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  1. As already stated, keep the 175 on the boat. I would not have bought my 22ft aluminum Crestliner Sabre if someone had a 90hp motor on it, no matter how new the 90 was. The 1989 Evinrude 150 that is on my Sabre needed a tuneup, which I was happy to pay for, but she runs like a champ every season.
  2. I've used that launch for 6 or 7 years now, and I've never seen it this low. How big is your boat? Outboard or I/O?
  3. That's exactly what I thought might happen. I don't want mud & sand being sucked into my motor. Thanks for the report! Were the channel markers in place yet?
  4. Looks like it's too low for my Sabre right now.
  5. Looks like nearly a 4ft drop from the top of the launch wall to the water.
  6. Thanks for the reports! I was concerned about the low water levels and where to launch my 22ft Crestliner Sabre. I had a feeling that Stony Creek was too shallow right now. I also noticed that Chaumont Marina hasn't put their floating docks in yet, and their non-floating docks are way above the water level.
  7. I hope the water levels are good for the marinas and boat launches all year. https://www.wwnytv.com/2021/03/22/st-lawrence-seaway-begins-rd-shipping-season/
  8. Congrats on a great catch!
  9. This^^^ I use the Lakemaster v2 card in my Hummingbird units on Lake Ontario, Oneida Lake, and every other lake I trailer to.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, dbitting! The prop calculator is a good starting point, but there are far too many different factors to consider with each individual boat, which makes any prop calculator just a ballpark suggestion, as you pretty much stated above.
  11. Strange looking walleye...
  12. Does water drain out through those holes? If yes, where does the water go out?
  13. It looks like the dog is doing all the work, and is taking a much needed break
  14. This is the web site I used to determine my prop diameter and pitch. I bought the prop from iboats. https://turningpointpropellers.com/PROPWIZARD/
  15. I bought my 1988 Crestliner Sabre a few years ago with a 1989 Evinrude 150. The prop was a 15x17. It was my opinion that the boat was sluggish to get on plan with a full load, and I ran this prop for 2 full seasons. So I researched some prop selector tools online and they recommended a 15.25x15, based on the weight of my fishing gear and people on board (heavy load). Both props are aluminum 3 blade. It seems that heavier loaded boats require a smaller pitch prop, such as a 15 pitch instead of the 17 pitch I started with. Now I feel that my boat gets up on plane more smoothly, and my top speed is slightly faster at 34 and some change. That's close to 2 mph faster at 5200 rpm wot. I also think the motor is burning less fuel. I'll have to check my owners manual for my motor wot rpm range, but iirc 5200 rpm is in the ballpark. Just wanted to pass this along because I had asked the question before, on which prop to choose, and I couldn't get a straight answer.
  16. I didn't fish Lake Ontario this year. But the friends that fished around Henderson Harbor and the northeastern lake reported some really poor fishing, for salmon, trout & walleye.
  17. The wind was blowing 5-10 when we started fishing, so we drifted some jigs until the wind died down. Then we trolled at 1.9-2.2 mph with a worm harness, a stick bait and that spoon. We never got a bite on the worm harness. We had two hits on the stick bait but no hookups. We marked a ton of fish between 15ft and 30ft, but only one taker. We changed colors, shapes and sizes regularly, but I've never had any luck there on calm days. Granted, I've only fished that lake 5 times (3 days last summer, and 2 days this month), so I'm still trying to dial things in.
  18. How did you keep the grass off your hooks? I fished there last week and I couldn't keep the grass off my hooks. I caught a small keeper on a perch colored spoon.
  19. Following... Those are great boats.
  20. Looking good so far. Can't wait to see it finished.
  21. Thanks, I need a short shaft with charging. I need a primary motor for my 1974 16ft row boat.
  22. Bump Closed, I bought a new Mercury 15HP.
  23. What model is the motor, and does it have a charging system? Short shaft or long shaft?
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