
  2. I've got 2 or 3 options right now, but thanks for the suggestion!
  3. As a matter of fact, my friend's mom is Mennonite, and I might ask her tomorrow if she makes it back from PA.
  4. I'm thinking about doing the repair myself too. I have some extra 50lb braid I can use.
  5. I noticed one of my bags yesterday, that some thread has come apart on the small end of the bag. I store them dry, and in a dry location, so it's not from storing them wet. Who can recommend a sewing shop that can repair this bag? I tried one shop in Watertown and they said it's too thick for their machine.
  6. Ok, contact member @BlueEye , or another Moderator for assistance.
  7. There should be an edit option when you click on the 3 dots at the top right on your original post. From there you should be able to change your ad from "for sale" to "sold/closed", or whatever you are trying to do with the ad.
  8. For a 17ft boat, it's hard to beat the Minn Kota Terrova. I put one on my 16ft boat, and a friend has one on his 19ft Alumacraft. Another friend has a similar Minn Kota on his 17ft Lowe deep V. The spotlock feature is an added bonus. If your friend doesn't want a trolling motor up front, I recommend the Lowrance Outboard Pilot cable steer pack. I have one on my Crestliner Sabre and it's awesome. He will need at least a Gen 3 Lowrance HDS or similar/newer model to control the Lowrance AP.
  9. There is a boat that uses the creek on a regular basis. He has his boat in a slip near the boat launch. I'd guess that the boat is 26+ ft, and is an I/O, so navigating the creek is not impossible. But being familiar with the channel helps a bunch. That boat might even be a charter boat. As mentioned above, the creek itself is a soft muddy bottom.
  10. Some of the channel markers in Stony Creek are not very well placed. The channel can be seen somewhat if you look at a Google Earth photo. Some parts of the "channel" are only 2ft deep, so an inboard would be a no go. Some places have a red buoy but no green buoy. Some places have a green but no red. It's tricky navigating thorough there your first couple of times.
  11. I was fishing on Chaumont Bay when this fire happened. I could see the thick black smoke from the fire.
  12. Just curious as to what fish fighting belts any of you use for the smaller or weaker clients, or with anyone who might have a disability that makes it more comfortable for them to use a fish fighting belt. I'm asking about the stand-up type for salmon fishing in the great lakes, not the super duty salt water types. Thanks in advance!
  13. Looking forward to the results of their lab tests.
  14. Cannon only has a 12 month warranty on their boards.
  15. I've fished for walleye around Point Peninsula and Galloo Island twice this year and only caught a 15" Cisco. I'm not sure how anyone else is doing on walleye.
  16. Since you were chasing walleyes, did you catch any walleyes?
  17. I changed out the board yesterday and now the rigger works. The "broken" board looks brand new, can't see anything wrong with it, so I don't know why it stopped working. I'll call Cannon today to ask if I can exchange it for a new board. Highly doubtful, but it's worth a try.
  18. No problem at all. But I don't think anyone else will read this closed post to see that you are looking for the same thing. I highly recommend starting your own thread so people will know what you're looking for.
  19. I got a board from Frogger. I'll try it later today when I get home. Thanks to all!
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