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  1. Are these made any more? How hard is it to find replacement parts?
  2. Very nice! You don't see those every day.
  3. Todd in NY

    Yes it is!

    They are one in the same. I do the one so I don't have to do the other
  4. There seems to be a lot of members who don't know how to attach pictures on here, or how to close an ad that they open, after your item sells or a change in the status. So I figured it was time to do a little tutorial, step by step. Trust me, if I can figure it out, so can you. I am 1 level above the Amish when it comes to computer skills. If you post an ad on the forum it is YOUR responsibility to edit and close that ad. It gets a little frustrating to see an item for sale, only to ask if it is still available and find out that the item sold "a long time ago". So please do all of us a favor and manage your ads. Step 1: start a new topic and select whether you are selling, renting or trading an item Step 2: Scroll down to "choose file" if you want to attach a picture Step 3: Once you choose a picture or "file", click on "attach this file" Step 4: Look to the right and see the "add to post" option. Click there to add the file Step 5: You can select to "preview post" at the bottom, then if everything looks good you can click on "post new topic"
  5. Todd in NY

    How u delete ads ?

    You don't delete the ad. You simply mark it as sold/closed.
  6. For those of you who don't read all of the posts in a thread, the seller is a marine mechanic. All of the Marine mechanics that I know are working 7 days a week this time of year, getting boats ready for winter. I'm sure he'd rather sell this boat now than wrap it and sell it next spring when he is working 7 days a week again, getting boats ready for the 2019 season. Even if this boat needs a little TLC, it's still a great price for a 22ft aluminum cuddy cabin boat.
  7. Thanks Chad, great job!
  8. Congrats to both, the buyer and seller.
  9. Hank is right about the "S" being a short shaft. That 17.1" might be the maximum transom height for this motor. Does this motor weigh 102 pounds like it says on that spec sheet? How many amps is the alternator? Some seem to be 6 amp and some are 12 amp systems.
  10. Short shaft or long shaft?
  11. Sometimes it's worth the drive. I drove over 5 hours one way, to another state, just to buy a 1991 15hp Evinrude kicker motor this year. I paid a little more for it than I wanted to, but it's what they are worth in his neck if the woods. He took over $300 off his asking price, and it's a perfect fit for my boat. It was well worth the drive for that motor!
  12. Any potential buyer is going to want to see pictures of the cuddy cabin interior, the helm, and the cockpit/engine cover, not to mention the motor. $3200 seems like a fair price, so here's a Thursday bump.
  13. Todd in NY

    Fish finder recommendations

    If you buy the hook2, I recommend the C-map Insight Pro over the Navionics + card. My old HDS 8 has the Insight maps installed by the factory (not on an SD card) and the bottom contours are more accurate for Lake Ontario than my Navionics + card. The sidescan is worth the extra $100 in my opinion. If you can afford the 9" screen, it makes a big difference.
  14. Todd in NY

    Fish finder recommendations

    I will also add that DI can usually help you identify a school of bait or perch verses some suspended weeds or debris. That same image on 2D sonar just looks like a blob of "something". As already noted, DI & SI work best with bigger screens.
  15. Todd in NY

    Fish finder recommendations

    I have a Humminbird 1198c with SI & DI and a Lowrance HDS 8 with just 2D sonar. Both units have GPS. I use both units on my boat, side by side. The Humminbird is easier to use than the Lowrance, in regards to adjusting the settings. I prefer the menu on the Humminbird as well. It's easier to navigate through all the options and features than the Lowrance. I like to use SI to see structure when I'm fishing/trolling along a wall or drop-off. But SI works best on a bigger screen. My 1198 has a 10" non-wide screen, which I prefer over a wide screen display. Both units have excellent 2D sonar. Sometimes one unit will mark fish when the other unit doesn't, or they will mark the fish a little different, and sometimes they will mark things the same. It's hard to describe, and it's not a bad thing at all because it gives me two different perspectives to look at. It's not one unit showing "better" info than the other, it just shows the difference between the units and the transducers. I like having both units side by side, but if I could only run one unit it would be the Humminbird. Why? It's more user friendly, it's easier to navigate through the menu items, and it's easier to adjust the settings than on the Lowrance. You will spend less time learning how to get the most out of a Humminbird than you will out of the Lowrance. Also, the Humminbird Lakemaster map card is unbeatable in my opinion. There are lots of good fish finder/chart plotters out there. Good luck with your search!
  16. Todd in NY

    Fat guy's getting a bigger boat!

    Nicely done on the rebuild!
  17. It's time to replace my 1974 Sears boat trailer. Looking for a working boat trailer to transport my 1974 16ft semi-V boat. The boat only weighs 225 pounds empty and has no floor in it. It's basically a row boat with a motor on it. My current trailer needs new spindles, or a new axle. But my trailer is narrow by today's standards and all I can find is a 48" wide trailer axle (where the springs mount to the axle). My axle measures just 40.5" between the leaf springs. I don't think there is enough metal on the axle to weld a new spindle to it. A new axle would stick out about 4" past the fenders. The bottom of my boat is flat from the transom forward, about 10ft toward the bow. My spindles are worn out and they keep blowing out the rear seals.
  18. Todd in NY

    Wanted 16ft Boat Trailer

    Here is my old trailer axle. It's a hollow U-shape type that holds the spindle. Here is the boat that I need a trailer for
  19. Todd in NY

    Thanks to Hank

    I've never met Hank in person, but he still went out of his way to help me with some boat repairs. He is a real class act and very professional. Thanks again Hank! The boat is working as perfect as can be.
  20. Todd in NY

    Fat guy's getting a bigger boat!

    A few years ago I looked at a 22ft Sea Nymph with a 4 cylinder I/O, but someone beat me to it. Now I have a 22ft Sabre with an outboard. I don't think you will be disappointed in that boat.
  21. I avoid that river like the plague. I've lived here for over 20 years and I've never had the desire to launch my boat there.
  22. I don't know if they are feet & inches, or what. I wish they put as much detail into their Lake Ontario chip as they put into their Oneida and Finger Lakes chips.
  23. I bought this Navionics+ Regions East map card last summer. I never use it because I prefer my Lakemaster card. It works as it should, and maybe my old Gen 2 HDS8 is the reason it doesn't show the detail that my Lakemaster card shows. So, I'm looking to trade my Navionics Map card for a Lakemaster Northeast card. My Navionics card is a mini SD card inside a standard SD card adapter. It comes in the original hard case with a Navionics thumb drive. I've never used the thumb drive so I don't know what is on it. I last updated the card in June. I'm located in the Watertown, NY area and I prefer a face to face trade.